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Leopold Cafe

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    Simi Vijaykumar

    This place is bustling with the noise of people all the time but I yet feels so good and content when I visit this place. The staff is very helpful. A really amazing chilled out ambiance. Totally love it here. The food is just amazing. Can order anything on the menu and never repent. And the desserts they have is so delicious. They have a bug heart in terms of quantity. I visited this place again today. Tried the Chicken Peking rice and crispy ginger chicken. I must say that I have never ever been more satisfied. Yummmmmmminesss !!!!!

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    Puneet Taneja

    Excellent place...everything has been written about this place already and it truly lives up the hype..excellent food, drinks and crowd...the chicken wontons and sausages are to die for..do try the Leopold special pasta chicken which I just tried for the first time and fell in love with!

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    Samyak Jain

    Aaahhh the white pasta, the pander chilly and the Chinese is simply amazing, the qty is really good and we'll everyone knows the beer is always needed if u r at Leopolds.U go any day and any time of the week u would also find tables full.

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    Prangan Duarah

    After a long time I had the chance to visit this busy cafe situated at Colaba adjacent to Oberoi Hotel Mumbai.. The place is full with guests mostly foreigners enjoying their continental meals and beer.. The cafe is now well known for the tragic incident of 26/11 shootout. One can still see the bullet holes in the walls.
    Leopold ambience is A Class.. Though is a very small cafe but it's amazing..
    Staffs are okay, not so humble or approachable, may be due to hustle bustle of the crowds
    Food is fantabulous.. I have ordered for Chicken Pasta in white sauce, Leopold special.. After years I hag such great tasty pasta.. It was a treat to my tongue and stomach.. They have one of best Pasta cook..
    Coffee is one the best too as I ordered for Cafe Latte.. It's really very tasty compared to other cafes I have tried.. Great place... Great food.. Never miss it

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    Islahul Hassan Zunjani

    Yes, this place is as legendary as it gets. From the old open air ambience in lower floor, to a dark bar upstairs. It still has bullet holes from the attack. You might not get a  place here on a weekend evening though. They serve good beef and their starters are delicious! Try the blueberry cheesecake here as well.

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    Neeraj Mahankal

    Rated   144..! And running. Yes. That's how YOUNG Leopold is. The place has seen it all. Both the world wars, the pre independence era, and the infamous 26/11.
    Yes this place was one of the targets during the siege. If you ever visit the place you would find the bullet marks, broken panes still preserved as a reminder of the horrors that happened back then.
    If you ever read the novel by an Australian author Gregory David Roberts named Shantaram, you would find Leopold being mentioned extensively in the novel. A heritage place and a landmark on its own the place has lots of tales and stories of its own.
    The restaurant is divided into 2 sections. One being the ground floor and the other being the upper deck which has AC and music playing all along. You can get entry on the upper deck if you are a foreigner and or you are visiting the place as couples.
    Well to start with the service at this place is very prompt and the staff is courteous.
    The food. Well it's just awesome. I love the Chinese that's served here. The quantity is equivalent to that served at 5 spice but the quality is way better trust me. It's more authentic and has much better taste.
    Try their fried wantons you would love the crispness and the sumptuousness of these wantons. Their chilli paneer chilli chicken is simply amazing. Order a tower of draught and savour these finger foods.
    Evenings are fun. Go to the upper deck and you would love to groove to the pop music of the early 90s and 80s. It's fun.
    Last but not the least their deserts are awesome especially the caramel custard.
    Leopold never disappointed me and I am sure it would be an amazing experience to you as well.
    Just be patient enough till you get a table and rest is a story that would be shared between you your people and Leopold.

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    Sachin Bandekar

    This is one of the best and the oldest placein mumbai and is the legendary restaurant, also the favourite place of the firangies, this place was attacked on 26/11, i love and enjoy pitcher beer along with fish and chips, all the food stuff is tasty and i like visiting this place with friends, best place to hangout, who ever comes to mumbai must try this place,

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    Priyadarshini Mukherjee

    A young heart would love Leopold Cafe and Bar. The food is reasonable and brilliant. The ambiance is a conversation starter and one must ... I repeat, MUST visit Leopold to make some good memories and taste some brilliant food at the same time. Cheers!

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    Yadhu Krishnan

    I've heard from a lot of people that this place is always crowded, you cant have a conversation with someone in peace and all. I simply loved this place, every aspect of it, the ambiace, the food the service..... The best part was, the place was full when we went there but still the service was amazing. 5/5 on every aspect.....

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    Raj Shankar

    These guys dont really need a review and I think people should not bother writing reviews for legends. I have been going here regularly for last 15 years and it has never disappointed apart from raising its prices. American chop suey remains my favourite and the beer tower. We have spent many a late night getting happy here and hope to do so for the next many years

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    Satvik Sehgal

    Back in the old days in mumbai,I couldn't really afford to splurge on eating joints like these.But still had heard so much abt it and i was a regular @Colaba Causeway so one fine after saving for a couple of days,I went here for a coffee and sandwiches.
    The food was good,not excellent but yes good.
    More than the food,i became a fan of the ambience and crowd that keeps this cafe' to be the best in mumbai..

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    Yet another flabbergasted review for the ever so famous leopold cafe. Well i can't help but feel glad i visited mumbai and am blessed with a taste for good food. As I enter the cafe I hear murmurs, laughter and the sound of life abuzz. The crowd here is unlike any other you'll find in mumbai. With a good mix of all ethnicities, this place could be the ideal place for a writer or a world traveller to mingle with other like minded folks. Coming to the dishes, I had a proper english breakfast with toast bread, chicken sausages and eggs (sunny side up) which as it turned out to be was a quite filling and delicious affair also not to forget the really kind and helpful waiters. To top it with something sweet i decided to try the red velvet cheesecake which turned out to be equally good. To wrap up my review i would say one must go here for the sheer joy of being at leopold's and feeling the pulsating vibe of this city that never sleeps.

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    Aditya Garg

    You should visit this place when you are there in south Mumbai. I loved the entire interior of the cafe. We went around 4 pm, it wasn't much occupied but then slowly as the evening approached there were people coming in and the entire atmosphere became bubbly .
    Taking about the food, it was good. Infact, being a vegetarian I did enjoy my time out here. Varied menu with a good educated staff.

    5 stars!

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    Shefali Patel

    You know a good hang out place when you see one , Leopold Cafe is so far is the best to visit . Be it a chilled glass of beer in the afternoon or dine out with your besties ,this has it all . I'd rate it 9/10 for music and service. They has been consistent with their tastes too . love it :)

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    Dushyant Bhardwaj

    Must visit this place if you are in Mumbai....
    Everything about this place is great .... ambiance is awesome,,, 
    Drinks and food is amazing here
    Even if you want non alcoholic they have amazing drinks to serve ... Ice tea is awesome 
    Amazing place to hangout with friends ....

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    Supravat Sahoo

    Lovely place. Have been at leopold cafe on feb 14th at around 12.30 am and it was crowded. We got a seat after 15 min of wait. But the wait was worthy. The food was great. It was good to be in a historic restaurant like leopold. A must go place if you're in mumbai.
    Leopold rocks.

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    Amit Blr

    Loved the casualness yet sophistication of this place in terms of high service standards and great quality and quantity of food.
    Nostalgic to see the bullet marks caused by the terrorist attack here.

    Friendly service team and not to forget the chilled beer and hot kebabs

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    Ishan Madan

    So this review is for a visit long back when I was visiting Mumbai for an event.

    I had made up my mind that I definitely have to visit Leopold, 1 for the history it has and secondly for the amazing food and ambiance.

    The food was amazingly fresh and yumm..!! And we had ordered a huge beer pitcher as well.

    The best part about the visit to Leopold was the Tiramisu. It was really expensive but it was the best Tiramisu I have ever had. Will definitely visit again when in Mumbai.

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    Bhavik Shah

    So far best pastries i have ever tried...i visited this cafe twice in two days just for the dessert...how crazy i can get...that even from Bandra to Colaba....😁😁😁😁😁😁...lovely place to try anything...

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    Pushkar Desai

    This place is truly amazing not for the beers but for the way they have still have the gun shots from the attacks left. And this is what attracts tourists. My cousin wanted to see the shots. Above this, the beer you get here is amazingly awesome. The cheese toasts are yummy. Even the iced teas are great.

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    Bhagyendra Chudasama (Baggy)

    That's all my review must say but zomato needs 140 characters for my review to be complete. Anyways its historic presence and friendly staff tops it up.

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    Vasundhara Bahuguna

    Their ambience is marked by beauty and chaos. Therein lies its individuality. There is something quaint abput leopold. Those chilly/butter prawns, they are mouth watering!!

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    Shantanu Pathak

    Yo man this is what I am talking about man! Bbbwwhatt an amazing place. Towers of chilled beer, amazing grilled chicken and tasty dishes. We had total fun as we passed on a chit to a foreigner chick who by the way appreciated what we had written on it. That remains a secret to you all readers. :p.

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    Rakshitha Siddu

    Excellent music ... Great place for drinks ... Dint eat much here . But a nice place to hangout with frens .. Specially the first floor ... Just too good !

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    Kaushik Mishra

    Awesome and legendary! Awesome crowd and mind blowing ambience. Great place to hangout and tough place to get a table on weekend. Nothing can be better than this place to celebrate happy moments!

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    Pasta is yummazing. They make the sauce fresh and its finger licking. Service is very good. Feel is given like a tavern somewhere in countryside... Great crowd. Yummy food... A hip and happening place in Colaba

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    Had been this Thursday.. Well amazing place to hang out with friends and have beer... Good quantity food. Ordered their chicken chilli, sausages, paneer chilli, veg spring roll and pitcher of course. The staff is good they seem to njoy wat they do... Main course we ordered rice n chicken which was fine.. their starters are awesome... Will I go again.. Yes again n again for their ambience, food and beer :) the Beer tower costed like 1200 and v were 8.. All had two rounds of beer... So for this rate it's quite reasonable.. So one of the best places to hang around with friends n njoy food n beer.

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    Rashi Verma

    Aahhhh.... so this is d place whr we will get access after waiting for some time and standing in d long queues which is amidst d vry happening street market colaba causeway.... beer towers are d speciality of dis place... d food is also nice here.. its a nice place for hangouts!!! At any time of d day....

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    Anamitra Dasgupta

    Its been three weeks that I landed up in Mumbai.Mumbai has not disappointed me yet with its food but till I dropped in Leopold with a friend n colleague I cudnt say a wow...this is it.
    Its awesome...
    The lower floor is bustling with people who are happily munching away food with drinks.
    The heat is a lil too much n without the AC I wasn't sure if I would survive.

    Once the food came in I was lost ...loved evry bit of it.Ordered red pepper prawns with margarita and mojito to start off.The prawns were too good, d vest size with d right spices.
    For main course I ordered grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce and mt friend chose grilled fish with chilly coriander sauce.The fsh was cooked to perfection and had a tangy mustard like sauce.
    The winner was the lamb..tender moist cooked to perfection with d rosemary infuse making it heavenly.
    I was longing to ordered some desserts but was too full.
    Will be back soon..for another legen-dary experience.😃

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    Diniyar Modi.

    My rating speaks for why I am quite a regular at this Irani Cafe! To start with its Irani, so they have to serve tasty food. The beer flows like water if you dont have beer at this cafe then somerhing is seriously wrong with your salivary glands. I normally order Budweiser jug and have chinese friwd rice with either chicken garlic or chicken manchurian. For couple's privacy the cafe has a level where you can enjoy good music, good beer, good food and best of all each other's company. Sometimes the attendants get poky but you can friendly suggest them that you are better off by yourselves and they will leave.

  • 5

    Awesome place! Awesome food!
    I visited with a Dutch colleague of mine and we both had a blast. I think in our entire stay in Mumbai this was the best food we've eaten. We had the Korean Rice with Prawns and the Chilly Chicken Dry, both cooked amazingly well.
    Look forward to visiting you again!!!

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    Manish Majumdar

    When a restaurant is listed in Legendary places then there must be a reason for that. Located in the crowded colaba causeway this eating/drinking joint attracts both Indian and foreigners crowd. I have been there only once but I was impressed by the food. The staugnaffs are the speciality here and it's really good. The place has a normal decor and ambience. And is not overly priced too. I would mark my appointment here every time I visit Mumbai next time onwards!

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    King Sidharth

    This one is certainly not over-rated. You can be dare to try something new here. Their steak is really good.

    Their ambiance embodies Bombay's buzz; not your chilled out restaurants.

    Good food, good ambiance, and in that crowd reasonably fast service. It's a place you experience at least once.

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    Nalin Pathak

    Seriously it is aaawweeesoome...I loved it and i was so happy to see the ambience and the way they have displayed the old time stuff.Nice place to hangout with friends and colleagues.Just try kaum pow paneer its tasty. Loved to visit the oldest cafe of the city.

  • 5
    Mithun Mannathkandy

    What can we say about Leopold cafe. We are just too small to rate such an amazing good joint. That feel of heritage and history of cafe just keeps us feel amazing and the food served is excellent

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    Shivam Thanvi

    Their are certain things in the universe which are eternal, and even then they just keep working to up their stature!!
    Leopold, for me, is one of those places!! The place which has history attached to it and When Leopold smiles, mumbaikars & tourist smiles!!
    They even have a lounge, "toxic" which adds up another milestone to Leopold's glittering journey!! Since I am a teetotaller, I can't provide u with my first hand experience of liquor, but my fiends have been continuously singing words of appraisal for their draught beer, JD, a scotch which is 12 years old!!
    While their biryani, honey chilli, bun, cold coffee are worth trying!!
    Its worth visiting at least once!!
    LEOPOLD: The benchmark of Indian #Multiculturalism

  • 5

    Leopold Cafe, more than being a restaurant, has become the stuff of legends post the terrorist attack that it suffered in 2008. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed! Coming to the point, it is expensive (there are few affordable options in SoBo). But the food and often the wait is worth it! For starters, their crispy chicken packs in quite a punch at the high price tag. The beef steak is one of the best in the city. And it goes down brilliantly with their beer towers. The towers at Leopold have a dominating presence! The Chicken Stroganoff is another delight. I have tried some of the Leopold specials and was not disappointed. A must visit if you are in Bombay!

  • 5

    Beer tower and pitches mostly is seen on every table .. Decent food .. Good service too crowded on weekends .. !! So try visiting on weekdays !!..

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    Ram Gopalkrishnan

    I just love this place.....many years back had been to Leopold and had good food and drinks and forgot about it...then i happen to read SHANTARAM that is when i realized this is the cafe i had been too since then i am a fan of this place...i love the food here its a simple place...and after 26/11 and the speed in which LEOPOLD bounced back made this place even closer to my heart....Keep rocking LEOPOLD a fan forever...:)

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    Hamza Saiyed

    This is the place about which we can not stop talking about . This place tells it own story by the awesome environment . Any foreign tourist dropping to Mumbai would always visit this place and enjoy the big pitchers of beer with some decent sea food . After 26/11 this place has become even more popular .

  • 5
    Apeksha Champaneri

    Lovely fish and desserts !!! must visit.. all that crowd and yummy food makes u overlook the interior! beef and steak are also a must eat as my fruends say..! upstairs sitting is quite cozy:)

  • 5
    Siddharth Muzumdar

    I am sure that no matter what I write about this place, it would get lost in the sea of wonderful comments this place receives on a daily basis.

    I don’t know what it is about this place that lures people, but there is something in/around here that just draws people in, me included. When a close friend and I landed here for a much-needed meetup after ages, it was the perfect place to be at.

    Nothing revives nostalgia better than Leopold Cafe, while one has a drink or two, reminiscing life. Yes, this place can do that to you. Everything here is wonderful - the music, the people, the service, the crowd, the food, the ambience, everything.

    To sum up my experience here, the one word that comes off the top of my head is - Amazing.

  • 5
    Karan Kaul

    I have been to this place over a hundred times already and I am pretty damn sure there are hundreds of others who've visited more often too.

    I've had 4 birthday parties here with crowds from 4 to 15 friends and every experience has been beer filled to awesomeness!!

    The food here is great with the beef chilly, red pepper prawns, chicken stroganoff, grilled chicken with mustard sauce, and grilled beef with pepper sauce being especially amazing.

    For those who don't know the place has air conditioning too and you can ask to be seated upstairs which I almost always ask for.

    This is one place you'd visit and surely plan to visit again


  • 5
    Nidhi Ghai

    This is the oldest cafe in mumbai and 24 X 7 packed. It never happened to me that whenever i have gone there, I didn't got waiting. Long waiting are very common and people love to wait. One of my favorite restaurant, yummicciouss food, chicken and fish tastes awesome.. Tandoori chicken with chilled beer, nothing can beat this combination specially in Leopold cafe. Food is definitely in sufficient quantity but service is Lil slow because of crowd. Ambience looks great...

  • 5
    Prama Mukherjee

    Getting a place on a Saturday night is a challenge. But, if you settle for the non-ac ground floor, ur Leopold experience is already half done.
    The 1st floor AC section has some mind blowing music coupled with an awesome ambiance, that makes the extra wait worth it. The Beer Tower is an experience in itself and is a must-have for that tick mark on the "things to do in Mumbai". We had the chicken pepper steak, which was pretty good and the portion size was decent. The food is a tad overpriced, but the overall experience of the Beer tower and the Saturday night dancing would make you have a smile on your face when you pay the bill after a well spent 3 hours.

  • 5
    Gauri Padmakar Patil

    It is very oldest cafe in the Mumbai City ....
    Crowd is very cosmopolitan .... I love the ambience of this place is very energetic ...
    They play a songs on very loud so it's like a pub....
    Good music good food and good friends... A perfect place for outing ....
    We usually go to this place after office to it is also good and crowded at that weekdays time also ....

  • 5
    Mukesh Phanse

    I guess no one will ever have any complain about this place
    5/5 for everything

    Get your best buddies for drink have long chat so many gora people will make u laugh around

    Very friendly cafe \m/ Chinese must try

  • 5

    Oldest cafe...in mumbai...best place where yu can explore various variety of food stuffs...d desert section is amazing....love this place as evrythn we can gt served is under1shed...

  • 5

    Was hearing the name of Leopold Cafe & bar for entirety, this was for sure place to visit during my Mumbai trip. I went there during dinner hours with my friends. Looks really nice and interesting. Big towers on the tables. Great smell of food. And light music. Well that's all one need to live life at peace. We ordered thin crust chicken and cheese pizza, cheese french fries and garlic bread. Thin crust chicken and cheese pizza and cheese french fries were really good and really recommend and garlic bread was not at all good cold and dry, not at all recommendable. Service was good as looking to huge crowd. Music was good.
    Amazing experience!! :)

  • 5
    Oneal Sabu

    You may shoot a bullet to the wall, but never to the soul !! This place is iconic. I'm not from Mumbai and each time I visit Mumbai, I make it a point that I don't leave the CST without having a tube of beer and a plate of beef dry chilly from Leopold's. It might be buzzing with people always, but I just love the ambiance and the whole look of the place !!

  • 5
    Rohit Kumar

    Chicken straugnofff a delight

    Travelling to Mumbai Ek delhi wale ko badiya chicken mil jaye toh wah . The place is known for the bullet marks and it's one of the oldest cafe . The place offers a variety of items to select from but the best I can suggest u would be Chinese and beer or try their main course . Amazing crowd firangs and Mumbai cool people so all on all a must visit and it's very pocket friendly too

  • 5
    Carl Patel

    Amazing food. Amazing crowd. Amazing ambience. The price is not too bad for all of the amenities. A place that can cheer anyone up. Definitely a place to haunt.

  • 5
    Dakshina Sawant

    Tarif karun kya iskiii.... toooo good...
    Amazing food...... mah fav muz muz try mustard chicken with smash potato's ...
    U can booze n hang around .. place to chill..
    Bit pricey but dats worth sometimes....

  • 5
    Amitanshu Shankar

    Paradise on earth! One would sweat out drinking like a fish at the ground floor but wouldn't stop loving the place! The chilly chicken with the beer tower can just kill it completely! Love the spread and variety of cuisines they serve but in front of chilled beer tower one can't think of anything else :D you must have been here of course! Not yet....duuuhhhhhh! Go Today!!

  • 5
    Rahul Patel

    Need one say anything. Great place. Lil overrated though but still super cool. Must tries are chillers and smoothies. Pastries, burgers and fries are also good. You can spot many foreigners hanging out here. Good place to take a break from street shopping in Colaba. Waiting time to get a table is lil high.

  • 5
    Nicole Dsouza

    Awsome place....the beef steak and the beef chilli still creates a craving in me while i am writing this review....*mouthwatering*
    Along with the beef starters do not forget to try the blueberry cheese cake...a good place to spend your evening with friends...a beer tower and good music....bliss!!!!

  • 5
    Naveena Turkar

    Very lovely and mind refreshing place for people who love to drink and dine in historic place..
    Music : Very energetic
    Food : Super good
    Ambience: Lower sitting is quite average but upper sitting in fantastic.. Itz a whole new unexpected world up there.. With a variety of taste buds pampering food..

  • 5
    Jaspreet Nanua

    One of the best cafe in mumbai colaba. Its a bit on a expensive side but the quality of food and taste its worth it. I would suggest pasta and veg strongonoff must try. .

  • 5
    Jeet Basu

    Legendary restaurant.. if you in South Mumbai you need to visit this place..one of the oldest cafes in Mumbai around for 143 years.. It is classy and serves everything from continental to Indian.
    Try the mutton burgers, prawns and beef chilly. It is slightly heavy on the pocket but worth it.
    It is usually packed on weekends.

  • 5
    Dhwani Bhatia

    Been here like  7 times. Beer tower and the chicken starters are my favorite. What makes it historically famous is the gun shot bullet marks on the wall and what makes my last visit the most beautiful is the meet with Shantaram's writer, Gregory Rogers.

  • 5

    What to say about this place. It is lively, it is fun and it is alwaya full. The draught beer is the best in town and the food is too good. Its super fun to come here any night of the week cause it's always a party.

  • 5

    Went there after such a long time. Was bowled over by the food. Very very scrumptious and extremely delightful to the tastebuds. People visit this place more as a tribute to what happened on 26/11 or if they want to take a break from shopping at Causeway.

  • 5
    Sanjay Chhabria

    Amazing Place, Been there 3-4 times, always Happy, Great Service, Everything that we ordered was great, Butter Garlic prawns are to die for, Always my order. Many more visits to try their entire menu. AWESOME. Strongly Recommend.

  • 5
    VS ( Www.barfanibaba.com )

    An evening with best buddies, Chilled beer with awesome food. Superb ambiance, amazing decor. U ll find a lot of foreigners. Its a kind a landmark of Mumbai after 26/11. A must visit, especially for non-mumbaikars.

    The pillars, fans and windows create an atmosphere that invites for staying.

    Good colorful atmosphere. Lively. High table turn rate.


  • 5
    Vishal Somaiya

    The chilli crispy potato, garlic cheese naan and of course ... You know what

    Make sure you sit down. It's a more chilled out experience. It's too dingy on top

  • 5
    Ajay Kumar

    One need not rate or write a review on Leopold cafe as it has its own unique way to treat. This is one of the finest cafe in INDIA.
    Must try Burger and later a pint of Beer. A must visit if your visiting Colaba.

  • 5
    Aditya A. Agarwal

    Everything here is just perfect, awesome & amazing.

    Lovely menu range, great taste, fast service, kind staff, amazing vibe, brilliant crowd. Whatever the bill comes is worth every moment spent here.

    Have the beer tower + omlette + potato crisps + corn fingers

  • 5
    Tarun Lalwani

    Probably my most favorite place in Mumbai.. Do visit when you need to just chill. Not fancy.. but the most awesome food & beer experience in Mumbai.

  • 5
    Rashi Verma Singal

    Aahhhh.... so this is d place whr we will get access after waiting for some time and standing in d long queues which is amidst d vry happening street market colaba causeway.... beer towers are d speciality of dis place... d food is also nice here.. its a nice place for hangouts!!! At any time of d day....

  • 5
    Komal Sharma

    For people who just want to spend amazing time with your friends over beers, this is the place to chill at! Went their full stomach so can't comment on food. But have heard about its yumminess. Also, the music just adds to the mood.

  • 5

    Went there on a hot saturday afternoon and it turned out be an amazing one. Located in the middle of the market, its a nice place with ac and non ac seating area. We went for a couple of drinks which were needed looking at the heat outside. On the server's recommendation, we ordered the blueberry cheesecake which was one of the best iv ever had. All in all an amazing place to go to at any timr and any day

  • 5

    Very distinct ...got amazing international buzz...great continental food with decent portions. You would wanna repeat this place all the time...attained an iconic status in Mumbai. If presented with a choice between cafe mondegar n Leopold..go for lp.

  • 5
    Paresh Khimesara

    Awesome place .. My personal favourite .. Chinese food is out of this world... Beer and cocktails ... Sangria... The foreign crowd.. It's even full in the afternoon .. Yea it also serves gud hot chocolate and pastas ... Cold coffee ...

  • 5
    Aditya A

    Everything here is just perfect, awesome & amazing.

    Lovely menu range, great taste, fast service, kind staff, amazing vibe, brilliant crowd. Whatever the bill comes is worth every moment spent here.

    Have the beer tower + omlette + potato crisps + corn fingers

  • 5

    Awesome food ... amazing place to be at ... very good crowd ... brilliant service !! Prices are fair enough for the quality of food served here.

  • 5
    Rajat J

    Adore it or disdain it, most voyagers wind up at this Mumbai explorers' foundation cum-antique at some time. Around since 1871, Leopold's has unstable roof fans, poo administration and an uncontrollable climate helpful for swapping stories with outsiders. There's likewise nourishment and a mushy DJ upstairs.
    The menu is enormous however of the considerable number of things i attempted i enjoyed all and adored some. It is perfect and in spite of the fact that the expense may be somewhat above normal it is still extremely resonable. The primary cousre parts are huge so don't arrange excessively.

  • 5
    Joy Bhattacharjee (@moodiefoodie@)

    I love the way they serve to there customers the best way to get your tummy full I'll suggest that to try there desert it's awesome man I must say that the place is just unique

  • 5
    Anuraag Sharma

    Amazing food with fast service.
    As soon as we entered, we were allotted a table. Good atmosphere to enjoy with friends. Food is awesome and the chef takes no time to deliver it. We ordered it and got it within 10 minutes. Kudos to the staff.

  • 5

    I've heard from a lot of people that this place is always crowded, you cant have a conversation with someone in peace and all. I simply loved this place, every aspect of it, the ambiace, the food the service..... The best part was, the place was full when we went there but still the service was amazing. 5/5 on every aspect.....

  • 5
    Joy Bhattacharjee

    I love the way they serve to there customers the best way to get your tummy full I'll suggest that to try there desert it's awesome man I must say that the place is just unique

  • 5
    Rosiline James

    I love the spicy ginger prawns here..very cozy to sit and enjoy drinks..The service is quick and the ambience us too good..would like to come here often.

  • 5
    Rutu Pawar

    Leopold is good for some kebabs and beer ! Amidst all the chaos on weekends this place is pretty good. There Sholay kebabs are absolutely yummy, example of a perfect tandoor ! The portions are pretty decent too, they serve good Chinese ! In Chinese I like their Leo's chicken soup and chicken pot rice. You want have some kebabs, spicy Chinese you should head to Leopold.

  • 5
    Gana Muthanna

    This place has a good ambience. Great food. Slightly high price but the quantity is large too. So it's worth. Must try the Mongolian chicken and Peking fried rice. The blueberry cheesecake we had was out of heaven. It was the best cheesecake I've ever had. Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Mumbai.

  • 5
    Rickjoy Chatterjee

    It's the effing Leopold baby. History is served on the platter. The pitchers, the towers, the monuments, the pictures, the wall hanging. It's like entering the Tardis. A journey through spacetime in one shot. Plus it's cool too.

  • 5

    An evening with best buddies, Chilled beer with awesome food. Superb ambiance, amazing decor. U ll find a lot of foreigners. Its a kind a landmark of Mumbai after 26/11. A must visit, especially for non-mumbaikars.

    The pillars, fans and windows create an atmosphere that invites for staying.

    Good colorful atmosphere. Lively. High table turn rate.


  • 5
    Tanuj Arora

    Finallyyyyy made it to the historic Leopold Cafe in Colaba...albeit for a very short while..came in for just a soup with an office colleague who wasn't feeling well and was advised liquid diet...hence we decided to go to Leopold for a soup...called for Sweet Corn vegetable soup one by two...And I must confess the quantity was really satisfying by one by two standards..amazing quantity...And nothing wrong with the taste..the ambience is lively..a lot of non-Indian crowd..the service is very quick..And the staff are extremely professional and courteous and welcoming and respectful...there is an air-conditioned upper seating as well...where there is music playing...for reminiscence...they have left the gun shot marks on a couple of their glass panes that occurred on that fateful night of 26/11...all in all...an extremely well laid out place..has been around since 1871..i.e. 144 years and counting...

  • 5
    Ishaan Jajodia

    Brilliant. The Chilli Paneer and the Chilli Chicken are the best I've ever had. The garlic bread with cheese is spectacular. It's brilliant. Add that to a tower of draught beer, and you have the perfect meal. Brilliant food all around. Try everything on their menu, it's spectacular. I come again and again, it's wonderful. It's just mesmerising.

  • 5
    Homz UMRIGAR

    Good beer and even better food. The portions are large for the chinese. In the good old days their beef chillie was to die for.

    Required a visit every time when in Bombay.

  • 5
    Anuja Bhadkamkar

    I can't get enough of this this place, a typical bombay-town style cafe, more than a hundred years old, you always get a nostalgic feeling when you enter.  Its always noisy, always crowded, always packed with foreigners fascinated by the bullet holes in the walls. The food is really good, I particularly love the fish and chips, steak and onions, jalapeno poppers and all the Indian food here. 
    This place is more about the atmosphere than anything on the menu, go here with your friends and you're guaranteed to have a good time! Best place to have beer and fried food!

  • 5
    Anirudh Agarwal

    Best enjoyment done
    Virgin pinacolada was the best mocktail
    Heaven for cocktail lovers
    Listed in legendary restaurant as well as one of the oldest cafe

  • 5
    Rasika Iyer

    Perfect place to chill in colaba. Good ambience, reasonably priced, good food. The mushroom tikka is just amazing and goes perfectly with your beer. Apart from which the cheesecakes they serve are exceptionally good. A must go for everyone.

  • 5
    Dr. Rosiline James

    I love the spicy ginger prawns here..very cozy to sit and enjoy drinks..The service is quick and the ambience us too good..would like to come here often.

  • 4.5
    Aman Chhabra

    One of my favourites. Everything is just so perfect here right from service to food & ?ignoring the waiting queues on weekends. Lavish menu to choose from. Amazing joint.

  • 4.5
    Arijit Dey

    Another wonderful place in SOBO... The history of this place n it's class speaks in its ambience.... Ours definitely overpriced but it's worth a visit... The food is pretty good although I won't deter from the pint that's it's costly... The beer towers r a must try for the drunkards :P Somehow, inspire off this overpriced tag, u 'll enjoy an evening out there with the food music n ambience.... It's kinda wonderful n historic :)

  • 4.5
    Aprateem Mukherjee

    Although this place became a household name allover India after the shootings, It had been popular all along. It kind of remains packed with foreigners all throughout the day. Pretty awesome place to hang out in. Had red pepper chicken and some margaritas. Food was surprisingly awesome.
    Its expensive,a tad too much. But you'd definitely not want to miss this place if you're in mumbai.

  • 4.5
    Aakash Rawat

    Vintage style. Bullet marks on the walls just adds to the class. Some of the best food I've ever had. If you're looking for a place to drink and have great food, this is it. If you're the old school types and like the classic retro, you're gonna love it. Simply amazing!

  • 4.5
    Priyanka Foodie

    There are some places where everything on the menu is so tempting that you want to try everything but you can't .... This place is one of those...
    Food - You just can't get enough... We went in at 11.30am so almost in between breakfast time and lunch so we had both... Cheese omlette was very good and so was our mixed sea food noodles.. Yummy.. Just perfect
    Ambience - Its nothing special just a regular cafe scene but crowded
    Service - Service was fine...they are pretty quick with that number of visitors they manage.
    Must try out cafe.... You will not regret..

  • 4.5
    Zareez Dastur

    AMBIENCE- Good Ol Leopold will always be perfect although its upstairs started lookin a lil tacky of late with the blue LED lights and I HATE the fact that they still have the bullet holes since the attack. But its all about the food.
    SERVICE- OK service, Grumpy staff, they kinda treat you like they don't need your business. But its all about the food.
    FOOD- Excellent food, heavy hand on the servings which is always a crowd pleaser.
    PRICE- Very expensive, rates are that high only because its a touristy place.
    WHAT I EAT- THE ULTIMATE DISHES of Leopold are Crispy chicken, ginger crispy chicken, CHILLI BEEF, and beef and mushroom soup.

  • 4.5
    Hemlata C

    Old world charm ....u hv to visit this place only 2 experience Mumbai around 1870s. Yes u heard that right; it's been around for more than a century !! Also if u are into reading & have got ur hands on the classic "Shantaram" this was where it was conceived !!

    Sadly this gem has also been the target of 2008 Mumbai Riots & has the scars still available on its walls.
    The owners have decided to keep the bullet marks intact ... to remind u of the horror Mumbaiites have faced & yet stand strong.

    Located in the hustle bustle of Colaba, this place is not to miss. Just order ur pint of beer & do visit with ur bunch of friends and eat to ur heart's content !!

    Decor, service is all old world but this Vintage is here to stay and a will remain a prominent landmark of Mumbai.

  • 4.5
    Meena Ramachandran

    best place to be if u in colaba and with your friends.. the food and the ambience is damn good. deserts are also to die for. the location is good and have never seen it empty at any gtime of the day.

  • 4.5
    Neha Gogte

    Just one word..."awesome"...fast service...tasty food..good ambience...value for money. Loved their walls which were filled with photos and paintings and other graffiti... they also have a very large old fashioned clock which completes the perfect legendary look...
    We had veg burger n reshami kabab. It was so filling n hence value for money. The burger was yum..it had a mix veg patty cucumber tomato n cheese slices. The fries served with tht were not good though...very soggy...
    Reshami kabab which my cousin ordered was medium spicy n tasted awesome.

  • 4.5
    The Food Freak

    Leopold! Iconic!

    Have been visiting here since my college days that's 2001!
    Amazing crowd, yummm food.
    My personal fav Prawns chilly/Chicken-prawns Manchurian & Chkn fried rice.

  • 4.5
    Hari Sankar

    Rated   What more can I write about this beautiful slice of history of the city which we all love so much? Leopold is to Mumbai foodies as to what Lords is to the English cricket lover- The holy mecca of gastronomy. Huge portions of food, tall beer pitchers and great crowds. You may have to wait a bit to gain access but trust me its worth it. The crowd is hep and the ambience is very happening. It is a great place to hang out with your beer chugging buddies. The food is nice, spicy and comes in huge portions. Special mention must go to the Chilly Chicken (dry). The seafood dishes were also a delightfully tasty and flavorful (Chilly fish and Fish in Hunan Oyster Sauce). The Chef Special noodles came with a dizzying array of toppings and it was just the way I like my noodles to be- equal parts of noodles, veggies and meat. Fried rice was good enough. Overall the food is great and compliments the ambience which is everything when it comes to Leopold sitting bang in the middle of Colaba Causeway. Service is very friendly (a bit too much, if you ask me). This was my first visit to the sanctum- sanctorum of cafes in Mumbai, and I am pretty sure that I would keep returning again and again.
    Edit: Had Lemon chicken soup too.It was pretty bland and the less said is the better.

  • 4.5
    Verushka Bhagaloo

    A landmark in Mumbai ... historically and more recently ... it is famous as the location for Shantaram and more recently as the location for terrorist attacks in Mumbai with many being killed ...

    I have been many times, and 2 times since the attack ... they pay homage to the lives lost (which is commendable)

    To the food, really really good. My mum always goes back for their akuri...dad loves their mango lassi ... and I love their chilli chips

    You have to queue for a table, and their is tight security ... but worth the wait ...

    It is quite a hippy laid back atmosphere, but the prices are for European and USA customers ... so take enough ... remember it is one of the most famous places to eat in Mumbai

  • 4.5
    Ryberg D'Lima

    This probably is one of my favourite places to be at whenever I'm in South Mumbai.. Have been here a couple of times..

    This place is an iconic place marked with ancient interiors.. You will find a lot of firangs also visiting here and this place is lively all the time.. One of the best places to chill out with friends..

    The food is good and well cooked.. I would recommend the Chicken Teriyaki and Beef chilly chicken as some of the options.. All in all a fantastic place to chill at and would never hestitate visiting this place if I'm in this region.

    FOOD:          4.5/5
    COST:           4/5
    SERVICE:     4/5
    AMBIENCE: 4.5/5

  • 4.5
    Vallabh Kulkarni

    One of the best café in Mumbai. Great beer... amazing food.. I have been a regular in the evenings but the Cafe also serves very good breakfast... The place is a little pricey though!

  • 4.5

    It's a cool place to chill out with your buddy, date or friends. The shakes are mouth watering. It's not too easy on the pocket. The washrooms really need to be renovated though ;)

  • 4.5
    Ishwari Deshmukh

    Where can I start? I just love this place. You can never be disappointed with Leopold's food! Amazing food and ample quantity. Leopold's has a wonderful ambiance, it's cozy and friendly though at times you might feel the place is overcrowded and congested. But no matter what you will always enjoy your meals here.
    Leopold can be a perfect destination for Breakfast and midnight snacks. The pastry counter is also amazing. I would suggest its Opium Pastry. It's a place worth visiting.

  • 4.5

    Writing review of this palace is like someone writing review of  them movie 'The Godfather' . This placce doesn't need any reviews it's a historical place. 

    However, my 2 cents :) 
    I visited here with friends and my family. Perfect to hangout . You will get super vibes once you enter, the ambiance is classic and sitting is very comfortable. You may find it little cramped at times but that's the fun being here. The staff is great they will help u choose what u want to eat.  I had veg club and egg grilled sandwiches of course with KF Draught beer. The sandwiches were very tasty and grilled to perfection and were served with fries. 

    A must visit place and I have been here a few times and never disappointed.

  • 4.5
    Ankit Gupta

    Well my first visit was even before it got mentioned in 'Shantaram' ! This place has its own charm with lively crowd n energy. If you call yourself a roaming Mumbaikar without having been here, then probably you are kidding. Beer towers are ubiquitous over the place. Perfect evenings with booze are made here. I do not prefer the first floor section. Sit on ground floor even if it means waiting !

  • 4.5
    Poornima Daga

    You know what makes for a really chilled out Sunday? Traipsing around causeway, splurging on the goodies and then ending your day at Leopold. It's old school, its comfy and it has beer. I think that suffices a lot of Sunday requirements. I'll admit the food is costly and not exactly out of the world, but it makes for a good place to drink at. My nerdy side might take over my judgement, thanks to Shantaram. But you can't not like the ambiance. It's got to be in everybody's Bombay check list.

  • 4.5

    It's hard to walk down Colaba Causeway without stopping at Leopold. Even though this place is usually known for its offering of beers, we went for the non-alcoholic option. We ordered a choco milkshake, iced tea, cold coffee and since we had a sudden craving for desserts, we ordered the chocolate lava cake and Bailey's Mousse. Well, in this weather, anything with ice in it is more than refreshing and hence all the beverages were refreshing. The chocolate lava cake had a bitter chocolate taste of dark chocolate which is an acquired taste which I personally found pleasant. The mousse was as a mousse should be. Perfectly light, smooth and since I prefer desserts that are not too sweet, it was suitable for my palate....
    The place has a beautiful ambience and must be visited while you are in Colaba...

  • 4.5
    Caesar Sengupta

    Strong recommendations from friends about Beef Chilly fry brought me to this place first - I think alomost 7 years back. I dont think I have tasted better beef anywhere in Mumbai so far. I would rate this place very high in terms of food taste. Well you need to do a bit of struggle first to get a place to sit and then next, even more difficult, to get attention of the waiters when you need to order. Having all said and done, nothing beats Leopold in terms of ambience and food taste.

  • 4.5
    Ayush Dhawan

    First visit to Bombay hence first visit to Leopold Cafe too! Now proved beyond doubt why heard so much about this place and its been running since 1871!

    The place is filled with tourists and although the food is quietly steeply priced it totally does prove to be worth it! Had the Chicken Burger and Ice Tea and.. Otherwise a great place to have a beer with your meal too!

    Loved it!

  • 4.5
    Aayush Patial

    Terrific place. Have been there couple of times. Food is just delicious, be it veg. or non-veg. Prices are fair enough and quantity you get makes it totally worth it. Service is on the slower side. But doesn't matter that much when you're chilling out and chatting with your group.
    This is one of the best places to hang out in the city.

  • 4.5
    Varsha Davis

    Food couldnt get better. We had chinese food.the schezwan rice and chilly chicken were great.some fried chicken starter was the best.the portions are generous and prices are on the higher side

  • 4.5
    Vaishali Sati

    If you are looking to spend a quiet evening this is not the place. It's always rushed and there is a lot of hustle bustle. Always. But the food is extremely appealing if you know what to order. This place should only be visited if you are a fan of good European and American food. Their pepper chicken steak is unforgettable. So is rice and vegetable in bbq sauce. Some very nice dessert options. It's a place to be if you want to see Bombay in full glory and rightfully so because Bombay and Leopold came in being almost in the same century.

  • 4.5
    Vikas Sharma

    It's a life time experience when u visit this legendary cafe...it reminds.me.of.my good.old.days that I have spent with my friend in Mumbai.great place, live environment, packed with foreigners what else u want. It's a must visit when u r in mumbai.

  • 4.5
    Sirisha Asmath

    I love this place!!
    i have been here so many times, and i have always had a good time!!
    For the uninitiated, people only know bout the cafe downstairs, which is more like a crowded restaurant, and it is always crowded and the seats are difficult to get.
    But if u want to get the feel of this place ,you should go upstairs, i have never had a problem getting seats upstairs, and the place really rocks!!
    The crowd, the music and the feel of the place is amazing!!
    The food is always good, even something as basic as the garlic bread tastes way better than anything i tasted anywhere else
    Coming to the drinks, you cant go wrong with the beer towers/pitchers if you're in a group, but if beer is not your thing, they have a wide range of tried and tested drinks to choose from!!
    Overall, an amazing place and The place i prefer going to if i wanna have a good time..

  • 4.5
    Rohan Alex

    Located in the best part of town, leopold is the best place for hanging around with your friends. the crowd is loud which gives it a good touch.the food is phenomenal especially the prawns and beef.a must for every mumbaiker

  • 4.5
    Aprajita Singh

    Its one of the most lively place in Mumbai...good food , big menu..n good company makes dis place worth going in Mumbai..tried crispy chilli potato, Thai red curry n mushroom rice ...all were above average

  • 4.5

    This place lives upto being the legendary place in all sorts.
    I have never seen such a vivacious place .
    Great ambiance. Not the perfect formal dinning but it has some old world charm.
    Staff could be a little more courteous and patience.
    Exceptional food.

  • 4.5
    Srini R

    One of the oldest places in Mumbai. Has retained memories of the mishap at the place. A great place to catch up with friends just for the love of food. Even though crowded most of the times nah always, it is worth the wait for gorging on their delicacies.

  • 4.5
    Sanket Desai

    Legendary place soo much history connected to it we were full already so just went for desserts and which we thought would be ordinary Blueberry cheesecake and Red velvet cake they turned out to be the best we've ever had.. The place is always crowded were lucky to get a table.. Will definitely try something more the next time we go and yes we definitely are going again no doubt..

  • 4.5

    Rated   No foodie would be unknown to this MOST POPULAR Watering Hole (BEER to be precise !!) in Colaba. After the terrorists attacks & Shantaram Book this place has earned more recognition GLOBALLY !! Some places are JUST meant to be in The LIME Light - COME What May !!

    Always crowded with foreigners and Indians too. Best time to visit is in the early evenings or late afternoons as this place no matter what can get crowded...so cant predict !

    I have never had the Mood to indulge in the Soups or the Main course EVER here as the entire atmosphere just spills out BEER BEER N Beer all the time...So Food here means CHakna (Beer accompaniments).

    So starters always override on every visit. Try the Dragon prawns or Chicken, gin chicken (can be a bit strong flavoured), kungpao chicken, mongolian chicken, the simple golden fried prawns is also a worthy of mention.

    Other items garlic bread with cheese, Onion rings, fish & chips, Chicken steak with chips also is a good option.

    So overall just visit the place for Beer Guzzling and Starters..I cant comment on the Mains or the Indian food here as I haven't tried it yet.

    Stopping myself from giving it a 5 as the service was a bit slow...and the crowd doesnt allow much elbow room...!! But for Leopolds All this is Pardonable !!

  • 4.5
    Suyash Tilak

    Except for the vintage value n ambience n good food n the typical Mumbai spirit U can feel alive in this cafe. Even after a tiring day U feel fresh once U enter this lovely place n quite an old one of our town side. Must visit Atleast once

  • 4.5
    Aparna Arya

    Amazing butter garlic prawns, which just swim in the butter & are oh so delish because of it. The melt in your mouth tender beef chilly fry and the non-alcoholic beer just hits the spot every single time.

  • 4.5

    Have been to this place a number of times and I found it even livelier during each visit. Wonderfully quick staff, vintage wall pieces and the crowd made up of mixed cultures makes this place amazing. My favorites here - Leopold Special Chicken Pasta. Do order the delicious Prawn Chillies too (only if you can take a very hot spicy dish! 😄)

  • 4.5
    Pankil Shah

    It requires no review or comment! Great Cosmo crowd. One of the best places in India with international signature on it. Truly international.

  • 4.5
    Amlan Mukerjee

    This is place just doesn't get old no matter how many times I come here. Always a delight despite the waiting period.

    I tried the Mediterranean Prawns for the first time and its amazing, must try!
    Chilli chicken was nice too.

    It was interesting to see the patient staff not react to loud and drunken singing customer....guess either he was harmless or a regular.

  • 4.5
    Bharati Parmar

    Finally made it to leopold cafe. Been in my wish list for long. One of d oldest cafe in mumbai. The food is by default good. U can jst order anything out of the blue n trust it 2 b delicious. We had chicken kabab n chicken pasta it ws yummy???????? the service is super-fast n very customer friendly. Once should atleast be here once in d lifetime. The experience ws beautiful n worth the wait????

  • 4.5
    Nivedita Khanna

    Amazing food and deserts. Loved the experience. Went with a group of school friends. Just the perfect place to cherish old memories. We all loved their sandwiches. Deserts were great. Got some packed home too.

  • 4.5

    Rated   Had been to this place months back, just realised didn't write above this joint and one of the lovely evening spent...so here it goes, One of the best evening I ever had. My friend and I had just finished a lovely walk at the Gate way of India. While walking we just came up with the idea of having a drink.... We crossed "the table" it didn't catch our attention. Breaking our heads hard, we decided " the lazy dog", but no cab was ready to take us till there.... And suddenly we just realised, how Stupid - we have a lovely joint just besides us and we were thinking of all the possible ones around. Been to this place 2 times in the past but always sat at the ground floor.... So finally reached the Leopard and as usual the lovely crowd. Luckily got a place this time in the ac section above. The ambiance was beautiful . Foot tapping music, wish we have would shake a leg with the tunes.We ordered our drinks and few snacks followed with a dessert. The service each time was with a smile. Lot of talks occurred that evening... and each table with groups around had a different story to tell. It seemed all were having a great time. This place tricked us with its service, music,hospitality and we ended up getting late and still never wanted to leave. But we realised it's time to leave... We Finally rushed to board our trains... had a memorable evening...Thanks

  • 4.5
    Kalpesh Pandurkar

    Oldest cafe in the city. One of my favorite places to hangout during college days and still it is. Good place to grab drinks with your buddies. The first floor of the cafe is bit congested due to less space but the ambience is good up there.

  • 4.5
    Purav Gandhi

    Owning a more than 100 year old place is one thing, but maintaining the retro look & feel and still providing amazing ambience is another. I had always heard about this place, but once I entered I totally fell in love with the place.

    We went there for breakfast, so my review might not speak a lot about beer towers and pitchers as some others. However, even early in the morning it had a cult feel to the place ... with retro themed posters, tables and chairs, and ceiling fans !!!

    Food was also really amazing - cheese toast, veggie sandwich, well cooked omelette, the coffee, etc. - all of them really taste and with nice portion sizes.

    A must visit place in Mumbai ...

  • 4.5
    Kunal Pathak

    There's nothing much tht u can say abt d legendary Leopold cafe. Although d ambience is not d best, but the cool crowd makes up for it. Beer towers all around makes a non drinker like me feel out of place. Lol. I enjoy d food though. Love going there, again n again. Leo rocks!

  • 4.5
    Latika Nichani

    This place needs no introduction. For me whenever I'm near colaba I make sure to stop by there. Though I love town side for their Irani cafes. But Leopold is a place even being crowded is just perfect, love the ambience the food the staff & service. Last visited on Saturday: 14th Feb' 15

    Food: My all time fav is veg Pot rice as I'm only an eggetarian not a meat eater. 4/5

    Drinks: 3/5

    Ambience: 4.5/5

    Service: 5/5

  • 4.5
    Vivek Mehra

    Finally, my Bombay food trail begins with this legendary joint. Leopold cafe & bar has become much a spot in Mumbai's culture that almost everyone including the who's and who have been to this place at some time or the other. From their beer towers to the delectable. Chinese, Continental and Indian delicacies to their amazing dessert counter out front. Everything is simply awesome. The high ceiling gives u a slight of an era gone by still finding a place to show it's still relevant in today's modernity.
    I went here yesterday with my wife and cousin for a few beers and food. We ordered French fries, vegetables in hot garlic sauce and farfalle in white sauce with veg and mushrooms. The music was amazing. But since it was janmashtmi I was physically stopped to order non-veg but I will return for more ;)

  • 4.5
    Survi Rathi

    It is a story of why I loved this place... My first visit to this place was long back... at the time I was reading shantaram which has a lot of mention about this place... I could instantly connect to the place..it gives u a vintage feel... a place full of foreigners. .. a place to go with friemds for some beers and food! This place is always a hit..The desserts look Yummilicious! But never got to try them

  • 4.5
    Nilu Desai

    In Mumbai and not visited Leopold would not be a great story to tell your friends. This place has its own charm. So far best service and best staff I must say. The crowd is classy. The music is hip. You can get your pictures clicked and get a hard copy then n there if want to remember the night or its an occasion u r celebrating. The foods is decent and when we asked to heat it again, the staff happily obliged.

  • 4.5
    Abhijit Pandey

    I live in calcutta but over the past 2 years on my visit to bombay, I have never missed this place. This place needs no recommendation to be honest but feels great to see the buzz around one of the places I personally like to chill. They have ample choices of drink to go with your food. And now that I am writing and reminding myself, I am so dying to visit the place again.

  • 4.5
    Riaz Malik

    What a place!!. Always buzzing with music and great atmosphere. A bit on the costly side, but definitely worth a visit per month at least. Quantities were huge.

  • 4.5

    A true legendary place serving chilled beer, great starters and some amazing pastries...No wonder its hard to find a table here on any weekend...

  • 4.5
    Dikshitha S Parmar

    This place is always lively and amazing. Their chicken chilli dry, veg pasta in red sauce and chicken straugnoff are the best one can have.

  • 4.5
    Souvik Ghosh

    Never thought would be reviewing the legendary Leopold Cafe, but here it goes. Priced at 425 - 600 bucks, the beef (or buff) items may come across as pricey, but the sheer quantity of the dishes makes up for the price.

    Our Beef Teriyaki and Spaghetti Bolognese were amazing. The latter came infused with soya and slices of fiery chilies, served on a bed of sprouts and bell peppers. The meat was succulent and divine, whereas the veggies tasted delicious with the meat jus. The spaghetti was more like minced meat with strands of the pasta, and it tasted top class. The mild flavor of the sphaghetti stirred in olive oil went beautifully with the minced beef flavored with herbs and (predominantly) tomato. Just the two dishes filled four starving stomachs.

  • 4.5
    Kartik Gupta

    Leopold's cafe remains to be my favorite place since I visited them for the first time last year. The hustle bustle, foreigners walking in every now n then, the Shantaram book kept at the reception and ofcourse the beer towers on each table give a different identity to this place. The food is good but not great and hence despite being my favorite place, I am forced to cut half. Otherwise this place just rocks.

  • 4.5
    Somya Shringi

    Iconic, must visit place in mumbai. Located at colaba causeway, its a vintage bar where you find tourists, regular pub hoppers and people from all parts of town chilling in regular attire. And to add to that, the prices are also moderate. To sum up, must visit.

  • 4.5
    Abhishek Ramnani

    Cool ambience...fantastic crowd....superb food..what else u want..have a cold beer with ur friends n enjoy the evening...tasty food specially their desserts n coffee is to die for...refreshes u for the day..a must visit for all...cheers!!!!

  • 4.5
    Sumanth Prathapani

    A must visit place when u're in Mumbai...Me n my friends visited this at the last day of our trip.. to give a happy ending,of course. Crispy Chicken we ordered was the best chicken starter I've ever tasted...French Fries were so yummy..followed by a pint of beer,must !!! then we ordered for red pepper chicken..tasty and spicy too.   .This place became more famous after 26/11 attacks.Quick service,beautiful wall paintings

  • 4.5
    Hemant Jawale

    The spirit of Mumbai! Visit to Mumbai is incomplete without going to Leopold. Great location, food and people! Good place to hangout after you have roamed about the causeway.

  • 4.5
    Nikki Harale

    the oldest place of its time...it hasnt lost anthin...kung pao potatoes... the shrimps... the chicken crispy and the sizzlers are too die for...the ambience is simply awesome... the ancient amazing resto....its such a chilled out place

  • 4.5
    Siddharth Gahoi

    I went there with my collage friends as we meet after a long time. We planned to go for AC but got to know that it is only for couple. So anyhow we got a good place with view both inside and outside of cafe. The food was good and we had lot of drinks and snacks. Place was good little crowdy as it was a week end but service is good. We like place and the near by places also. We also enjoyed near by street food at 12 in night near by . Love that evening.

  • 4.5
    Devashish Jagirdar

    Believe it or not. Its the place where I had the best date if my life. Must try the beer tower over great ambiance and sesame chicken. For alcohol lovers and colaba chillers.

  • 4.5
    Yatin Kamat

    Rated   My favourite place in South Mumbai to meet up for drinks and snacks. I know a lot of people believe it to be overrated, but i dont concur, since I believe Leopolds is truly a landmark in Mumbai. I visited this place over 1.5 years ago and if you've read Shantaram you can't help look around and imagine what the place must have been like back then. But all this is simply the cult aspect of Leopolds. Truth is, its simply a nice place to hang out. I personally like the seating downstairs, and the place upstairs seems very average. Downstairs it seems livelier with the high ceiling, number of small tables and the pleasant crowd. The beer is good, however if you order the tower, please note that some of their towers do not come with the ice holder, hence the beer can become warm if you don't down it. The starters are good, the pepper chicken in particular goes well with the beer. Rest of the food is standard fare and I wouldn't really recommend anything in particular. 
    The charm is in the place itself, that it is located in the most charming part of the city, where you can have a few drinks and finger food and then go to Marine drive that's a little down the road and sit while the city shines on you.

  • 4.5
    Sourjya Mukherjee

    Have been hearing about this place from quite a long time from my friends who visited. Got a very good feedback from ALL. Hence was waiting to visit the cafe during my next visit to Bangalore. Fortunately I could drop in on my last day of visit, and I now know why all gave a positive feedback.
    Ambiance is something that is more like an open air cafe and I personally enjoyed it, They had a Live grill counter which I perfectly fits in the decor I would say.
    Tried out Bar-B Q steak and i must say it was awesome. Specially the Bar-b-q sauce on top of the steak was finger licking good.
    The only negative thing I would say is the people serving the food were always in a hurry. In a hurry to take the order, clear up the dishes, wherein it was a Sunday afternoon and there was not too much of rush either...
    Would definitely revisit this place for the other dishes a well.

  • 4.5
    Kali Mukherjee

    Oh well! Leopold = Bombay + beer + buzz:-) Love their beer of course, went for the draught & peanuts, the French fries, catch-ups and the chatter. You cannot not think about all that this cafe has seen over the years...it has stood testimony to Bombay's journey to Mumbai. So glad to have experienced all that energy and the coming together of old and new.

  • 4.5
    Wait A Minute

    Rated   If there is any place I would recommend to a friend travelling to Mumbai then Leopold has to be on the list. Located on Colaba causeway this rest cum bar is one of the most famous landmarks of Mumbai. If you want to spend some time with friends over a mug of beer then please walk in. With tiny tables scattered all over a rather jam packed hall, this place is actually an Irani cafe undergone transformation. You are almost sitting with people around you and yet no one pokes into your privacy. People who come here are least bothered about what you think about the world.they just want to eat drink and be merry. From pitchers and towers of beer to the mouth watering chilly cheese toasts to the absolutely delicious steak onion rings , this place has all that man needs.chinese Indian and continental l. You will love every bit of it. I visited this place a number of times while I was in mumbai and will surely go again on the my next trip down to the city. And of course this place will remind you of all those who lost their lives in the deadly terrorist attack on our country's heart with the bullet marks and the crack on the mirror preserved. God bless our country and God bless Leopold Cafe !!

  • 4.5
    Treisha Dhuru

    There ain't another word to describe this place other than legendary. The crowd is very cosmopolitan. It's always crowded and a table reservation is recommended.
    Good music selection and the food is delicious. From old loyal patrons to tourists everyone is seen under one roof. Everyone is welcomed at Leopold cafe & bar.
    It's the best blend of pub culture and heritage.

  • 4.5
    Monisha Singh Diwan

    Rainy saturdays always make me smile and it seems Mumbaikars were all out there at leopolds. My umpteenth visit but my sons first. While I was excitedly selling it, the cynical 17 year old was not buying it. Well, we ordered in amongst the hustle, the bustle- the chirp and the burp of lazy but rainy saturday, many  brave hearts had made it there despite the squish and the squash. Not exaggerating if I say that the best concoction I've had in recent times arrived rather descended since it was so puuuurfect- monikered quite simply- TANGERINE n CELERY. A jagermeister, and two pasta's cooked n sauced to perfection rounded up the experience. A lovely mom n son time in the nooked up leopold which lived up to its promise once again... The downer is - not very large portions and a little heavy on the pocket... But donnie, a serious foodie like moi, loved e'thing about the place, so mission accomplished :-)

  • 4.5
    Ananya Sen

    Quite frankly this is THE PLACE to be on a Sunday night out with your girlfriends! Add to that india ' s stupendous victory over Pakistan and you have a rocking dinner already! We'd ordered beer, Barbeque chicken rice and a chicken burger... portions were filling enough and tasted quite good... The ambience was that of a typical American snack joint... and one can hear mild music peppered with your neighbor's conversations... I quite liked the all American decor too... All in all, a must visit!

  • 4.5

    Almost been 2 yrs since my last visit here, being in delhi, mumbai is unfortunately very far.

    An exhaustive menu and beer towers and pitcher on every table this place shall make u feel aboard. Foreigners all around, a mild humid weather, near to sea eating joint its all kinda slothy in here.

    When I orderd manchurian rice, it ws a bit of continental flavoured cuisine that I experincd, the owner is of Israel origin so ki da reflects in dishes.

    Most of the time tables or evn the place ia full u evn hve 2 wait sometimes fr occupying or evn grabbng a seat. Presentation is awesome if u relly r on a demand of beer this place is sure shot hit fr u in colaba.

    One can evn take a brisk walk aftr havng a meal till the gateway of India.

  • 4.5

    Place is slightly conjusted but ambience is nice. Food quality is superb. Service is also great. This place is very famous among foreign tourists so we can see more foreigners here than Indians.

    Souvenirs available here are slightly high priced but nice collecction.

  • 4.5
    Deipen Bhosale

    Ok, so Leopold is more or less like a Mumbai monument now..Although an old joint, Leopold’s has been on the decline for quite some time now,still you can feel the raw energy in this place...You will feel Mumbai in its true element here more than anywhere else..Service is quite average and food quantity is to die for..Absolute worth every penny you spend for and the Iced tea is to die for :P...Have a liitle chat with your friends and you will not regret this place, Its so full of positivity and its more of a heritage spot than a swanky hang out, this place has seen everything, the attacks, the bad days the good days and is still standing proud..Hats of 'Leopold'

  • 4.5

    A perfect score if they would made the place more comfortable.
    Quick service. Decent staff. They serve tower beer too :)
    We had ordered paneer chilly and red chiili chicken. Both were beyond comparison.
    One should definitely visit the place if you are visiting Colaba/Mumbai.

  • 4.5
    Niharika Thakuria

    Need I comment on the food, oh, that's super awesome! Any delicacy you order, they present it in its native flavour.

    The ambience z best, if u are a fan of the Mumbai hullabaloo. The music is loud. The other conveniences could be a downside sometimes: No AC, washrooms aren't very clean, etc.

    But if you ask me, I'd say its my all my fav restaurant in Mumbai.

  • 4.5
    Doctor Foodie (JJ)

    Rated   Where do I begin? Firstly I'm glad I FINALLY visited Leopold even after living in mumbai for so many damn years!
    After hours and hours of walking behind friends shopping we finally decided to stop for lunch!
    Luckily it was a weekday and there wasn't too much of a crowd. We got seated upstairs and service was still a bit slow.

    We ordered for drinks and finally came to the food. We decided to order for starters first and then move on to mains later on. But holy cow,the portions of the appetizers was so huge that we could barely finish these 2 in the first place!

    We ordered for shrimp in chilly garlic and the potato crispy!the shrimps were pretty big and there was just SO much of it! This is the first place that I've been to who have given literally more than 7 pieces of prawns in a starter. This one had like atleast 20 well cooked succulent big shrimp! The only downfall was that the dish was TOO spicy. The flavours were amazing but too much spice can also be a turn off.
    The potato crispy dish was a real winner! Crunchy and soft at the same time and an amazing balance of spice. Nothing to wrong with this one!
    Overall had an amazing time, looking forward to coming back to to try the mains next time!

  • 4.5
    Sanchit Goel

    Astonishingly popular! Leopold is over rated even though it is great. And that, haven't been to lot of places in Mumbai but Leopold feels like to be revisited. So. Great place!

  • 4.5
    Saurabh Pandhare

    One of the best relaxing zone if you planning something new in town.. i have been visiting here since quite long time and everytime i visit i dont miss my favourite chicken chilly, specially recommended item n if you prefer alcohol then go for beer with it and still if you have some space left in your stomach then try out its delicious variety of deserts like pestries..

  • 4.5
    Kalpita Raut

    This place is just amazzziiinng! Right from the food to drinks to everything! Although you need to be patient to get a seat because it's always full! However, the place could use the idea of expanding a bit! It's located at a place where people are always around! The Chinese is simply amazing !

  • 4.5
    Shobhit Kalra

    The oldest cafe of Mumbai...Its my favourite place to hangout with friends the food and hospitality both of this restaurant are Decent..one easily get the entry on the weekends if u are along with your partner otherwise u need to wait in a queue..

  • 4.5

    Rated   Walk in here and you'll feel transported to the sad day of 26/11 with the walls still engraved with the bullet marks reminding you of that day of horror. But again they fill you with pride as you feel the bravery with which we fought and got hold of those goddamn terrorists and those bullet marks seems to be more of a mock at those terrorists who tried to prove their bravery by killing innocent people. The spirit of this place is undeterred. All around you'll see friends chattering and beers pitchers doing rounds. Frequented by foreigners as always this place is cheery and filled with happiness. I and my sister began by devouring the delicious blueberry cheesecake which was creamy and had blueberries inside. Then we ordered a schezwan Chinese noodles with Manchurian which was spicy and well made. The staff was also very welcoming and friendly. Overall this place was a lovely experience which is a must visit if you head Colaba for shopping!!!

    Personal rating:
    Ambience- 5/5
    Quality- 4.5/5
    Taste- 4.5/5
    Experience- Cheerful and fun. Great place to have an enjoyable time with friends!!


  • 4.5
    Ramasubramanian Suriyanarayanan

    I had a chance to have breakfast in this place during Diwali last year with my entire family. Everything and I mean everything was just perfect. Right from the starters to the beverages to the sandwiches. The place has something to it, it gives you a very nice home style comfort feel. Will certainly go back here on my next visit.

  • 4.5
    Abhilash Bazzingaa Dhara

    Worth a visit specially on weekends. The place is jam packed and you might find yourself waiting for a table. But that being said, the wait is worth it. The food is amazing and so is the beer pitcher they serve. The look and feel of the place is also totally totally worth the wait.

  • 4.5
    Viren Lalwani

    A tower of beer and chicken sausages with a cheese dip is what you should ask for the next time you visit. The crowd is towny af . and the service is prompt as well.

  • 4.5
    Nikhil Pachauri

    Rated   "Expensive" was the first word which came into my mind when I sat around the table with my friend and had a glance at the menu. But once we settled down and started savoring the food , another word sprung into my mind, "Awesome".  The ambiance of was quite different from other places in Mumbai.It was crowded and we had to wait for few minutes before grabbing table vacated by a German couple. The place will be quite appealing to people having creative or intellectual bend of mind. An interesting aspect is that the owners have kept the marks of 26/11 attacks on walls intact (may be as tribute to those who lost their lives during the attack).

    Moving on to the food part, since I was suffering from bit of cold ,we ordered hot and sour wanton soup along with spring rolls and a mushroom dish. The mushroom was fried aptly and despite my sour throat , I was able to savor the taste. The sitting was bit crampy and I was touched couple of times by people who went pass me. But thats what you become used to once you become a frequent traveler to Mumbai.

    Verdict:- Expensive place with mouth watering delicacies to savor .Only downside I feel is waiting time to get a seat

  • 4.5
    Meghdeep Chatterjee

    Legendary restaurant.. Always full house it stays.....
    Good ambience.... Food taste is also good.....
    Nice place to hangout with friends...

  • 4.5

    Leopold has been there for decades but standard remains as good..place has a nice vibe..it's just sad now when u sit and see the bullet holes..makes U think of what happened..but the place survived that ...it's always crowded..they serve the best chicken fried wontons.the crispy ginger chicken is yummy too..their Chinese and continental dishes are really yum..too much variety n every thing is delicious ..

  • 4.5
    Nikhil Gosar

    Tired of shopping on colaba street..??get in here and have a good variety of food and drinks..A great place for foreigners to chill in..A/c floor is better ;)

  • 4.5

    Leopold... The legendary Leopold Cafe of south Mumbai..
    No need of introduction rather ot doesn't need any more reviews as it already has more than 1400 reviews..

    Quality 8.5/10
    Drinks 9/10
    Quantity 9/10
    Ambience 8/10
    Crowded very much
    Overall 9/10

    Go and feel it this place can't be judged by reviews..

    Must visit if you are at Mumbai..

  • 4.5
    Gunjan Mahindru

    have to visit if u visit Mum!!! Dont know how but whichever day u go there is a waiting list....... Not expensive food and fast service. 
    Love to visit again n again. The crowd there will drive you all in. The wait doesnt really bore you as the street is busy and u see things around you which keeps u occupied.
    A place to visit with friends and family....

  • 4.5
    Garima Sharma

    A walk in pub right in the middle of the busy colaba market, Cafe Leopold is a punk joint that assures you a chilled beer, decent quick eats, awesome music and a fab experience. Since the awesome reputation of this place is known to all visiting Mumbai, les jus say you gotta have the Leopold experience for sure.

  • 4.5
    Tushar Garg

    One of the oldest bars in this city, this is also one of those places with a little bit of history attached to it. The aftermath of 26/11 terror attacks, that happened here had left marks of gunshots all over the roof and the walls. The owner has kept them intact to indicate the the attachment to the tragedy and how the place has come out of it. The ambience is nice and while the chairs I felt, were a little less comfy. The food has a delectable taste. And yes towers, I love the way they keep my beer chilled, and it will be like that forever. Furthermore, the main menu has a lot of options to choose from and each one is top of the shelf product, tastewise and qualitywise. Don't forget to try their desserts. They are one of a kind. Unmatched and inimitable.

  • 4.5
    Karishma Naidu

    Legendary... Drinks... Friends... Laughter... :)

    Amazing place....
    Taste buds got rejuvenated.. :)

    Must visit if you're a foodie and love a beer with some sports..

  • 4.5
    Farhan Chougle

    This is a place where u get all people from different parts of the world...... It's legendary.... Drinks r affordable .......food has never disappointed me in Leopold....... It is a place at least to be visited once in year coz the legacy continues with the same interiors.....u still feel back in 80's when u enter in

  • 4.5
    Saahil Parikh

    Great food. Great crowd. Great service. Great ambience. Fit for people from all age groups. We were a bunch of college students, could see people from their 20s, 30s and even a few 60 y/os having a nice time. Just a bit overpriced.

  • 4.5
    Vatsal Mehta

    The most famous and authentic Cafe & Bar of Mumbai city! This is the most happening Bar of the city! You will always see this place crowded with people and majority of the crowd are foreigners and if there is a live match going on then you will surely have trouble getting a place in here!

  • 4.5
    Gaurav Singh

    Awesome place to be! they are spread over 2 floors, ground floor is boring and it is typical restaurant environment. First floor is amazing, great ambience, some good hip-hop music,I forgot what I tried for food but yeah it was great whatever it was :P You may consider taking your date out to this place! definitely a place you would want to get on your "been to list". Don't worry about the rates ;)

  • 4.5
    Nishita Chandra

    This is one place that i have been wanting to go for a while now. Its very rustic and gives you a different sense of comfort. The food is amazing. Do try the cold coffee and the raspberry cheesecake. Its well known for a reason and i assure you they are all true. Loved the place!!

  • 4.5
    Gaurav Raturi

    Had a lovely time having the pasta and the mojito....though only couple get to sit on first floor what i liked is the jam packed seats sitting adjacent to each Other but rarely eavesdropping any conversation. Food is good so is the service... and yes the cold coffee is special as well...

  • 4.5
    Yash Asrani

    One of the coolest cafes of old bombay.. a super mix of desi n tourist crowd.. a cool place to actually socialize since people actually talk to each other at the bar with a pint of beer.. good music n amazing ambience especially during christmas..
    Try out for - spaghetti, chicken starters, cocktails, some thick noodles (cant recollect the name :P)
    Cost for 2 - 2 K (with alcohol)

  • 4.5
    Siddhi Hichkad

    Leopold is quintessentially Bombay - its always crowded but everyone's happy. The staff is amazing, even while we waited outside the door trying to get in, the security guy and lady were talking very nicely to us and cracking jokes.

    The service is really good considering the huge crowd they have to handle. The food menu is extensive and covers many cuisines. We had crispy chicken and nachos. The portion size is big and food quality as well as taste is very good. Great place to order a tower of beer and chill out with friends. Leopold's also has an amazing pastry and dessert collection.

    All in all, its a great experience - food, ambiance, service - everything is great!

    "Leopold's was a place for people to see, to be seen, and to see themselves in the act of being seen" ~Shantaram

  • 4.5
    Som Kundu

    The most recent visit to Leopold was on 6/25 during my short stopover at Mumbai en-route to Pune. Food was good and so were the deserts. Ordered Shantung chicken noodles which was quite good. Yummy Chocolate Ecstasy and Blue Berry Cheese Cake but surely the ground floor requires AC in the hot and humid Mumbai weather.

  • 4.5
    Ryan Basu

    Location Colaba Causeway
    Service 4.5
    Food 4.5
    Value for Money 4.5
    Ambience 4.5
    One of the oldest eateries in Mumbai. Whenever we get a chance we visit this place. Food is awesome sometimes a bit overdone. Beer! Beer! Beer! Don't we all love chilling out with a Pitcher? I love this place and will keep coming back. Cheers!
    We ate a lot of food in the past 26 hours and we are not done yet. We have just begun.

  • 4.5
    Aman Gupta

    Simple and great food with good beer and an amazing ambience. Great music and great food along with great friends is the best mixture for this place and a group can never be let down by the place or the service or the food. If you do then please have a few more pints and enjoy the place.

    Happy Drinking !!

  • 4.5
    Shaonli Dutta

    It's been 3 years in Mumbai and this is the first time I am here. Good food, old house ambience, friendly people and still have that old smell of Bombay. The charm of this cafe got better and better as it passed so many years..
    I had Iced tea, pasta and mousse which just stole my heart and I am looking forward to visit this place soon 😊👍🏼

  • 4.5

    "Put lights over the culprit and hang him till death." This sounds like we are in a war or any judgement day is going on. But believe me the environment of this place is like this only. You found yourself as a politician and screaming in vidhan sabha to prove your stupid point right. About the bill of fare is as usual as we can find in any cafe in amchi mumbai. But the inner valley of Leopold cafe is superb. You must visit this place with your best buddies and have a very heavy topic for debate with a pitcher and nuggets..
    I to luvit...

  • 4.5

    OMG ..... Wat a taste... One of the best red velvet cake n blueberry cheesecake I've ever tasted. This was my first visit to the iconic leopold cafe on my trip to Mumbai and man it was a superb experience. I loved the old school ambience of this cafe and the food here was just lip smacking. The best place to hangout with friends over a beer.

  • 4.5

    The legendary leopold cafe is located across Colaba.. Very crowded, didn't get the sitting.. So, ordered on the go - blackberry mouse and red velvet and both were super-duper awesome..
    A must-visit!

  • 4.5
    Aditi Bhattacharjee

    The legendary place to be. Foo is finger lickin' good. 
    So with all the hype and fame, it's a lil pricey and a lil cramped... 
    But you haven't been here yet, you are missing something!

  • 4.5
    Pirzad Wadia

    Well it's THE place when you are in South Bombay. Ok so it's a tad expensive but it's worth it. The Chicken Manchurian dry is the dish to have. Also the Alfredo Pasta is very nice. Perfect place to chill with friends. Loads of memories here...

  • 4.5
    Jones Dasan

    What can one really say for a place which is no other ...... Amazing food , awesome place to chew on crazy non veg dishes ..... This only goes well with extensive choice of beers ...... Have been here , so many times ..... Have always found reasons to come back

  • 4.5
    Abhishek Bhatnagar

    The draught beer tower was simply amazing. Never had one in India anywhere before. The sandwiches and munchings were also nice. The best part is the pricing which is very modest. I would love to visit again and again to just have some beer in Colaba.

  • 4.5
    Vinayak Nayak

    Visited this place when it was heavily crowded on Saturday evening & environment was perfectly set as it was raining heavily outside. Ordered Special Leopold Chicken Pasta & Barbeque Chicken. Services were very quick. Food was extremely tasty. Worth the time spent & had a great experience with my friend. Waiting outside the place for place to sit was worth it !! Ambience is simple & elegant. They have really maintained their legacy & standards in these many years. Would love to come again but this time with my own wolfpack of friends as I saw many groups boozing & chilling to spend some splendid time :)

  • 4.5
    Arsh Razak

    The food here was just amazing amazinga lil expensive though. Friendly staff. Gr8 service. Ambiance was gud. Quantity and quality i must say. Any diah u order its a stomech filler. Their special pasta was d beat pasta i hav had in such a long time. N js loved their mangoliyan chicken

  • 4.5
    Samiksha Parkar

    All time fav place to go after shopping at colaba. Always packed. So have to wait for the table. But it's worth. Great place to hangout with friends. Nice music and food.

  • 4.5
    Nikhil Kamath

    Leopold Cafe is one of the most iconic places in Mumbai with great food and great ambience. This cafe being located in the busy street of colaba is always full with youngsters. This is a great place to hang out with friends

  • 4.5
    Sudeep Mukherji

    Well where do i begin from? This place is simply awesome..it wins the hearts with its nostalgia and its rich history. One of the coolest place to chill with friends having chilled beer that is very pocket friendly. The authentic american servings add to the sheer joy and the pleasure of the experience of this place. No matter what it goes through what the conditions are it goes on strong!! Cheers to the happiness this place gives you...alwsys a pleasure to visit here.

  • 4.5
    Nikunj Goradia

    I love this place. It might be overcrowded, whenever we had visited we had to face long waiting for getting a small place in a bar,but once we are inside we feel waiting was worth.

  • 4.5
    Karthik Gurumurthy

    Classic. Vintage. The beer towers are majestic. There is a vegetarian pasta cooked in wine if I am not wrong and that is tasty. First floor is cramped and I went a week after 26/11 to see fresh bullet marks. Kudos to the food and spirit of this place

  • 4.5
    Kaylan Dsilva

    Rated   My favorite place in town no doubt! I had heard so much about it and when I finally moved to India I had to check it out. First time I came here was on the last day of Sachin's last Test. The place was full of people who had been to the game. Beer towers everywhere and chants of "Sachin, Sachin" filled the place till the late hours of the night- one of my best celebrations in Mumbai!
    I am new to Navi Mumbai (a year) but there was a point when I was taking a train to CST every week just to come to Leopold's. It is the only place where I feel I have gone back in time because it seems like nothing has changed from when it first started... It is not spectacular inside for me, it's just a bunch of chairs and tables but the diverse crowd, loud atmosphere and beer towers keep me coming back. There is no place I'd rather be on an afternoon in Mumbai on ANY DAY!!! 
    Every time I'm here I have to order the Beef Chilly Fry, Chilli Cheese Toast and Falooda. They are delicious! All in all the food and beers here are great and pretty light on the wallet too compared to other places in town. The staff are cheerful but sometimes can take some time to get your order... I guess because it's always packed!
    I always bring my foreign and out of town friends here because this place is legendary and a true landmark in Mumbai. We always end up striking up a conversation with the tables around us meeting people from different places and hearing their stories about how they came to find Leopold! The crowd here is always good. You haven't experienced Mumbai if you haven't been here! I only wish there was a bit of music inside once in a while... but you can't have everything!
    My all time favorite spot in Mumbai! See ya next Friday Leopold!

  • 4.5
    Himanshu Vora

    Very late review. Have been here few times many years ago. Always buzzing. Good food and drinks. Would revisit once that side of town. Good service and ambiance.

  • 4.5
    Anish Deshmukh

    If we want to have chilled beer with best buddies then no other place can be better than leopold.v good variety of beers, when we buy tower of beer its just wow.food is sumthing is v impressive here has really lot of variety to choose from.tried many dishes here d best once r like pasta, chicken lollypop, African chicken, etc..Desserts are also sumthing which are displayed in fantastic/tempting manner.The ambience is just suits the time.Location is offcrs just great.Love going to leopold again and again.Anytime.

  • 4.5

    This place needs no introduction what so ever...amazing place to visit for a beer anytime of the day ... Its pocket friendly... Service is good and the ambience is great...feels nice to have a beer in such places.!

  • 4.5
    Rohit Khanzode

    I have visited this place a lot of times, it is the basics of this place that makes me want to come here again and again. Basics being the good food, chilled beer and a decent environment. 

    They serve salted peanuts with chilled beer, a solid combination missed by many good top notch pubs/clubs. They have a wide variety of food to choose from, the food menu is such that it will satiate any person with varied taste buds. 

    Coming to drinks, the bar menu is exhaustive. I have tried their cocktails, they are nice. Beer is chilled. 

    My fav. from this place will be fish and chips, chicken spring rolls with chilled beer and salted peanuts. 

    Come here to enjoy a good time with friends/family over some drinks and good food. 

    Cheers !

  • 4.5
    Navraj Singh Sahi

    Awsome place.... Went here for lunch and both food and ambience was great... This is not my first time at leopold but every time it have something great and different to offer. We ordered chicken biryani and grilled chicken with lemon grass rice... While the latter was very good the former lacked the traditional touch. The only thing the seemed to be a problem were the table as they were too small to accommodate the dishes. But overall a very good experience and a must visit for food lovers.

  • 4.5
    Ketki Kulkarni

    Should anybody even need to review Leopold's?
    I think not, the place is eponymous.
    For those who haven't read Shantaram or have no idea what the place is...just go and get it's experience.
    You can have an AC area or the non-AC part..the food and its beer, they are all good.

  • 4.5

    Delicious food... Good ambience... Must say the quantity of food is good... A chilled afternoon lunch after shopping at colaba this place is perfect...

  • 4.5
    Kaustav Ghosh

    If you are visiting colaba causeway with your friends this is a must visit cafe. Pitcher/tower of beer alongwith beef chilly dry and kebabs is highly recommended.

  • 4.5
    Alisha Tibrewala

    Rated   its hard to say what I love most about Leopold cafe. is it the beer? or perhaps the ambiance? or the history behind it? i dont know but every time i come here the warm feeling which I get is always the same and I love the place.

    The best thing about it is their spicy chilly chicken and draft beer tower. the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon with friends (and family). I love their beef teriyaki which is just enough to fill you up for the entire day but well worth it.

    Burgers, sandwiches and beef potrice with black bean chicken are also quite famous on this menu. Established in the 1800's this place became even more famous after the 26/11 attacks. The owner is more tha happy to just show the bullet points and tell you how they bravely endured and got over it. A touching story.

    my one major grouse is that they give preference to the foreign crowd rather than Indians knowing full well that the latter are more likely to keep coming back but it still doesnt discourage me from going there at least thrice a month.

  • 4.5
    Rohit Reddy

    A must visit place in Mumbai for its great food .
    Ambience -4(congested)
    Service -3.5 (late and slow)
    Food- 4.5 (less spicy for spice lovers)

  • 4.5
    Sayanjeet Mitra

    Ambiance is great..one of the oldest cafe in Mumbai..both drinking and dining is at an affordable price..the kebabs are especially delicious

  • 4.5
    Monali Churi

    Apparently, I came across an article which mentioned Leopold as one of the overrated places in Mumbai. Sue that article writer, I say. 
    A must stop-over place whenever I visit town-side; for a pint and mutton-curry. I can swear in the name of mutton-curry of Leopold. Although it has an extensive menu - Right from Mongolian chicken to Mediterranean prawns. From Pasta to Pizza; however after scrolling the entire menu, my order always stuck at Mutton curry/Mutton Rogan Josh curry and rice. 
    Delhi and Punjab folks complaining about the butter-chicken in Mumbai - you ought to try the butter chicken of Leopold.This legendary place has it's own charm. It has become a ritual now - friends visiting Mumbai - Take them to Leopold for the customary mutton-curry and rice

  • 4.5
    Shyam Gopal

    The place is well set with an ambiance which gives it a "Bombay " feel, the drinks are very reasonable, food was yummy, nd the deserts re just WOW!! definitely recommended

  • 4.5

    Good old watering hole in Colaba.More fun on the ground floor I feel though opinions with friends differ.You in the right place if you patronise beer.Weekends can be a bustling affair.Get used to waiting for your turn.There is Sadique bhais shop bang outside the joint i n case you are in the mood to buy Victorian replicas.Sadique will insist that they are original.Food recommendations - fish n chips,beef steak,regular Chinese, Apple pie.Burger wise Cafe Mondegar's(a stone throw away from Leos) burger is better.If you are in Fort,worth a visit.Place's got history:)

  • 4.5
    Sahil Nadkarni

    Rated   Situated on the Colaba Causeway, between all hustle bustle of the Colaba street market, is a Cafe which enthrals attention of the foreigners & also Indians alike..Cafe Leopold, being one of the oldest Cafés to really survive & with what superb grace..Being a Mumbaikar, if you haven't visited this place, you are either in an impression that this café is overhyped or you don't like it because it is expensive..But let me tell you, you should visit atleast once to know this place well & the reason why many people really die to come here..

    I myself used to think Leopold's got famous only after the 2008 terror attacks & people were more interested to know about the incident..But only after my visit, I came to know why it is more famous for! ----> The Food..

    The Ambience is ok-ish..A proper café, flooded with loads of tables & chairs..The signboard on the outside, gives a retro look to the café..

    It really is a bliss that they have kept their food Quality & Quantity above expectations, even though the rates are too expensive..Went here recently on a Saturday night with my Foodies gang!! Leopold wasn't really the place we had decided to hop in..Ordered for some hard drinks including Vodka & Rum..With those surging rates for 30 ml of Alcohol, one can only drink for the fun of it & definitely not for really getting drunk..

    Ordered for two starters, Chicken Chilly Dry & Red Pepper Prawns...Both of them so Scrumptious & Gratifying..Full marks to the Starters here (MUST-TRY!!)..Chicken Chilly was one of the Best in Mumbai..That taste's just gonna linger around for a long time..Even though it costed us Rs.430 odd, it was worth every penny..The Quantity was enough for 4, but we shared it amongst 6 of us..So that's some quantity you see!! The Red Pepper Prawns were out of the world too! A blend of sour & spicy masala with red pepper ground together, just tasted perfect with Prawns..(& ofcourse with the booze)

    We then moved on to main course..Ordered Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice & Chicken Chilly Gravy so that it doesn't get too dry..Chicken Fried Rice was nice & tasty with a scrambled egg & some spring onions adding to the taste..Schezwan Rice was pretty much the same but taste could have been better..Just like the Chilly Dry, Chicken Chilly Gravy was impressive too!! Loads of Garlic Cloves with scintillating aroma & Big Chicken pieces made sure that both the flavoured rices turned more tasty..

    They have a small pastry shop too right next to their main entrance..Pastries are awesome as ever & range between Rs.150 to Rs. 350/-per pastry.. Do not forget to taste their Chocolate Mousse..

    The service is speedy even though the restaurant is housefull most of the time..Staff is friendly..Sometimes rude too! So beware..

    AMBIENCE: 4/5
    SERVICE: 4/5
    FOOD: 4.5/5
    a) Chicken Chilly Dry --> 5/5
    b) Red Pepper Prawns --> 4.5/5
    c) Chicken Fried Rice --> 3/5
    d) Schezwan Fried Rice --> 2/5
    e) Chicken Chilly Gravy --> 5/5

    OVERALL: 4.5/5


  • 4.5
    Sagar Rawlani

    Less points for price. It's way too costly. Tried coffee and sandwiches there. They were really good and the taste was just awesome. Must try at least once!

  • 4.5
    Kusumika Ghosh

    This is what history is made of. The looks of it from the outside will remind you of the dingy pastry shops owned by The Parsi uncle, until u step in! A little large space crammed with posters of the yesteryear superstars and lines out of some cool book. We reached for a very early breakfast around 7 am and were ushered in by the friendly staff. With a volley of orders to satisfy our hunger pangs which came in with little wait time. The food (which was nothing extraordinary tasty) was overtly priced, true, but cummon you don't come in here every other day.

  • 4.5

    Ever since I read the book Shantaram, I had only but one thing to cross off my
    Bucket list for Bombay - a visit to cafe Leopold. Ive now made it a point to visit Leopold every time I go to Bombay. This place has somewhat become more of an icon synonymous with South Bbay, Colaba Causeway, the backpackers and sadly the 26/11 incident. It's a lovely cafe to go and just chill and soak in the vibes. Have a drink or two, enjoy their spicy Chinese food or grab a quick dessert.

  • 4.5

    Setting a class. Amazing place to chill out after a stroll around India gate. Upstairs is the place to be. Chilled beer n amazing food. We had sandwiches, which was literally out of the world. Price on the higher side. But still, I feel it's worth every penny.

  • 4.5
    Hrishikesh Amembal

    This place is like the great Indian rope trick of eat out joints...it never seems to die out and everyone who visits is amazed by this place. Traditionally the college hangout for beer.....but have revelled at the largely consistent penne pastas and continental fare. The Chinese is also equally exciting...am always amazed by the tasty yet mildly coloured and flavoured manchow soup served...truly amazing...truly legendary...a must try

  • 4.5
    Arunim Banerjee

    No visit to Mumbai can be complete without a stop at Leopold. We walked in as early as 8 in the morning to be greeted with smiles and an array of welcoming yet simple tables, no fancy chairs at all! The menu was laid out on the tables and you had to manoeuvre yourself in odd angles to read off it, thankfully we were given a hand held version. The order was simple chicken omelette and a chicken burger which can easily shame its well heeled American counterparts! Simplicity was the key yet the taste took you places! A must visit!

  • 4.5
    Steffi Chiramel

    I had been here with my mom in 2012 Christmas. It was decorated so beautifully. I love the place and service. Many tourists and foodies are found here munching their food and drinking beer. Its a perfect place to hangout on holidays and weekends but with pockets full. Haha.

  • 4.5
    Ankit Jain

    "Great Hangout Place"
    Leopold cafe has always been an integral of Mumbai's vibrant life! Simple wholesome food with no frills. Service with a smile.add to it value for money and accounts for a teeming eatery!

    Now a tourist attraction of sorts....many crowd in to see the bullet mark of terror attack! Heard a lot about the place. Nice crowd, Descent bar, and the food was good.
     A huge hit amongst the foreign tourists.

  • 4.5
    Roy Mathew

    The best beef i hav ever had. Tried their beef chilly fry and the steak bun burger. The burger was very heavy snd damn tasty. The ambientce was also very good even thought it was a bit noisy. Since there was a big queue outside for the seats on the ground floor, i went up. I never expected to get such good beef here in mumbai.

  • 4.5
    Sarath Selvanathan

    obviously a must go cos of the shoot out but otherwise as well, for a casual weekend evening you do go there - its good fun - plus their AUTHENTIC whiskey sour !

  • 4.5
    Vishnu Menon

    A perfect place to have beer and some real good food during afternoons. Strongly suggest pepper chicken steak here, you are sure to crazy eating this dish.

  • 4.5
    Neeraj Pratap Singh

    The Leopold Cafe is a must-go place if you're in Colaba. The food speaks for itself, the ambience is superb and the beer is affordable. The place is often crowded with a lot of expats gulping pitchers of beer. Leopold is definitely one of the best places to eat in Colaba. Planning to go there again, and again. Cheers.

  • 4.5
    Vani Garg

    Situated in heart of colaba, this place has a huge history associated with it. It is one of those modern places with old world charm. It just soaks you in itself the moment you walk in.
    Their menu is enormous and I am specially fond of their pasta. The drinks are also quite affordable here. If you want to catch up with your friends or even with yourself, it's a great place. Although it's bustling with people, it has a sense of serenity. Do try their desserts also!

  • 4.5
    Goldy Bhowmik

    Perfect touristy morning in bombay would be : sunrise at gateway and then breakfast at Leopold. Cheese chicken omelette/ cheese chicken sandwich/ chicken burger with fries.. All these will compel u to do these touristy outings evry sunday ! The current manager is a bengali.. And he recognises me evrytime i visit this place. Very friendly waiters.. Leopold calenders still hung in my room. The place isnt air conditioned.. But the antique paintings, wall clock and bullet marks will take u to distant past while u munch ur fries.

  • 4.5

    What do o say about this place!? Walk in at any time of the day and you will find the true spirit of Mumbai there. Right from the young college chaps to the old Bombay uncles, all here to have a good time. Lovely food & the drinks, always make for a memorable time. The food is good, not tot steep, the staff is friendly. It's the Bombay feel!

  • 4.5

    Perfect for an evening with friends, with good food, music, drinks and loud conversations. Coming to the food, portions are good and the steak and the burgers are simply delightful.

  • 4.5
    Aditi Chaudhary

    I picked up a tiramisu from leopold..very nice..its for 180/- on the higher end but good quality and taste. Will def try some more of their desserts.

  • 4.5
    Chotu Vohra

    Rated   When you go to a place which is legendary to Mumbai you don’t need a review for it. Café leopold is one such place. One of the places which got hit by the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai is an example of indian strength and culture. Its One of the tourist hubs in colaba and definitely will continue to remain one. As I entered the place the place was thronged with people. But despite having such a huge crowd the service didn’t take a hit. Their in house staff were very polite and let us sit in the bar to have few drinks while we wait for a seat in the AC section.

    We went and sat in the AC section on the top floor. The place was packed and there was great music being played by the in-house DJ. The staff at the bar was quite an expert when it comes to making some great concoctions be it a drink, Cocktail or Mocktail. Despite the place being so packed I really loved the ambience of this place because it has a really lively and fun feel which you don’t usually get in some cafes. Having a drink and listening to some Bob Marley is the most relaxed way of spending an afternoon and Café leopold guarantees you a time well spent. They play EDM during the evening and play relaxed mellowed down tunes at afternoon. Dj is kind enough to play your requests too

    Now many people have a lot of Chinese in Leopold but the real winner here is their limited continental dishes which you need to definitely try while you’re here. I first tried their in house Special Chicken Steak in Pepper sauce. The steak was soft and succulent and was nicely tossed in pepper sauce which added a nice peppery flavour to the steak. The steak was served with exotic veggies and fries which really accompanied the steak well. Veggies were sauted in pepper sauce and olive oil which made them crunchy and adding flavour instead of the usual boiled jazz you get in other cafes. The portions were great too. It was definitely my dish of the Day

    We then tried their Leopold Special Chicken pasta and I must say it was one great pasta. The sauce of the pasta was a mixture of Red and White sauce. The pasta wasn’t the usual Penne, fusilli, spaghetti or macaroni but was a Farfalle which was a great change to the usual stuff you get. Other than that there were olives and extremely big chunks of chicken in it. No wonder they called it Leopold Special Pasta cause the chicken chunks made it special. These huge roasted chicken chunks with the sauce and olives made us savour every bite.

    All in All I loved my trip here and you need to go here too. I would recommend you to stick to continental though because I have definitely had better Chinese in other places so I won’t recommend Chinese. Additionally I must say this place is a tad little costlier than your average café. So keep that in mind when you try this place. All in all it really was a great experience. Added pictures of all the stuff I had in case you just wanna see pictures


  • 4.5
    Dev Shroff

    The most awesome place to have Chinese food in Mumbai. The ambience is great and drinks are so good. It's a historic place and my experience was very good.

  • 4.5
    Namrata Chauhan

    loved this place for just two reasons amazing food and drinks.....
    the place is quite decent if its not over crowded with respect to ambiance... the staff were nice and friendly... yeah its little over priced

  • 4.5
    Kanwal Jeet

    Behind the gateway... In between the famous site.. The colaba cauz way... Serve good food... The old rusty feel to it is good... Good place to have bear with some hot chicken wingss.... Enjoyed.... Happening place to be

  • 4.5
    Robin M

    Delicious food , ambience is good and unique ..feels you are in Bombay not Mumbai...Descent rates compared to the locality and the crowd that walks in this place....Must visit for a mumbaikar

  • 4.5
    Rajdeep Mukherjee

    Just visited this place a day ago for the first time. I had heard a lot about this famous cafe before and i would say it totally stood up to my expectations. It has a got nice historical ambience and is always hustling and bustling with both indians and foreigners. Most people come here to drink bug their food is equally famous. I had ordered their chiken straugnoff which was a complete diah constituting of flavoured rice and a chicken gravy with mushrooms. It had costed me 570. The price seems to be a bight high compared to other places, but it was top notch in taste and quality. A good place to try to have a nice experience of pop culture, continental food and mumbai history all at once, but with a small hole in your pocket. Enjoy...

  • 4.5
    Neeraj Kolge

    Well, a legendary place!
    Located on colaba causeway, a must visit place for all foodies. .
    Love the ambience, the sea food, falana.
    My favs
    Prawn pepper fry: 8/10
    Draught Beer
    \Lemon with Mint/

  • 4.5
    Jaydeep Godbole

    This place is here since 1871... awesome old atmosphere, lots of young crowd, chilled beer in hot bombay... the combination is just too good.
    Must visit...

  • 4.5
    Azharul Karim

    Among my favourite places in Mumbai! What a place to hangout with friends. The ambience, the history and the nostalgia (if you go there often)!!! Just to sit in one of the tables is a thrill each and every time. Beef Chilly Dry, Steamed Rice with Chicken/Beef/Prawns and Grilled Beef in Pepper Sauce are my favourite. Coming to Mumbai and not eating/drinking at this place is a crime.

  • 4.5

    Been there this Saturday. Though there was waiting time without an ac...yet this place is worth your every penny and minute. Awesome crowd, alive ambience, chilled beer and talks. What else do you want.
    I just loved the experience.

  • 4.5

    Visited this place second time but first time with her. Place is awesome as is well known. The food is tasty and generous in serving. Loved it.

  • 4.5

    Who complains about this place not having AC? Get a life! Feel the place. It's rustic and raw. You can just be and enjoy loud chatter with friends over beer. The food is fresh, well most of the time. Whenever I visit Mumbai I always eat here. I wish Delhi had a place as this. Try the butter prawns. The beef steak, however, is not quite the same every time. Some days it's flavourful and juicy, other days it tastes like it's been made without care. This place has no hangups. It's down to earth. If that interests you, then you belong to Leopold. Cheers!

  • 4.5
    Himadri Gulalia

    Whattaplace! You gotta eat here !
    Perfect place to chill with a gang of friends!
    They are like always full . but don't lose hope. Their food is definetly worth it!
    Great menu. Appetizers n a pitcher of beer n ur good to go! :)
    Great music and even though its noisy, it has a charm of its own .
    Its one of those legendary places that you hear about and it deserves that reputation every bit.
    Great and quick service.

  • 4.5
    Piyush Nigam

    Famous place with gud ambiance. Theme based bar is a must visit place. Enjoyment is more for couples, friends get-to-gether. Will surely visit again.

  • 4.5

    It's a pretty popular cafe in Colaba causeway. It was jam packed when we went and luckily enough we got a seat upstairs.
    The ambience is like a retro bar which is pretty awesome. The service is quick. We ordered salt and pepper chicken, veg Hakka noodles, chilli paneer, cold coffee and Coke float. The food is delicious and the quantity is huge. You will probably end up over ordering. (We did) but it's a great place to chill and with good food, there's nothing left to complain about.

  • 4
    Jaimin Rajani

    One of the legendary eateries of Bombay, a great breakfast place, this place serves supremely delectable Blueberry and Strawberry Cheesecakes that make for a sinful treat.


  • 4
    Samarth Bhatia

    Rated   A few years back while living in New Bombay (Navi Mumbai), work used to take me at times to South Bombay.
    Catching a cab from CST station to Colaba and travelling along the paved Bombay roads in the Fiat 1100s was quite an experience. Even though I was living in the city (or not, from the point of view of real Mumbaikars :P), I used to feel like a tourist.

    And Leapold's was always an extension to this experience. The paver tiles on the roads would lead one to history at every corner. And after reaching Colaba, it was nice to just walk around - maybe go to the Gateway, and then walk back. Leopold's would usually be my choice for refreshments.

    Some fresh draught beer and a bit of the dry beef, maybe a quick chicken club sandwich - and I'd feel pretty refreshed.
    While taking it all in, the bullet marks on the mirrors, furniture etc from the terrorist attacks of 26/11 would always depress me.

    I had read Shantaram a few years back, and was excited at my first visit to Leopold's.

    The service is decent, the place usually gets pretty crowded during the evenings, but I find it well managed.
    Ambience gets a 5/5
    Food a 3.5/5
    Service 4/5

    Overall a healthy 4/5

  • 4
    Siddhant Hota

    Rated   Leopold Cafe! Famous for various reasons.
    Well, this place too has a few things good and bad.

    Let me say something about the staff and the manager. They are usually very polite and are ready to accommodate you in ASAP. As this place is usually crowded, finding a place is a bit difficult yet manager and the staff will make sure that you find a place at the earliest.

    Beef chilly Dry! One of the best things that you can have here. Chicken chilly is amazing too. Although Leopold is not the place where I go to eat anything but, I am sure most of the things I have looked being served, they looked good.
    Try their Red Pepper Chicken as well which was simply brilliant!
    Pot rice with chicken was good as well though quantity was not too much.

    Order for a pitcher and enjoy the chicken and beef dishes here.

    Price is on the higher side. Yes, this place is a bit expensive and may be that is why you won't find too much of college going kids, which of course is good.

    Overall, the experience has been good always!
    I would recommend it to any person who visits colaba.

  • 4
    Karan Khatal-Patil

    Legendary !!! Truely. Thats the best description. Located in colaba its a place buzzing place. Right next to a buzy street yet the traffic does not seem to bother you. Great place to be with friends. Very economical by mumbai standards. I love the pastas here !! Must try and dont forget to get your beer tower !!! :-)

  • 4
    Vicky Jain

    Food is awsome over here, you will have to wait for atleast 15-20mins to get a place, full with foreign crowd. one of the best place to be in SOBO.

  • 4
    Saya Lee MJ

    Its been a long time i had been here. Though it was a day to remember ;) We tried chicken pasta n a fried rice. Its bit expensive but worth spending for. After all its a must-to-visit place in Mumbai <3

  • 4
    Pratyush 'Hank Moody'

    Best Suited For: If you are a visiting Mumbai for first time and you love beer and meat...Go for it...!!..

    Ambience: 3.5/5.0
    Food: 3.5/5.0
    Pricing: 3.5/5.0
    Service: 3.5/5.0

    This place is a living example of how restaurants with History, do not try to renovate itself.

    It is undoubtedly an awesome place to have a beer, but when will it change itself, i doubt big time.

    I have gone there only when someone new is coming to Mumbai, i wish they would start thinking about the regular crowds, and bring the long due change.

    I must say the grill here is awesome, and a must try..Go for History...!!..

  • 4
    Kapil Hede

    I shoudlnt say this but i think the best thing that happened to this place was the fame from the terror attacks.
    It used to be a very cool .. hippie kind of place , now seems more commercial.
    The place has 2 floors, I was with my gf and chose to sit upstairs.

    We ordered beef chilly fry and some roast chicken.

    That was probably the best beef chilly fry i have had in mumbai , good quality meat , well marinaded and great flavour from the green chillies , onions and bell peppers.

    The roast chicken was good but not WOW like the beef. Washed the food down with a beer.

    I toatally recommend this place at least one, especially if you are travelling into India , you are likeley to meet lots of travellers here.

  • 4

    Always wanted to visit this place.....good food ordered for spicy ginger chicken which tasted really good and the penne with pesto cream sauce and chicken tasted a little bland bt overall good....little over priced though...great place to hangout with friends in bar if u wanna have beer. Casual ambience and bar above is nice and cozy and the service staff is friendly and fast and quick service is provided...highly recommended.

  • 4
    Prathamésh Pagédar

    It deserves a 4 since it's legendary and serves fantastic continental and beef dishes. The environment is old school yet modern. Besides the more than sufficient food quantity justifies the slightly overpriced menu.
    However there is a lot of miss management on the upper pub floor and it could do with some maintenance or renovation.

  • 4
    Anshu Thakur

    An oft visited place..and a must check in from our way back to Marine Drive. The only catch- a long beeline of people waiting to get seats to this classic café- which occupies an integral position in the city’s history & contemporariness!

    Most of the times, we order burgers/ pasta, steak & beer pitchers. It was on my last visit, that I ordered their fruit wine cocktails, and a must say, I wasn’t disappointed!

    The service is great, and the ambience, well, rightly justifies its ‘Mumbai-iteness’! You will find me in the waiting queue again soon enough ☺

    Food: 4.5/5
    Drinks: 5/5
    Ambience: 5/5
    Service: 5/5
    Crowd: 4/5
    Value for money: 4/5
    Overall: 4.5/5

  • 4
    Sandeep John Mathew

    Cafe Leopold is tagged as a "legendary" place on Zomato, and there truly is no other way to describe this one. Not only is the ambience lively, food great, drought beer served in towers, but the place actually has history going back to a fateful night in Bombay as well.
    It's places like these that make the trip from the suburbs to town completely worth it. Of course, it took us 2 hours each way, and was pretty much the only activity an entire Saturday was dedicated to, but still feel worth the experience one can have in what classic old Bombay has to offer.
    Coming to the entrees, the beef chilly and dragon chicken ticked all the check marks, and were also so filling, that we couldn't order anything else. But absolutely the best type of started you like to have with your beer - spicy, delicious and very filling!

  • 4
    Komal Dhameja

    The lower section was quite crowded and noisy.. V did seat in d upper section.. It was amazing.. With perfect ambience nd good music.. ! Food was great.. !

  • 4
    Vaneeta Purohit

    If you havent already. Thats all I would say!

    Go experience it for yourself, for breakfast, for dinner, for beer, for catching up with friends....

  • 4
    Somya Tuteja

    The mousse cake on display brought me here, as a tourist i didnt know this place was so famous. two floored place, with the top floor being the bar. We just the mousse cake and sat infront of the entrance as didnt get the seat even after waiting for 10 mins. The mousse cake was delicious and made us go yum! i would love to taste it again.

  • 4
    Vignesh Santhosh Prabhu

    Good location, easy to find and surprisingly very good food for a Bar/Pub. Anyone who visits should try out the chilli beef - which was delicious and the quantity was very good. Fast and efficient service. There are also bullet marks left over from the terrorist attack which took place in 2008. This should be a must visit place for anyone going to Mumbai.

  • 4
    Suraj Sukhramani

    If you are in Mumbai and you drink and havent been to Leopold then you have missed many things, this place is epic and must visit for everyone who enjoys food and Beer. Looks little ancient with different fan and huge wallclock , Great servers with typical english and chinese food not to miss about Italian. This place has everything in their own 70s style which looks exquisite.

  • 4
    Amit Rastogi

    Leo's as its more popularly renounced, is frequented by foreigners and travellers, apart from its big brother cafe mondegar right across colaba causeway.
    The outlet, unfortunately had to bear the brunt of the forlorn and infelicitious 26/11 attacks. The spirit though is up as ever and is equally portrayed by the buzz that the place radiates.

    Though nothing great to boast of, the Beer towers and pizza servings are palatable

    Music is a plus point, especially at the Bar atop. Despite the slow service, the place is a great get-together sorta location.

  • 4
    Anshay Jain

    One of the best place to hang out with friends. I had ordered a pitcher, two starters and a dessert. The bill was around 1.5K. Every dish was up to the mark and moderate to afford. The ambience is good if you sit upstairs wherein a DJ constantly plays good music and you get to see western crowd sipping on drinks.

  • 4
    Pratik Datta Gaikwad

    Though my first review,but I knw what words to put for the experience in there,it like a place with lots of stories,laughs n gossips cooking along with the food.Great place to hangout with friends and chillout during summers.Also menu doesn't strain much on the pocket.Altogether a pleasant experience.

  • 4
    Parteek Makkar

    Price- Expensive
    Food- Great, Yes they got delicious food, expensive though but there chicken burger, paneer tikka is mouth watering.
    Ambience- Always filled with foreigners, So crowd is nice. It has a cafe look downstair as it is cafe only. Upstairs they have bar but they dont allow stag there.
    A must go for everybody !

  • 4
    Arunoday The Glutton

    Have been visiting it since childhood. It sure is Over-crowded at all times. I've had it all the burgers, biryani, pastas, fresh juices, coffee. A very eclectic palate of cuisine to satiate your hunger! Also, the Eiffel Tower beer that is served in a tower-like container is amusing. Right from the pitchers to alcohol towers, this place is sure to remind you why its the oldest and the one most hyped about ;)

  • 4
    Vandhana Ashok

    The place is good for few drinks with friends. I absolutely love the upper floor ambiance . Good old music. The food is a totally different story. The portions are quite large, which is good. They are absolutely delightful.
    chicken pepper steak + beer = yummm :) Also liked the chicken stroganoff.
    But the prices are on the higher side.
    A must try in mumbai :)

  • 4
    Mihir Jain

    Situated on the Colaba Causeway, it is one of the oldest cafes in the town and still has bullet marks of the 26/11 attack.
    We sat upstairs in the Bar. The ambiance was amazing. It was crowded and nice.
    We had a Veg Haka Noodles which was nice.
    Though its expensive, its worth a visit.

  • 4
    Saumil Madgavkar

    A Cafe which is at The Heart of The Colaba Causeway and which is ought to be visited at least once! The prices are a bit high but the Food and the Drinks are way too good. Just a bit crowded though but it is fun having your food sitting in between so many foreigners!

  • 4
    Christina Peter

    This place is a must go when you are in Mumbai. It became sort of a landmark after the Taj Attack. In fact thy have a bullet that has now been sort of framed and people always remember that about this place. Its a nice place to just hang out and have a chilled beer and some finger food but it is mostly just for the experience. Its always crowded yet worth the wait.

    Nice place and yeah it should be a part of a traveler's list for sure !

  • 4
    Akaash Gokarn

    Rated   This place is the GOD of Cafe cum Bar !! No wonder its surviving since 1871 and is getting more and more popular !! It has always been a hang out joint for people of all ages & any time of the year frequented by foreigners. Well, I guess the popularity amongst them is because its enlisted in the Lonely Planet Guide book plus many other tourist guide books.

    Undoubtedly beer is a MUST out here ...nothing much to mention about it apart from the fact that beer is served in these Long tubes with taps at the bottom. The best to try out here in food is the Continental- Italian, & Chinese.

    I have had Indian cuisine which is Strictly average. The Tikkas were pretty ordinary taste wise and so I would suggest everyone to stick to Continental and Chinese (almost anything in these two cuisines are worth a try).

    The only grouse for me is that the place can get too cramped up and it's a never ending flood of foreigners moving in almost all the time (even on weekdays). So one can imagine the popularity its basking in !! I am waiting for my next beer guzzling session with old mates & which other place in town can be better than than Leopold.

  • 4
    Manshul Nagpal

    Leopoldo Cafe doesn't need anyone's introduction - the place is iconic, legendary and has a huge fan following of its own! & after eating at this place-I could just say..it was all worth it! 👍
    The place is also known for its overcrowded tables, tourists favourite destination, backpackers, college students and enough white/blue collared people - it's a place for everyone! A chilled beer/breezer in the hot and humid weather of Aamchi Mumbai is a relief! The upstairs has a low ceiling, dimmer light and more importantly- an air conditioned place. Most of the things on the menu are good but the Italian comes highly recommended! 👍😊

  • 4
    Srija Choudhury

    Chinese and continental dishes are best served here and not to forget the awesome dessert ! They served this orgasmic blueberry cheesecake which was so heavy .. even when shared !

  • 4
    Rishab Maheshwari

    Leo pold is a name which has its own fame. There are no much words to describe it in a review, people know what is leo pold. Out at the colaba one of the oldest cafe in aamchi mumbai with that shady conjusted old decor making it even more fascinating. This is certainly a place one should and must visit when you visit mumbai. Its a heritage of mumbai just like the taj and the gateway of india, a place of mumbai's history. Gaining even more popularity after 26/11 attack. If you are in mumbai and never been here you have missed something.

  • 4
    Ayush Arora

    So I've been to this a countless number of times,
    Either to take my friends from abroad or just generally to chill.
    Indian food is really good out here,
    Can't say the same about chinese which is actually pretty sub-standard.
    It's basically a beer bar ,the upstairs pub has a very relaxed atmosphere and the bartenders are also very friendly.
    Needless to say that it has one of the best locations for a restaurant,bang on Colaba Causeway.

  • 4

    When in Mumbai one must visit Leopold Cafe at Colaba. It's great place to Socialise mostly you will find Foreign visitors in every Colaba restaurants. But food tastes well.

  • 4
    Ananya Pandey

    This is one legendary place with right reasons to be listed amongst there. The only thing you have suffer with is long waiting queues before even getting in specially when weekends are on. Rest there chilli chicken quality is great. I absolutely loved the pomfret fish grilled with just the right spices. One place you should definately give a try to.

  • 4
    Mawii C

    Leopold's is the coolest place to hang out.
    The only difficulty lies in getting a place.
    Its jam packed and as anyone who has ever lived in Bombay knows, all the spill overs trot off to Mondy's!

  • 4
    Pritha Majumdar

    Both Mondegar and Leopold on causeway are cult institutions in themselves with a very loyal fan base..people go here for the vibe and the chilled out atmosphere that gives you the feel of the city !

  • 4
    Prashant Uttekar

    Guess this place has an emotional connect with everyone who has visited this cafe atleast once. Don't know if it is #Shantaram or #tower or cosy seating #colaba or simply the food the place has its own charm #Mustvisitinmumbai

  • 4
    Siddharth Upponi

    Situated perfectly at Colaba Causeway. The place is to sit with your friends after 7 and enjoy few drinks... I liked their Beef Burger. I would rate it one of the best in Mumbai. We don't need to rate the price for drinks at Leo as it's very reasonable.

  • 4
    Nirav Bhalodia

    Awsm food..................yummmm.................good music.........foreign crowd..................good time.....................!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4

    Another place like mondegar, has brilliant atmosphere and is usually crowded. Good food and drinks. Just located near mondegar and can be easily located.

  • 4
    ETizen 101

    Leopold Cafe, Colaba, Mumbai, India - Ambiance 3.5*, Food 3.5*, Service 4.5*, Value for Money 5.0* - This small cafe in Colaba (Near Gateway of India), Mumbai has founded in 1871 and now serves all sorts cuisines like, Indian, Western, Chinese, South American etc. They are open early for breakfast and serve good variety of omelets and milkshakes (service with a smile). It is now also famous as a site of gunfire during the 2008 Mumbai attacks by terrorists. Owned by the Jahani brothers, the brothers are fun to interact with. Do visit.

  • 4

    What's good?
    The place has character, a heritage, and a casual setting that few places offer and is good. The beer towers, the butter pepper garlic prawns, the chilli garlic toast make me want to go to this place every-time I'm in Mumbai
    What's not so good?
    The waiting time and the service (repeated calls to the servers might go unnoticed).

  • 4
    Omkar Mishra

    Great place to hang out with Friends..The Food is worth it's quantity..Not as delicious as you would like though..The Best thing for me?? The Beer Pitcher..Order them and have a nice chat marathon with Friends

  • 4
    Deepankar Joshi

    A little over hyped and a little over crowded thats what my experience has been here at leopold's....... Other than that the food is good but drinks are too costly esp the cocktails which at that arent all that great too boot!!

  • 4

    I mean seriously, who doesn't know of Leopold Cafe. Went there in the evening with a bunch of friends. Spotted lot of foreign nationals and that is when I was shown the bullet marks on the walls. The place actually has an unusually high energy level; it's buzzing all along. Beer pitchers, tasty snacks and a fun filled evening, what else can one ask for. Do try the mushrooms and fried potatoes, they are sumptuous. All in all a good evening spent with friends.

    Ambiance: 8.5/10
    Service: 7/10 (can be improved)
    Wallet Factor: 8/10 (reasonable)

    Overall: 8/10 - Must visit once, if you have not

  • 4

    Many visits to this place, yet vying for more.
    The beer towers do create a viewing experience on sat nights.
    But for non-drinkers the food as its own charms. For the newbie the dim lighting especially on the 1st floor may be off a little. But once you get used, nothing like it.
    The beef pot rice is an absolute must, if you can have it.
    The starters are a delight chicken wings are my favourite.
    I also like the continental food stuff they got.
    Sure shot place to not get disappointed.
    And yes the best way to enjoy is to go with a group not alone or as a couple. For those there are better place with more privacy. This is a place truly reflective of the adulation it deserves reflecting Mumbai's cosmopolitan background each time you have a look.

  • 4
    Ashim Dutta

    Rated   I happened to visit this place for dinner when i was visiting my friend in Mumbai. First time you go to this place obviously for its name and its history.
    Its a small cozy place in Colaba, not very big. Mostly crowded throughout the day. We sat upstairs in the AC area though.
    Coming to the food, it serves some really good continental and western food. We had the chicken and beef burgers which were very very good. I was so impressed by the menu that i decided to visit the place again after a day for lunch this time. Then we had the roast chicken with barbecue sauce , another chicken dish with lemon grass, and their famous pasta. All of them were fabulous. 
    We also tried their deserts. Although the red velvet cake was a bit dry, the blueberry cheesecake and the chocolate  truffle pastry were excellent.
    Drinks , i just had beer, and it was standard, no frills there.
    The place is a bit pricey, and you do end up spending more , also because of the food. But i felt it was worth it. The staff was not very hospitable although not rude too, a tad indifferent perhaps. 
    For anyone coming to Mumbai for the first time, this place is definitely a must visit. The food is good and the nostalgia is great.
    Looking forward to visit this place a third time.

  • 4
    Aishwarya Kamath

    Leopold Cafe & Bar one of the oldest Cafe and Bar at Colaba Causeway. Whenever I come to this place along with my friends I ensure to have Chocolate Nugut pastry which I love the most. Service & ambience is also good. Best place to hangout with friends...

  • 4

    This is one of the oldest cafes in Mumbai. It is located in Colaba, which is visited by numerous tourists and foreigners..Hence you would find this place filled with tourists...I have been to this place only once and has ordered their Leopold Special Veg Pasta, which was decent enough..I might have to try and visit the place again to explore more..

  • 4
    Prakriti Sharma

    I end up having a great time whenever I go to Leo's.No matter how many cafes,restaurants opens up at colaba causeway,Leopold's is going to remain the highlight.
    My favourite's at Leo's are Barbecue Chicken,Fish Fingers,Chicken Wings and Fried Rice.As long as you have a beer to go with everything you plan to eat,don't worry about what to order.
    The owners are warm and make sure that the service standards don't fall.This place truly lives up to it's tag line: "Cafe Leopold : Getting better with age." Cheers!

  • 4
    Anshul K

    I may sound partial as I like this place alot. There beers are pretty decent priced and food specially starters are pretty tasty. Location is superb and enough space inside although seating arrangement is little crampy. On the first floor its less crowded and music is good. Downstairs due to crowd music is barely audible. This place is not for clubbing or hosting party for me. It's just to chill out eat a little drink a little and have fun. Staff is OK and crowd is good. Pretty famous place for foreigners due to its location.

  • 4
    Akash Crackberry

    Rated   Me and a group of friends attended a Redbull concert in Richardson & Cruddas which ended late and it also started raining so we somehow managed to get a taxi and headed straight to the the legendary leopold!!

    As suggested by Zomato i ordered Leopold special chicken pasta and it was duh-li-cious!!! the chicken was fresh and juicy the pasta was well cooked and the sauces went well with the generous amounts of black Olives!!

    Second dish to come up was paneer chilly which was great too!! The lengthy peices of paneer were tender enough and well soused into the sauce!!!

    Third dish was chicken peking fried rice!!

    i ordered it keeping in mind that its one of the specialities of the 5Spice Restaurant chains so just to compare how well leo fares but i was shocked....coz the peking rice of leopold cafe tasted sooo much better than the one at 5Spice chains!!

    The tanginess of the gravy and the hotness of chillies went so well with wach other and the varying textures of rice and noodles used in the peking rice!! a must try dish!!

    the presentation of all the dishes was quite pleasing!!

    Nonetheless all of this went down with 2 Pitchers of kingfisher's!! ;)

    it was a good experience with rains outside... sitting in a dimly lit cafe with people from various age groups sipping down their liquors with some hot food and laughters, stories, beers n cheers all around!!

    Soon wanna go back and try some of the other yummy looking dishes!!

  • 4
    Foodie... Doodie...

    We have been here several times.. one of the oldest and most popular. I like the ambiance and the music..
    I luv the cakes.. taste is good.
    It is crowded most of the time.. but still one place u can never miss.

  • 4

    If it's late night and you need a spot to go party this is the right place to be.

    Open till around 1 pm on the weekend head straight up to the AC section if you want to listen to loud music. Wanna tap your foot ask for a table near the bar if lucky you get one.

    They have a beer pitcher which would be one of the best option to order here. French fries with panner tikka is a good starter option for vegetarian to be accompanied with the drink.

    A great place and crowd is what you are looking to be in with this is the place you need to head to

  • 4
    Chandni Gupta

    Legendary place of course! Nice food and beer! For people who don't mind sitting in the humid and non ac environment! Everyone should go here at least once! Chinese is a must try!

  • 4
    Moomal Manglani

    Ambience is amazing. Desserts are worth tasting. :) I really like the way the Café is furnished and the service is also really good. Worth visiting.

  • 4
    Ishani Sharma

    If you're in Bombay, you've to be here once at least, just to experience it!! The place is lively and full of spirit!!! The food is excellent, the service is quick. And this cafe is always crowded. The only drawback is that the tables have to be shared with others once in a while!! A great place to go out for a drink with a group of people!!! Not too expensive either.

  • 4

    Food is awesome!!! Happening crowd...service is very good...just one complaint....it's slightly highly priced...but overall definitely worth visiting withfamily and friends...u get a complete feeling of Mumbai...

  • 4

    Im a Puneiet and had read a lot about Leopold. Decided to visit Mumbai and spare time from my schedule mainly to visit this place!

    Reached around 2pm and found the place to be packed
    Guy at the entrance was taking down names and i realized will have to wait
    Anyways...that was not a long one cause i was given the option to wait or take a table in the upper section at the bar area and i just walked right up.
    Had beer and chicken tikka
    Service was just nice and the guys were pretty quick and smart in either providing tips to select or in attending to a query
    It was a lively environment - good music and all around one could spot a happy crowd
    Plan to go again...

  • 4
    Nayanshree Mall

    Super crowded specially on sundays! But its worth the wait. My one of the favourite places in south mumbai...so relaxing and a great place to hang out with group of friends. Its at a walkable distance from gateway of India.

  • 4
    Rupa Iyer - Thefoodienion

    Don't go ga ga about the food, booze or the service etc. Just feel the raw energy in this place, you will feel Mumbai in its true element here more than anywhere else, the people, zing in the air, the atmosphere, that what this is all about, simply order a plate of nachos with cheese dip or a burger if your really hungry, sip on a pint of beer, have a liitle chat with your friends and you will not regret this place, its more of a heritage spot than a swanky hang out, this place has seen everything, the attacks, the bad days the good days and is still standing proud....this is not just another hang out this place is a classic.


  • 4

    Its a NON-VEG delight ! This is like the hangout spot for the crowd in Colaba. If your not standing to get in a line probably your at the wrong joint. When in Colaba this place is a must visit. The prices here are crazily affordable. Place to hang out with a gang or solo, be here and be a part of the hustle bustle. Oh and donot leave without trying the deserts.

  • 4
    Rahul Ram

    This place was a must visit during my Mumbai sojourn. Always wanted to go there and finally made it. The moment you enter you get that feeling of being at a very special place, thanks to all the history attached to it, its glorification by the hippie culture and the brunt of the 26/11 attacks evident form the bullet stricken walls.
    The ambiance was top notch, for fan of classics like me, the walls with posters of Hendricks, Marley and the rolling stones etc. made me feel of being at home. And when you have a special company to share your beer and the bowl of pasta, the specialness just gets better.
    The food and drinks were nothing special, but the charm about Leopold is the people and the stories and that definitely is worth exploring. So four stars to all the history and the fantastic ambiance, the food could have been better.

  • 4

    Service is good but food is more for English pallette. An iconic place, nice decor and casual seating.
    The old world mixes with new.
    Old favourite.

  • 4
    Aanchal Jumani

    Love the food and the ambience, gives me a total Bambaiya feeling as it is located in town. Their ice creams (especially fresh fruit mango), garlic bread with cheese and their beer tankees are awesome. Must go here when in the bay!

  • 4
    Kamal Saigal

    What an ambience! Felt like a cultural crossroad where all nationalities could be seated around you. The cafe often clubs different groups of people on the same table to save space as it's almost always packed. Average food and decent service but the experience is top notch.

  • 4
    Zeeshan Siddiqui

    I love this place because of the ambience and crowd it serves. Amazing place, you always feel charged up after going there. A bit expensive but still an amazing and must visit place.

  • 4
    Karan Sehgal

    A place that needs no introduction. Iconic, simple and well, effective. Get your fix of a Sunday afternoon beer and brunch, filled with Beef chilli, prawn curry rice, the Chicken stroganoff and yes, more beer. Quick service, good hot food and a chance to soak in the history of Bombay.

    Look around you and you'll see eager tourists, weary backpackers, college folk and enough white collar people looking to drown their long day away. 

    The upstairs has a low ceiling and dimmer light. Only a good idea if the place is packed on a weekend. Houses a DJ inside and is very unlike the Leo's down below.

  • 4
    Anu Kuncheria

    Lovely place.. Good ambience, lively place..

    Service by sundar was really good.. Had magnolia chicken n tikka .. Soft tender chicken with sidings.

  • 4
    Ryan Rodricks

    A nice place to visit on a cool day or if you need to cool down. The place was a lil crowded and the tables too close. Loud people and firangis swamp the place. If you want to get into the AC then you better take your wife, gf or you neighbor's wife, but not all together.

    But the food! OMG it just blew my mind. It was super duper awesome. Highly recommend the mangolian chicken and stir fry chicken. It was super duper best thing to be eating there. I'm going to visit again.

    The beer tower was fun to finish too! One place where every table has beer, even at 4 in the evening!

    First impressions can be deceptive but the food changed my mind. I wanna go thr when the crowds a lil less.

    A lil pricey but worth the money! Had fun, thank you!

  • 4
    Mäyurikä Sarkar

    Finally i get to be here.. This place deserves no introduction.. The buffalo steak was delicious., and got to have kings beer which complemented the steak in all terms.. Loved the place

  • 4
    Debolina Biswas

    Ordered a coke float, an iced tea, a red velvet cake and a devil mousse. Great service and awesome cakes. Everyone attacked the devil mousse so couldn't put up the photo.... Yes it was as delicious as it looked :D Would love to come back.

  • 4
    Pratik Verma

    Great ambiance, great place to get some drinks! A very popular bar, it is, but it aint as ecstatic as i heard about.
    Food here could drill a hole in your pocket.

    Food- 4
    Ambiance- 4
    Service- 4.5

  • 4
    Aditya Bhat

    Touristy place.

    The ambiance mostly makes up for everything that the place lacks. Very crowded, and almost impossible to find a table without having to wait for 20-30 minutes on weekends, sometimes over an hour.

    The book Shantaram has definitely done a lot to drive in traffic to this place, and you almost always spot a lot of foreigners in the seating area hogging most of the attention from the waiters here.

  • 4
    Sahil Bidani

    cheap n good ..
    try ice tea n cold coffee u ll love it for sure ..
    n drought beer is out of the world ..:P
    Food is good too ...
    u can even see the gun shots on the wall dey are more of tourist attraction ...

  • 4
    Komya Chugh

    A Perfect Stressbuster!
    After a week long's hectic schedule, i just love spending a friday or a saturday evening at Leopold. Good Food. Awesome Menu and a Great Atmosphere. I love their fish and chips. If going in a group, best is to order a beer pitcher.

  • 4
    Sri Raam

    The all famous Leopold! The cafe with a history, the bullet holes provide you the reminiscence of the past.

    The place was thronged with people. The place was small but spacious enough to accommodate over 50 people. The crowd was pleasing. It was a part of the cafe's culture. The food, mouth watering. The steak, I was worried that I had forgotten to mention how the beef must be made, they brought a medium to well done one, which to me was a wonderful delite. Unfortunately I was there on a dry day. But the other drinks were something I would kill for. The next time I am in Mumbai, I will plan to visit this place again what so ever.

  • 4
    Chinmay Palekar

    You can't not love the ever busy ambience of Cafe Leopold - the forever occupied tables (on many of which you will see large beer towers :) )

    It's a great place to be at on a cool evening or even on a hot summer afternoon!

    Beware while ordering, the quantities are quite huge and usually, it takes two to finish an order of appetizer!

    The Garlic Bread with cheese is among the better appetisers you can have here, as are the Chilly Chicken (and they take the Chilly VERY seriously) and other appetisers!

  • 4
    Renjith P George

    Leopold is there since 1871. So, there is nothing much to explain about this place. Its a great place for some drought/pitcher/tower beer followed by some nice starters and awesome food.We were three on the table, where the orders were one beef steak, fish and chips and barbique chicken with friedrice. The only food which wasnt up to the mark was the friedrice with chicken.
    Definitely must visit if you are in colaba.

    PS: never forget to check out the cake section here.

  • 4
    Richa & Anubhav

    Rated   What can I say about one of the most historic cafe in Mumbai. The name needs no special mention. Anyone who has read Shantaram or knows about 26/11(which is all Indians) know this place.
    This is an inviting place and is brimming with people any time of the day. That is what pretty much sums up the ambience- cool, happy, fun.The Non AC section on ground floor gives cool casual look, the 1st floor has the pub kinda feel. No matter where you sit, you will enjoy here- the conversations, the happiness in atmosphere, the food and drinks you order and the fun you will have altogether at Leopolds.
    I have come here countless times and still continue to be a faithful patron who can visit on any occasion.

    What I have eaten here is almost everything- right from french fries to chicken biryani to chilli cheese toast to fish n chips to pizza, arabiatta pasta and what not. And I am not exaggerating when I say that each and everything is yummy.
    I love the Long island iced tea here in drinks. Also the beer draught is a must order when you are here to chill out with frineds. On some occasions, I have also tried the cold coffee- the best I ever had. Hands down beats the Costas and Starbucks of the world.


  • 4
    Vrigu Mohanty

    Superb old school ambiance. Go there for the booze. The food is slightly paler, quite understandable taking into account the target audience. Tandoor items are just okay. Chicken Roast was good. So were crispy potatoes. Make sure to grab a couple of souvenirs. Should be on the checklist of everyone who ever visits Mumbai.

  • 4
    Pashang Engineer

    This place is amazing when it comes to taste with food.Although slightly expensive the Chinese food in this place is as good as the good Chinese restaurants in Mumbai and has good quantity of food in their dishes.Try their golden fried prawns and chicken in oyster sauce. Their chicken wantons are delicious with a superb schezwan garlic sauce with it.Their desserts are not very famous but are moderate . Don't go for their beer or any alcoholic drinks, if you want to drink then go to cheaper place, why waste money.

  • 4
    Manali Pathare

    A wide range of variety for food. Alcohol at cheap rates as well.
    Ambience is very next door-ly. Makes you feel comfortable.
    Staff is friendly.
    Service is great.
    All in all worth a visit.

  • 4
    Rishikesh Ghag

    Add experience to your life. A bit expensive but its worth. This place has something more than food and drinks, thats a diffrent feeling of such historic place. Towers of beer along with kababs is best option @ leopold. Beer rs 350, pitcher rs 700, tower 1400. Tandoors n kabab in range of 300- 500
    Overall its a nice place to visit.
    Leopold... Getting better with age.

  • 4
    Hitesh Bhatia

    Rated   One of the reasons to keep coming back to Leo's is due to the Nostalgia. Having grown up in South Mumbai this has been a regular watering hole for us. So when we were looking for a quick beer and an interesting place to hang out in, we struck Gold with Leo's. The trick to get over the waiting is to catch the guy, smile and wave at him and say a few words in Parsi and bang your top on priority. Trust me, always works. (Hope the Leo's guys don't ban me next time). The beer has and is always good, though I think their tap needs some improvement. I normally order by the mug as the pitcher tends to get warm lying there all along. We ordered Hakka Fish and a Sandwich to go with the beer. The sandwich was just perfect, crispy, juicy, well stuffed and served with fries on the side. The portion size of the Hakka Fish was huge and we loved it from the 1st bite. Though we weren't able to finish the fish we tried to wipe of as much as we could. Unfortunately for us we were seated right next to their desert counter and every time a waiter picked up our order we drooled. The choice was either another beer or desert and as always the beer was the winner.
    Go visit Leo's if you are looking for a nice place to hang out and grab a few beers. Conversations are a slight challenge as the tables are to close to each other, but nonetheless the experience is phenomenal.

  • 4
    Nayantara H-K

    It's always a joy to be at Leopold's. The staff, right from the security guard to the waiters, are very courteous & make sure you have a delightful experience. The truly cosmopolitan spirit of the place is evident in that you'll probably find people from every nationality there. Happy people, having a good time.
    We love the draught beer here, mild, and just perfectly chilled. Goes well with their spicy chilly chicken. We also love the peppery steak here. Wish they could ask for how we'd like it cooked - rare, well done etc. The portions are so huge, never leaves us room for dessert. But someday I will try that too. Prices are a little high but I don't mind paying the premium for a place so full of history and old world charm.
    Go here for the ambience & cool beer on a hot, sunny day!

  • 4

    Im a Puneiet and had read a lot about Leopold. Decided to visit Mumbai and spare time from my schedule mainly to visit this place!

    Reached around 2pm and found the place to be packed
    Guy at the entrance was taking down names and i realized will have to wait
    Anyways...that was not a long one cause i was given the option to wait or take a table in the upper section at the bar area and i just walked right up.
    Had beer and chicken tikka
    Service was just nice and the guys were pretty quick and smart in either providing tips to select or in attending to a query
    It was a lively environment - good music and all around one could spot a happy crowd
    Plan to go again...

  • 4
    Diptanshu Jaiswal

    Old is gold. Very popular place and you need to wait to get a table. Drinks with snacks are good enough to be revisited. Service is very fast.

    You can see a lot of foreigners and after the terrorist attack it has added to its popularity. We tried black russian which was very soothing drink.

    the crowd is also quite good and you will be able to find all kinds of people here.

  • 4
    Jinesh Jain

    My only visit to Mumbai..and yess i managed to go to leopard for the breakfast.being there was a new of a kind experience..as i went for a breakfast..but place seemed to be a whole new world..the typicall mumbaikar feel was coming..now the food..we ordered bunch of sandwiches..nd i ordered myself a bombay sandwich and amritsari sandwich..amritsari was a good experience as being a north indian..i found that perfect balance in the taste..we also had shakes..and all were good thick and awsome in taste..!!

  • 4
    Nishank Vora

    While this place is famous for beer towers, it also serves some delicious dishes. Definitely try the veg burger and jalapeno cheese poppers. The veg burger is gigantic. A foodie like me, with quite an appetite, skipped lunch and had partial dinner after having eaten the burger around 11am. But its so delicious, you wouldnt mind keeping that taste all day long.

  • 4
    Paromita Saha

    Visited Leopold for the first time after the 26/11 attacks. The bullet marks were reminiscent of the horrible night. But then the activity taking place at each table reminded me of the book Shantaram. There's something about this place which is busy all through the day. A must visit place for its food and the hustle bustle.

  • 4
    Pankhuri Singhal

    Rated   Whenever I strolled down Colaba , I'd get attracted to the signboard for Leopold. Maybe Because of the history it has.
    Leopold receives full marks for location. Definitely the spot to have a go-to with friends since it is full of life and Bubbliness. Though It is divided into two different seating areas still they have tried to squeeze as many tables as they can in the area they have which makes each table very close to the other With warm, golden yellow lighting .It is usually jam packed and noisy with the young crowd and foreigners dancing it up. It took us 30 minutes to get a seat in their.
    The Food - their menu is not very impressive, only a few dishes are good and rest all are average at the best. We ordered chicken Hakka Noodles, Paneer Chilly , Lemon Ice tea and a cold Coffee . The ice tea was great but Cold coffee was nothing unusual ! The Paneer chilly was soft and well-flavored and It was yummy. On a good note, the portion sizes was truly made for 4 People . The quality of the food and the taste, was very nice. The service is friendly and sweet, too; in fact, our server came to ask us twice if we were all right or needed anything.
    For Desert we ordered Tiramisu. Not that Great .
    The food is not very heavy on the pocket though .For 2 Chinese dishes and 2 drinks and a desert , the bill came to be Rs 1500, inclusive of tip and taxes!
    A nice place to try for a tiny slice of Mumbai experience but avoid if you are looking for a peaceful meal and some conversation that can actually be heard!

  • 4
    Shubham Morarka

    Love the ambience and the free spirit. Mumbai nightlife is at its finest at Leopold. Do go there, and just enjoy the music and soak in the city at its vibrant best. The food is mainly bar food, which is fun to eat. All in all, a good experience.

  • 4
    Wheels On Our Feet

    Rated   Leopold Café. Since 1871. Colaba Causeway. Must-see for the traveler in Mumbai. Over-crowded at all times. Hyped. Real.
    Yeah, all of the above runs through your mind as you are showed to your table here and you victoriously grab a chair. For how many can get into Leopold with having to wait outside for that coveted seat? We did and thanked our stars. For, the four of us were famished and could eat the pillars, ceilings, fans by then. The menu card was most eclectic – burgers, biryani, pastas, fresh juices, coffee. Multi cuisine, you say? Eclectic, I emphasize. An eclectic menu for the eclectic faces around me – the two boys at the corner table looked like they were trying to write the screenplay of a movie. Why else would they be looking at the patrons intently and jotting down their notes? And then there were the 2 ladies behind us, who looked like they tore away from a society do to have coffee here. The pretty young girl eating a pastry and sipping coffee with her boyfriend. The bunch of foreigners, wearing salwar kameezes, and trying to absorb all that is India. And of course the four of us, bound by a common love, shopping ;-)

    Leopold Café is all that you would have heard about or read about. The place to be seen in, the place to be ‘four-squared’!! Food is good more or less. But seriously, how many people come here for food? They come here for their I-have-arrived moment.

    So in case you are not dying of hunger, like we were, simply chill, relax, order a drink — Jayant tells me that their Eiffel Tower beer that is served in a tower-like container is amusing. We stuck to mosambi juices though!! And stay engrossed in your animated conversations with your friends. There’s one more thing you could do. Observe the place and try to figure out, Why the hype?

    Read the complete review at -- http://www.wheelsonourfeet.com/2013/07/06/leopold-cafe-in-colaba-causeway-mumbai-hype-reality-both/


  • 4

    Loud music, lots of drinks and plethora of food options. Whatever u hv its gonna b tasty. My fav is the really spicy crispy potatoes / chicken. I don't mind to hv a light lunch out here which mks me feel I m chilling out in Goa...hving omelette and fries :)

  • 4

    Leopold Cafe & Stores Since 1871 Colaba Causeway. A place where I had the first pint of beer in my life. The place where Beer Pitchers were replaced by Beer Towers. Well now I think its quite hyped amongst everyone. I've been visiting here since past 20 years now. Must have gulped 1000's of litters of Beer here. But now I don't get the same feel which I used to here. The place is trying hard but failing to keep up with the Iranian environment. More of suburban Mumbai people now can be seen here. The actual charm has vanished.
    Coming to the food. There's a lot to make choice from and it tastes good too. But now no more it is pocket friendly. The staff has become arrogant from being friendly. One has to wait for normally an hour for getting a table to have food and drinks (Paid).
    Now at times I resist myself from going here and try sitting at the Alps which is just in the lane adjacent.

  • 4
    Nivedita Shinde

    Average ambience,
    great service....
    An excellent place for non veg like Mongolian chicken, starters prawns etc....
    known for Beer...

    if they had a little more variety n a little better ambience, I would give it a 5.0
    But it's good for fast moving people in Mumbai to sit , eat and go... :p

  • 4

    I used to live in Mumbai and had been to this place 2-3 times. This time I was on a trip with my wife and she wanted to be there. It was 15th August, so we could not have any hard drinks, but to beat our thirst, we ordered, Ice tea, which was awesome!! We ordered Mongolian chicken, which the server told us would be different from what we have in general. Again, it was awesome. It was indeed one of the best Mongolian chicken I ever had.

    As far as ambience is concerned, it was not that noisy, maybe because of 15th August being a dry day!! The food and service were as usual awesome!!

  • 4
    Poonam Nikhil Khadilkar

    Rated   Trivia - A little gaze around on the interiors, and you will see, how old this bustling and clearly popular joint is. It opened its gates way back in 1867 and since then, there has been no looking back.

    In fact, Leopold finds its way into the Lonely Planet too, some place that most foreigners associate with, as a "must-go" place in South Mumbai.
    It was in news for the unfortunate 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, and the testimony to this ghastly act, are the bullet shots on the walls, which are still preserved. But like the spirit of Mumbai, Leopold stood undeterred, and was back in business in a couple of days !
    A planned day off yesterday, a drive to south Mumbai and a quench for chilled beers seemed like an excellent plan to beat the mid-week blues. However, driving there seemed like a bad idea, and we were duly punished. Parking is a big challenge here, in working hours!
    As expected, the place was bustling at 3:45pm, and we were lucky to find a sole table.
    Make it quick urged Nikhil. We were famished. A quick scan of the Indian / Italian menu and the Chinese menu, we settled for Indian.
    A bottle of beer, 1 Kheema stuffed Naan, 1 Butter Garlic Naan and a Bucket of Mutton Rogan Josh. Just penning down the food, is making me salivate.
    The service is incredibly quick. One bite into the Kheema Naan, and you know you have hit the bulls eye ! And soak it in the meaty goodness of the Rogan Josh, and I promise you, you will be in heaven. The flavors are absolutely delectable and the meat tender.
    This is a buzzing Cafe, with conversations flowing and mixing...dishes clanking....you are going to literally rub shoulders with the diners on the next table. But who is complaining !
    For an "almost" street cafe, the price is slightly on the higher side, but again its SoBo and its Leopold! And despite anything and everything, once you are here, you are surely going to be part of the Leopold Cult, coming back, again ...and again.
    All of the above cost us 900/-

  • 4
    Prateek Mukherji

    Visited the cafe thrice in two days. Best thing, the breakfast or the time of early lunch. The cafe is not much crowded with ample place to sit. Extensive menu, covering a lot of variety in Indian, Continental and Chinese. Tried their cheese and chicken sandwich, Leopold special pasta, scrambled eggs on toast, french chocolate cake, cold coffee, garlic bread with cheese, caesar salad, they were amazing.

    In the evenings, it gets real crowded and if you dont mind sharing tables with strangers, then you would be accommodated quite easily. Even in that chaos, the way these guys manage orders and everything, its amazing.

  • 4
    Champ Alreja

    My first love with a true essence of Mumbai. Their Chilly Chicken is to die for and the rest of the food is absolutely brilliant. My mouth is watering as I write this.

  • 4
    Daisy Sodawala

    LEopold takes me down memory lane ...but the recent visit came as a surprise to me as it had changed a bit. the number of foreign tourists had reduced considerably. Well i was told that its because of off season .

    SO without much thought we ordered Beers ( for sure !!) with Lotsa fries. Wanted to have some seafood so called in for fingers with tartare sauce....Both the munchies were Awesome

    I felt that the prices had increased a bit , but for the charm it carries and the warm corner this place has withheld in my heart ..price is not at all a deterrent..

    Leopold U wont Lose me

  • 4
    Smriti Sant

    Rated   I've been coming to Leopold Cafe for a while now and it almost never disappoints. Except when the prices keep increasing. That always gets the heart racing a bit. But other than that, it's completely worth it.

    I know the place is a 'cafe'/bar but dear God, you MUST have the food here. Simply divine and never changing - which is a good thing. I had the Indian once and I would advise you to try it but the Continental & Chinese Cuisine is definitely their key.

    My favourite along with a lot of other (ex) college goers favourite is Chicken Pot Rice & Crispy Chicken. The combination of these two are DEADLY and if you really do want to eat something delicious, you must try this! Apart from that, I've also had the pastas and the chicken pepper steak which were brilliantly prepared and excellent in terms of taste, quantity and yumm.

    The place is not what you would call "cheap" with each dish being 400 - 450 rupees, but as I said...it's worth it. The towers of beer are always a favourite and the pitcher of beer is quite big too. The music in the AC area is mostly always up to date with some catchy tunes here and there. The waiters can get a little grouchy but then they make it up by being awesome most of the time.

    Leopold Cafe, you really are a gem in the crown of Mumbai. Thank you for all that you provide.

    Must Haves - Chicken Pot Rice, Crispy Chicken, BEER! :P
    Food: 4.5/5
    Service: 4/5
    Ambiance: 4/5
    Value for Money: 3/5

  • 4
    Swati Sharma

    If you are still wondering whether to visit Leopold...this is high time that you should. Even if you don't get a place to sit, just stand near the bar and grab you beer.

    This is one place you can drag your group in or can even chill equally when alone. Huge variety of lip smacking food that too with in budget.

    Suggestion to pick up the pitcher as you will end up spending lot of time once you enter.

  • 4
    Ashwin Nayak

    This is a must visit cafe in town which is always buzzing with activity all throughout the day. Very harsh on the pocket for food which is so so, the beer towers guarantee you have a good time. Service can be very slow but shouldn't be something to complain about as all that you would want to do here is to talk and drink to your heart's content.

  • 4
    Irfan Mashkoor Khan

    Whoever has lived in Bombay or been there on a trip has been to Leo's or atleast heard about it . The food well its really great with a wide variety of stuff to choose from and may i remind all the wannabe fine dining people out there its - BAR FOOD ... but is so good !! The beer, the atmosphere, friendly staff and the age the place has got to it, are some of the reasons everyone who visits Colaba or stays there knows and loves.
    Must try's are the beef chilly , and not only does it have bar food per say but has its arms extended into family dining as well . So if you just wanna breathe in Bombay and sip on a beer , or pre game with a few friends or just chill and have a snack go to Leo's for an unforgettable experience .

    Would I go here again? Yes i go whenever I am there , my house is 5 mins away wink wink !!

  • 4
    Neha Singh

    Rated   Leopold! Ah..the famous old leopold cafe..that has found its mention in so many books authored about Mumbai..so much so you can decipher it has come to represent the Life and People of Mumbai- Cool and Cosmopolitan are the words i would like to describe it by.

    Leopold is the kind of place you go to when you're looking for the chilled out beer and fun Ambience rather than quality of food. It's walking distance from the lethal landmark Marine Drive in Mumbai.A place you would come for dinner and/or drinks and conversations.
    Come here post midnight and you would feel the evening has just begun in the narrow lanes of Colaba,of which Leopold is an evident part.

    The staircase leads you to the first floor that has a kind of a space where you would see people swinging along and letting themselves loose to the classic beats.

    Service is good,but considering the occupied tables and lesser servers you may have to shout your way to get their attention to you.

    Not very cheap but doesn't burn a hole in your pocket either.
    Go there to have a good time.

    P.S: Look around and you would spot the bullet holes of the Mumbai 26/11 firing shots. marks on the walls in here. Makes you ponder about life...and Mumbai..and Stuff...

  • 4
    Pradeep Nair

    Well being at the Leopold cafe has always been reminisent of old mumbai "Bombay" charm.Its small and sweet with a old english charm since 1800's . The ambience is so lively and the food is here to die for .Its not a Fine Dining restaurant .

    The place gets crowded as the sun gets down and it stays onnnn till late.

    Now in 2013 post 26/11 attacks here they still have, bullet marks left on the wall and the broken glass. the staff would love to explain you all about it coz its after which this cafe became even more popular.

    We tried there signature Leopold special pasta a.k.a pink pasta ( veggie ) and POLOWALA GRILL CHICKEN ( in mushroom sauce).
    Bottle of beer costs : 300INR
    Cost for two : 2000 ( wt beer )

    Overall a beautiful meal and a must try for everyone who visits mumbai ...
    Highly recommended!!!

  • 4
    Niyati Juthani

    The oldest and the coolest place to hang out. Its the place where you can hang out anytime any day with anybody. With friends family cousins anybody.

    We were there for drinks only. So my cousins n me ordered a pitcher and some french fries to go with it. THe crowd around was so happening. It was a Holi so all were in full mood of a lazy evening. Some whites were still in the mood of holi. shouting holi hai while coming in and going out of the restaurant.

    No wonder y the terrorist targeted this place. It was so crowded not just inside but even out people were waiting for their chance to get in.

    Amazing place food was ok, drinks amazing for beer lovers.

    Ambience ; Old Skool 3.5
    Food: Mix Bag 3.5
    Service: Need crowd management 3.5

  • 4
    Fizza Jaffer

    Rated   This place needs no introduction, not only because of the aftermath of 26/11, but also because it's one of the oldest and the most popular hangout spots of Mumbai. Situated  just two mins away from the Gateway of India in the bustling market of Colaba Causway, Leopold is a major crowd puller for both Indians and foreigners. I visited this after the terror attacks, so i don't know how true are the rumours that say they increased their rates after the incident. 

    I took a foodie friend from Delhi here, and he loved the food. We ordered a chicken pasta, and garlic bread with mango smoothies. The quantity served was adequate for two people and had huge chunks of juicy chicken which according to my friend's observation, is usually lacking in most "chicken" pastas. The garlic bread was fresh and smelled incredibly good. This place is noisy, but you wont mind that because the hustle bustle brings with it a lot of energy that adds to the peculiar charm of Leopold. My friend was skeptical at first before entering, given the fact that people are more into lavish dining in the North, but he admitted he wouldn't have found a better pasta to have at this rate anywhere in NCR. (HA!)

  • 4
    Pranay Ramaiya

    I went to Leopold for the first time to actually grab some lunch. Well, me and my friend were really hungry and ordered three dishes, the garlic bread with cheese, Penne arabiatta(veg) and chilly potato. We didnt expect the copious quantities in these. And voila! It was so delicious. Unbelievably the two of us finished everything!. The ambience is really beautiful. I am sure it must be great during the evenings. The place has a steady flow of foreigners so anyone choosing a place for the crowd will never get bored. Go for it guys!

  • 4
    Malvika Gupta

    amazing place
    huge portions
    loved their steak n onions (best beef I had)
    chilli paneer was too chilli
    n tandoori mushrooms wer good too
    overall I am glad that I took time to come here wn was visiting mumbai

  • 4
    Atig Bagchi

    I personally prefer Leo over Mondy for the food. Given the environment, I am ready to wait an hour just to get a place to sit down and chill out with friends joining me from all corners of Mumbai. Lovely crowd, great ambience but bad customer service. Still, I tend to ignore their customer service since the time spent there is always memorable.

    While my friends are ardent fans of Leo's Mongolian chicken, I am ok with almost any of their preparations. The only preparation which I didn't quite enjoy was their beef. The beef was perfectly cooked and soft but very sweet for my palate (keep in mind that I am a bong!).

    When in Leo, you should never forget to try their desserts!

  • 4
    Susie Derkins

    Rated   Blessings come in strange ways. Having Leopold Cafe withing walking distance of your house is surely one.

    Given which, this is a fixture on my list whenever I choose to dine out. The best part about a Leo's or a Mondy's is that their menu hardly changes. You know exactly what you are going to have. You step out of your house imagining the dish on your table, and lo and behold, its finding its way to your mouth in less than an hour :D

    The Pepper Chicken and Chili Chicken are my 2 favorites here. The Beef Teriyaki is not bad. The quantity is good, easily shared between you and your friend. If you are a dessert lover, do try the Blueberry Cheesecake. At first, it looks like a glob of white with berries on top. You kinda wish it was more set. But that's whats different and awesome about this cheesecake. It is not frozen, it is warm, and the cheese melts willingly in your mouth. the berries are not overly sweet, and is in delightful harmony with the cheese. The crust is not too hard.

    All in all, ambiance 4, service 4, food 4.

    P.S : They have retouched their boards, but I do hope they leave the interiors and the food well alone.

  • 4
    Ankit Mandal

    This place needs no introduction. Went to Mumbai for 2 days and made sure I visited Leopold! Went during the day time and the place was packed with happy people chilling out and the overall aura just got into me. Was greeted well by the staff and had to wait to get a table. We ordered for Prawns Chilly Dry and Leopold Special Veg Pasta along with Mango and Chocolate Milkshakes. Food was really good and the Prawns left me wanting for more. Was a bit disappointed with the Milkshakes though. I know its a place for Beer guzzlers but the quality of other drinks could have been better. The overall experience was wonderful and I am definitely paying a visit whenever I am in Mumbai.

    Food and Drinks- 8/10
    Service- 8/10

  • 4

    Though this place is Strictly for beer guzzlers but i have one friend who is a teetotaler and is a BIG fan of Leopolds...We both love the starters here.

    My favourites here are dragon prawns, apple chicken, chicken wanton, kungpao chicken and prawn. soyawine chicken. Even the soups are great like the Leo's chicken soup, wonton soup, and chicken teriyaki soup.

    They have a variety in salads too. I have tried the Caesar salad & Mediterranean prawn salad..Both are Good. The chilly cheese toast and the pastas are also decent enough.

  • 4
    Wispy Irani

    Rated   Leopold gets an overall rating of 4 ONLY because of its popularity and the adrenaline rush you feel inside as you entire this perpetual hustling & bustling cafetaria. As far as i remember 90% of the tables had foreigners of all ages....young groups to men and women in their ripe old age of 75 Plus !!

    Ambiance is all falling apart kinda, which is not disturbing at all as for some mystic reason it adds arresting vibes to the entire place.

    Everyone comes here to mostly to Drink drink & drink...BEER on Tubes, Beer in Jugs, Beer in Glasses !! Obviously we also visit it for Beer & for some food items that are worth trying.

    The ones that we dig in on our visits are the Dragon chicken and Prawns.Chicken wantons also are tasty. Try the sizzling chicken that will actually sizzle the taste buds.
    Mediterranean chicken salad was good but QUITE EXPENSIVE for the Price.

    The Gin chicken was depressing and please avoid the smoothies here as they are ridiculously made and are no where close to a smoothie. Other items NOT worth trying are the Italian fares like fussili, aglio olio or penne. The portions are very very small for the HUge price that comes along with it.

    SO overall, a good place to hang out with friends and like-minded cousins for Beer. I always felt the Food is expensive for the quality,quantity and taste that it has.

    Ambiance- 4
    Service - 3.5 ( Can get Slllllow at times as it gets crazily Packed)
    Food- 3.5 (Its a Rip off here)

  • 4
    Sabina Rangwala

    I am not a beer person but had been here with a couple of friends many times...I just have the smothies and ice teas and sodas here with my all time fav Onion rings, Fish N chips and Finger chips.

    I have tried Italian and the steaks here...But they were Ok...too pricey for the kind of serving they have.

    But All in all its a Happening place with loads of energy all the time

  • 4
    Sanobar Mistry

    I have been to this place god knows how many times....I've been when the beer was super cheap and so was the food .

    My favourites out here are the apple chicken, butter pepper prawns, red pepper chic/prawn.
    Club Sandwich is also great here. Pastas are decent as the taste is good but quantity for the price is not worth. Love fish n chips too.

    Last but NOT the Least the BEER in Tubes are AWESOME.

  • 4
    Utsav Mehrotra

    Being at Cafe Leopold is always a pleasure.Have been going here since college days.The place has its own charm whether its the food, the drinks and to top it all the location.
    They have been doing consistently well with their service and food.Depends what you feel like eating on a particular day,they have it all.
    Its a place you wouldn't mind going for breakfast,lunch or dinner or maybe just evening drinks with starters.
    The place has made an iconic status for themselves.
    Always a must try whenever you are in town.

  • 4

    Love the atmosphere here. Alongwith some beer/LIIT. The spicy ginger fish is a good bet. Also tasted a cough syrup like cocktail called Godfather (missable!l) But the remainder on offer warrants multi-visits. Try the blueberry cheese cake and coffee too !

  • 4
    Neha Shaw

    Cafe Leopold is a must-visit on every tourist list visiting Mumbai.. and rightly so.. :) 
    It has a kickass location- right on the colaba shopping street!.. and a very awesome international crowd all the time!.. it is jam-packed most of the time- daytime or nighttime, doesn't matter!
    This cafe was attacked during the 26/11 terrorist attacks, and they have still preserved the shattered glass and the bullet marks- which speaks volume about the resilience they have :)
    The food and drinks is kinda expensive- with no happy hrs ever :P .. but it definitely makes for a visit for its Legendary status!!

  • 4
    Rounak Mohanty

    Ambiance is nice, with all the pictures on the walls. Food is good, service is pretty fast. Its crowded most of the times but that brings a nice feel to it.
    Its a place you should visit in mumbai.

  • 4

    We sat on the near gate area which we thought was very pleasant. the food portions were generous and the service was top notch even though we were not the easiest group while ordering, the prices are not cheap, but the food is very good and the staff nice and friendly, good continental and Chinese  vegetarian  non vegetarian food available here. I loved the chilled atmosphere(Beautiful friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere ) and the music.  A good menu and choice of drinks.

  • 4
    Siddharth Mehta

    An age old place that has charm of its own

    The place is always buzzing with activity and be prepared to wait for tables anytime you walk in.

    Made ever so popular by 26/11, this place lives to tell the tales.

    The ambiance is not so impressive but the atmosphere is lively.
    The food is sumptuous and a good collection of beverages.

    Must visit on a trip to Mumbai to bite a piece of History.

  • 4
    Shrishail Deshnur

    Supposed to be on the legendary list of places in Mumbai. But I find the place over rated. It is always full and the waiting time is high. The tables are so close to each other that there is hardly any space to even move. And to top it all, this place serves only beer. Food is ok. Crowd is fantastic. So the high scores for mainly for the crowd factor.

  • 4
    Yash Chauhan

    Had a nice and cozy experience in this historic bar and pub ( which I missed to visit as I was under 20 then 😃). The food is as you expect in a Bar and pastries were worth it on a hot, summer's day.

  • 4
    Som Nayak

    Rated   The best thing about Leopold is the location, it's close proximity to one of the most frequented tourist site in Mumbai, i.e. The Gateway of India. Therefore you will find people from different parts of the world visiting this place owing to it's history and legendary status.
      From the old open air ambiance in lower floor, to a dark bar upstairs, you will notice that this place is as legendary as it gets. The first thing you will notice when you enter this place is beer tower on each and every table. 
      Food here is great, especially the starters. But according to me, if you visit this place, the best thing to order here is beer pitcher and along with it french fries. One should also try the cheese cakes that they sell here. 
      Having said all this, I must also warn you that a visit to this place is going to hit your pockets hard with their highly priced tiny portion of food. And you might not get a place here on a weekend evening.
      Final Verdict: A visit to this place  is mandatory for people who want to hang out with their friends and spend a quality time with them.

  • 4
    Ruchi & Gaurav Rawat

    What shall I say about this place which has already not been written and said .So I shall begin with sharing my experiences about the place .I have been this place several times but some memorable times have been the visits here with my best friend and soul mate :) .The place just beathes of life and culture .When you enter her its like living Mumbai with the cacophony of various cultures just merging inside this place .The walls date back in history and in some walls you wil lfind the bullet halls from mumbai attacks stil afresh.

    For the food I love the cold cofee here and this is a place where you can sit back and soak in with Towers of beer .The chilli prawns and chicken pasta were the usual suspects I did order here .

    Visit the place to experience Mumbai and turn in the pages of her history .. and last but not the list with gulps of beer ...


  • 4

    Rated   The place doesn't need much introduction, but what I can provide you guys with is a recent feedback. For someone like me who visited Mumbai for the first time, the place is a must visit. My friend described it as legendary. And legendary feel it has. When you walk into the place, the interiors would give you a brief to the history attached to the place. Find someone local for the entire insights. The place is usually packed and table is hard to get even on peak hours, but the management was doing a good job in handling the crowd and I didn't have to wait much for a table.  

    Super tasty delights at very affordable prices. The menu is very elaborate and has all kinds of meats. I went with a veg and non-veg chinese starters to begin with, they were really cooked to perfection. Although the pitcher was pretty cheap, but there is not much range in beer. But then mostly your focus will be on food. I was so full after the starters that I straight away went to desserts. Coz I had already seen the cheesecake in the window and couldn't wait to try that. Desserts at this place are a must try. Fresh, yum and a treat for your eyes as well. Great for an occasional visit.

  • 4

    If it's late night and you need a spot to go party this is the right place to be.

    Open till around 1 pm on the weekend head straight up to the AC section if you want to listen to loud music. Wanna tap your foot ask for a table near the bar if lucky you get one.

    They have a beer pitcher which would be one of the best option to order here. French fries with panner tikka is a good starter option for vegetarian to be accompanied with the drink.

    A great place and crowd is what you are looking to be in with this is the place you need to head to

  • 4
    Lubaina Bahar

    Its one of my favorite places in colaba when it comes to some evening munching with my best buddy sana. Every time we feel a little chicken- craving , we head towards this place for some sausages, supple and fulfilling and chicken omelette. Also..we love the leo' s cheese cake for its flavour and consistency. Smooth with little gritty feel. We have not tried many items here as they hit the pockets hard with small portions but would certainly love to. Amazing place.. Nice crowd .. And loads of beer drinking all around.

  • 4

    Legendary place ..so it became mandatory for us to visit der ;-)..the chicken pasta,beer and specially the ambience makes it super cool place  to visit with your friends..had an amazing time bt yes...one has to wait for a long time...

  • 4
    Tejas Mehta

    This is hyped up place... particularly made famous by the 26/11 incident.  The food and ambiance is ok but the place is lively.  Music playing in the background is also good so its nice to chill out!

  • 4

    Whenever I'm in Mumbai, I make sure I visit this place. This place has a 'Feel Good' factor. One of the oldest and very popular cafés in Mumbai. I enjoy my beer and snacks along with having conversations with people around the tables. Ambiance is good, Service is OK. Food is decent but slightly overpriced. One must visit this place once in their life time.

  • 4
    Neha Sengupta

    Walking in to this place, and looking at the seating and the decor, you get a feel of the city that Mumbai once was. You also can't help but wonder about the terror and the panic of the moment when those terrorists had come barging in. The place has a mixed crowd of foreigners and parsis and a few gawking tourists . The food is good, the beer is reasonable and the ambience is relaxed. Go here just for the legend and the aura of this place.

  • 4
    Utkarsh Yeolekar

    A wicked ass rocking bar located on the streets of Mumbai....a really cool and happening place ..well a bit overpriced for the quantity they serve but the quality makes up for it..even the staff is friendly and it has a cool ambience with all the dingy old style posters all over the place. a must visit place of Mumbai

  • 4
    Anshuman Belsare

    Great place to have chinese ,continental ,nonveg ,Lebanese and drink beer.Historic place .Legendary location. It costs fairly. It cost me and bro 1300 for chicken tikka ,hakkka noodles ,and beer.Chinese food nice.fabulous
    Beer options.
    Food quality-3.5
    Food taste-3.7
    Only complaints-no air conditioner in Mumbai.

  • 4
    Tanya Jain

    For a tourist , Leopold Cafe is another tourist spot and not just a cafe existing in the area.
    A vintage cafe which has expanded over the years and has continued to please people from all over the world is totally worth visiting.
    Situated in Colaba it took us a while to reach here and hence we had lunch somewhere else.
    But after walking a few more steps when we did discover the place we just settled on two cranberry juices and a burger.
    The place offers a huge range of items and I felt is more for people who love non vegetarian food.
    Certainly a little over priced but still is a lovely place to be at.


  • 4
    Surbhi Kaul

    This pale is epic for n number of reasons!!! Right from the kind of chilled out feel it has to the mayhem that's created due to so many orders floating around and waiters just hustling through to get the food, but that Leopold for u!! Lucky if u don't have to wait to get a table, there nonveg is as amazing as there veg is disappointing, so I would recommend this place to beer lovers, non veg fans and the dessert crazy as well! I choose to go with simple noodles being a vegan didn't have much choice, but I don't complain as the dessert made up for the scarcity of veg food! Go for the cheesecakes vegans and just go with the leopold flow!!

  • 4
    Nirjhar Datta Chaudhuri

    Been planning to visit this place since I landed in Mumbai 2 months back and I finally got the chance last weekend. Always thought that this place may have been overhyped, but I realised that it was not that much. In fact the food was brilliant, the beer tower was very affordable. Though the place was a little cramped but that is ok. Just one small request to the staff: please make one more bathroom. Waiting for it was a real bummer. Did not get to relish the food that much as were shit drunk already. Hope to do that the next time around.

  • 4
    Akankshya Mohanty

    One of d legendary places that mumbai has to offer..
    A great place to hangout with friends n chill..almst every tower wd b having a beer tower..
    Bt do try d wine..it is gud...
    N d staff is cry coutious n prompt.
    Myt have to wait a bit in case ur visiting on a weekend..
    Bt do go Dr..

  • 4
    Akshayata Nadiminti

    Awesome place especially the 1st floor..... great fun... evening is the time to spend there.... enjoy enjoy enjoy is the word!................

  • 4
    Aagam Shah

    This place is Legendary and the crowd is Cosmopolitian!One of the oldest cafe in the City that serves the variety of cuisines and dishes with the lovely Beer towers!!

  • 4
    Siddhartha M Jain

    Some places are all about ambience, character and experience. This is one of those. It has decent snacks to have with some chilled beer. Its one of the retro mumbai landmark places that have survived the passage of time. I would be belittling this place by doing a food review. You have just have to go to such places, once in a while.

  • 4
    Ayush Maheshwari

    Right. It was about 3 in the evening. And middle of May. And humid, so very humid that my sweat glands were about to run outta juice. I'm not a resident of Mumbai and went there for a short visit, and while I was roaming around colaba to pass time before the event in evening, I spotted this. I'd obviously heard about this place before. So to avoid the heat, me and 2 companions went here. Place was buzzing at that time! Only one seat available to our surprise (and respite). We ordered some pasta (so passé) and a pizza. Arrived soon enough. Both were alright in taste. Pasta was well baked and pizza was full with cheese. Although cramped, since the place is so loud, you can't hear what the person on the table next to you is saying.
    Maybe a 3.7

  • 4
    Manubhav Goel

    Well!! I have been waiting to review this place since I came to Mumbai. The place is like some kind of a tourist spot which is almost full every other day, not only because of the dreadful history associated with the place, but also there is a lot more to it. The place is centrally located in colaba and has a magnificent aura of those old school cafes. The price is still the same even after all those years. The food is still that brilliant and the cold coffee is still that strong. We had cheese omelette, chicken sausages, choco lava cake and cold coffee. The choco lava cake was surprisingly really delicious. Except for the sausages which were fried, not what was expected but still tasted good. The cafe serves all kinds of alcohol but you can see beer towers popping out of every table as the sun goes down. They also have an upper section with ac but the real feel lies in the main area. A must visit when in colaba for all sorts of moods and all times of the day.

  • 4
    Ashwini Purohit

    Truley legendary... the name says it all. Because now it has a history attached to it. I have been a regular here since last 15 yrs. The service is slow , ambience is just ok n the food is jst above average but still there are many fans who just have a unique craving for leopold.
    Standing high on the colaba casuway this legandry restaurant is one among the oldest in colaba. It's always overcrowded and seriously you don't mind to wait. Actually this guys really don't need reviews.

  • 4
    Naval Shevade

    This place needs no review... I knew this place from the novel Shantaram, however, it has changed quite a lot from the way it had been described in the book... It has become a lot commercial with time and especially after Mumbai 26/11 attacks where bullets were fired towards this cafe too... This place very much belongs to the hustle bustle of Mumbai where its difficult finding a place specially on weekends... Curious tourists flock here from everywhere... Expensive considering it has no AC, but they have maintained the flavour in their food and it is quite tasty with good service...

  • 4
    Avirup Mondal

    If you are willing to spend some more bucks than usual then you should definitely visit this place. Not a place for non-drinkers though. But yes if you are a drinker you will definitely love the place.

  • 4
    Rohan Agarwal

    Perfect place to spend your afternoon and evening....if you want to have a meal then let me tell you food is awesome out here...n if you want to wild away your time then tgis is the place where you can chill wid a glass of beer...a very unique place in itself...you can also find people reading for hrs here with a glass of beer or coffee...lil heavy on pocket

  • 4
    Prateek Nangia

    I went dere for late night dinner n dis place was crowded Bt we got d table easily, d ambience n decor was good n attractive..its a casual place to hang out with friends.. Though little costly Bt worth a visit.. We ordered pasta,it was decent in taste n quantity...

  • 4
    Shubhra Bhramar

    A legendary cafe that has got the hippie touch attached to it. Situated in the hustle bustle of Colaba street shopping, it has the foreign expats and colleagues and college goers coming in. It's so crowded that you need to wait for your turn for a minimum of 15 minutes. We had chilly chicken, virgin moito and fried rice and all the dishes were very beautiful. One thing that I didn't like was that it's quite heavy on the pocket.

  • 4
    Vivek Ganesh

    If you go to Leopold Cafe, you should definitely try sitting on the first floor corner table. Amazing spot for a nice small group party. Beer lovers would go crazy here for sure.

  • 4

    Had visited this cafe the very first time today in morning for a lovely breakfast with my dad. The ambience was good , the pictures of 90s were amazing. Starting with the breakfast my dad had egg n chips n Nescafé and I had lovely poached eggs with orange juice. The service was fast. The Cafe still has the gun shot of the terrorist. Would surely come to try other food items too.

  • 4
    Bite Me!

    Leos has always been a townies favourite. The taste and the quality of the food compensates for the over priced menu. The chilly prawns and the chicken american chopsuey are my personal favourites.


  • 4
    Nikita Singh

    Love the ambience.great location. Chicken is cooked to perfection! Tried both the north Indian dishes and the Chinese ones. Loved them both.for dessert had the chocolate lava cake and its the freaking best lava cake I have ever tasted!!!!!!!definitely coming back for more of the lava cakes

  • 4
    Lacerant Plainer

    Leopold, like Mondegar is an iconic place where the quality has remained largely consistent. It's a great place for beer and snacks, and has quite the buzz about it most hours when it's open. I've never actually had a full meal here, and it does not disappoint.

  • 4
    Shuddhadev Rajderkar

    Excellent place with fine service and great food. Had totally enjoyed myself here especially over the large beer towers and the overall great ambience. We had sat outside, and it was quite fun really as the service was spontaneous even when there was a lot of crowd on a Saturday evening.

    The Price is perfect and the staff interaction with customers is quite friendly. Will put a more detailed review once I try out some of their specialities in the food section. As for now, I would conclude by saying that Leopold Cafe rules for me!

  • 4
    Ankit Shinde

    Cool place to chill with a beer n good music ... mostly prefer goin to this place on evening ..
    The service is too good and friendly ..
    My rating to this legendary place is 4.0
    For all !!

  • 4
    Amitesh Kumar Singh

    It is one of the most hyped places in Mumbai..It is also on of the oldest cafe in the Mumbai...they play loud music...the crowd is cosmopolitan..they have got pretty good menu..Food-4,price-4,Ambience-4,service-4...They have one Ac sitting and one without Ac

  • 4
    Nayana Bhardwaj

    Jesus! Best sausages ever. And I don't mean the men, I mean the chicken. The place has such a lovely, communal spirit going on, the tables are too closely stuck together, there's no AC but everyone is accommodating. In Delhi, there would probably be animosity in such a situation, but the place just binds everyone together.
    We ate the chicken stroganoff, chicken sausages, special Leopold chicken pasta (it was like big chill peri peri pasta. All chicken coz of #beefban) ,veg american chop suey,l and some tofu veggie stew thing (which was amazingggggg, vegetarian, but bloody amazing).
    All in all, I don't think the place is overrated at all. If you go to Bombay, do visit this place. Kick back, get some beers, eat some nice food, meet some chill people. But don't go there if you're the superficial Jimmy choo / Gucci type, go to ellipsis then.


  • 4
    VolneyMyron Rodrigues

    It goes like this...
    Your south Bombay trip is incomplete if you don't pay a visit to Leo's.
    After the beef ban in Maharashtra.. I'm gonna miss those amazing beef delicacies that they have to offer..

  • 4
    Kotni Srikant

    One of the oldest cafes and situated in the heart of Mumbai behind the TAJMAHAL HOTEL. With foreigners sitting all around and each table is occupied with beer pitchers . This place is very much energetic and always packed . I am very happy to have visited the cafe yeaahhhh

  • 4
    Ranjan Patro

    Located on close proximity in colaba with it's historic presence; marking an oldest cafe in Mumbai, Colaba. Recommend to try : Non-Veg Starter's(Prawn/Chicken/Lamb) with Tower beer with bunch of friends will make your evening. Mostly, menu is overpriced but worthy enough.

  • 4
    Chaitali Singh Sharma

    Name says it's all , I can't appreciate this more . Indo Chinese dishes are awesome . Ordered tap beer is the one thing not to miss quite a different experience .. Love the food . This is must visit place in Mumbai for food

  • 4
    Vaibhav Ali

    The place has an aura that why we decided to venture in the staff on the upper level was busy watching ipl however our order was served quick and it was quite nice

  • 4
    Hitesh Takhtani

    I had heard a lot about this place. A smiling face welcomed us cordially. I ushered to the first floor to a find a table for two. Thumping beats bustling with joy and a people from all parts represented Leopold. It was a pleasant experience.

  • 4
    Radhikarani Sengupta

    Some of the best veg food in town.
    Recommended - pastas, Indian Chinese food. Haven't eaten tandoori food here but hear that's good too. Both the veg and non-veg versions are good.

    Never order a sandwich though. Its like a sandwich mom would make for my school tiffin.
    Decent sized portions that you can share, keeping in mind that a large part of the clientele are tourists.

    I've even taken my grandpa and family for lunch and its a good place to chill out with beer or a cold coffee and lunch. The prices are reasonable and the ambience really nice. Its an old fashioned open cafe.

    Its hands-down my favorite eatery in Mumbai and I go there quite regularly.

  • 4
    Vidisha Singhal

    The famous Leopold Cafe.... Its a fun place to be there relax and drink... Not much to easy about.... Our team went there for dinner and all those who wanted to eat properly couldn't find much to eat.... Yet I loved their ambience.. Always full with long queues... Better make a booking before hand....

  • 4
    Subho Md Dali

    A great place, a must visit when you're in Mumbai. Great crowd, noisy people, great aroma make this place special.I have visited this joint many a times and it holds a special value for me. They don't serve the beef anymore now that this is banned in mumbai. Was expecting they would serve pork and lamb steaks instead which they didn't. The beer is still good and flows from the fountains if you know what I mean. Service is slow due to heavy footfall. Prices are decent and portions have reduced in size too. Still it's a must visit when on mumbai

  • 4

    Heard a lot about this place and true to the word-of-mouth, Leopold Cafe didn’t disappoint me when I visited this place last year. The food is good. Being new to this place I had asked for suggestions from the waiters and all that was served were great. The place is also quite affordable. Loved the ambience and the crowd however their main section is non-ac and it gets a little stuffy during the day.

  • 4
    Kanika Mathur

    It is a fun place to be in and definitely a place to visit once by every mumbaikar. Its crowded and noisey on weekends, but then thats how mumbai is.
    The environment was charged when I went there with my friends and we did have a good time there.
    Hospitality deserves a thums up and food and drinks are good too.
    You will enjoy it while you are there. If you want some fun and are not looking out for a quite place then this is the place.

  • 4
    Shikha Kapoor

    Overhyped is the word for this place. Heard from the locals of Mumbai that this place has become famous only after 26/11 attack which happened here as well. They still have bullet marks on their mirror and walls. This is just behind the Taj on the Gateway of India. It is open from 2 sides and hence, it is difficult to sit on ground floor. Tried their pasta, chilli chicken and cold coffee. Food was pleasing however, cold coffee was disappointing. 

    Service can definitely be improvised, it is frustrating to raise your hand to grab the attention of the waiters who are always very occupied.

    Overall you can visit if you are around but nothing to visit specially  from across Mumbai.

  • 4
    Yatin Sethi

    This was my third visit to this legendary place...my colleague was hell bound on visiting this place for dinner and drinks as he has read about it in shantaram...the place offers a huge variety of Indian,European and oriental dishes. We ordered prawn pepper fry and grilled fish chilly...the prawns were really nice, the fish was a bit heavy...all in all it was a good evening spent...

  • 4
    Vishnu Jadia

    The crowd is highly cosmopolitan. But the place is not that great keeping mumbai's humid weather into account, the non ac floor space is has a huge volume but it gets preety uncomfortable in summer, keeping into account the ac floor space which actually is claustrophobic with the dull ambience
    Never had any food, but always had a good time at this place, cause of the no. Of beers that went down.

  • 4
    Arpit Arora

    Undoubtedly the most famous cafe and bar in Mumbai.. Every ture mumbaikar must have visited this place atleast once.. The quality of food and service is right on the top. From young generation to elder generation, this place is simply for all.

  • 4
    S A N Y A K A R K E R A

    Three things you cant miss here Cold Coffee, desserts and booze. Good ambience, good food, needs a slight more better service. Overall experience was great!

  • 4
    Manas Acharekar

    Very well known place in Mumbai.. Have been here thrice at least... Two things one can't miss here, one has to be the cold coffee and the other are sandwiches!!!!

  • 4
    Jul Sharlin

    Must visit if you want to grab few drinks after or before shopping at causeway or just otherwise. It's super crowded on weekends. Don't know about weekdays though. For good music and ambience, make sure you go to the bar on top. You'd be lucky if you actually get to sit AT the bar.

  • 4
    Rajiv Prabhu

    Went there with friends to have a nice mean.. I had a wonderful time with all the food and the beer served. The cheesecake i had also was very melt in the mouth and simply delicious.. The decor creates an altogether different mood..

  • 4
    Sumedha Rit

    Legendary place. AMAZING AMBIENCE !!!!!! For family friends couples. ANYONE ! The Beer is amazing . The dragon chicken is a must try. Everyone should try this place out :)

  • 4

    Good ambience and great food is what makes this place an instant hit. Being tucked in the middle of a busy street in colaba this place might not look anything special from outside, but it's worth visiting I must say. I went there for a brunch with my family and I had some panner and noodles. They were both yummy. The staff was quick and efficient inspite of the place being jam packed. Will make it a point to try out more stuff soon :)

  • 4
    Meenal Gupte

    Can keep looking at those walls & frames forever!!! :)
    Visited the place quite sometime back.
    The place has a lovely old Mumbai charm!
    Wooden furniture, wooden paneling, chilled beer tower, generous delicious finger food, with happy people...in Mumbai!!
    How else could you define happiness?? :)

  • 4
    Gaurav Singh

    Visited this place last year and it was a good experience.....

    Nice Staff...

    Food is good and very good place for hangout...........

    Ambience is good and classical......

    Keep it up.

  • 4
    Imran Khan

    decent place with good crowd. I don't drink alcohol but still I hangout here. try it's chicken crispy it's delicious and apple pie. Over all good place for a Friday or Saturday evening.

  • 4
    Shaghnika Manna

    This place is good for beer enjoy with good friends chitchat zone authentic ambience and you get all sort of Irish food surrounded with foreigners .

  • 4
    Dr. Lee

    Been here loads of time, their ambience is pretty cool. I love to spend time here with my close friends. Different Cocktails over here are worth trying, bar tender helps u to customise your drink. Food is also good including music. Place is bit congested but the atmosphere makes you forget that.

  • 4
    Namrata Priyadarshini

    This is one of the oldest cafes in Bombay and that's one of the main reasons why I hopped into this place when I was visiting Colaba yesterday. It looks small and shabby from the outside but it's got a good seating area inside. The staff is extremely helpful and the service is very quick. They barely take five minutes to get whatever you order, no matter how huge your order is. The chilli chicken and the sandwiches are really good here and the portions are quite wholesome and filling. We didn't really like their blueberry cheesecake though as it wasn't set properly. The beer here is quite reasonable and all in all, we had a really good time. This place is worth visiting atleast once.

  • 4
    Payal Ganguly

    Rated   1) Ambiance: Rustic, interesting, happening and cool. They have left their scars on thier glasses- almost telling us customers - "We survived it". They indeed have maintained the thrill of being "the legendary cafe" they are.. Every time I visited this place, I had to wait and hence ate in other places instead. So one monday afternoon, my friend and I finally managed a table (it wasn't full at 3pm - weekday advantages)

    2) Food: We ordered LEO'S SPECIAL CHEESECAKE and it arrived first. The 2 hungry ladies that we were - we immediately gorged on to it. The cheesecake was soft, not too sweet, perfect texture, topped with small pieces of kiwi, papaya and dried plum and a little whipped cream. YUMMM! Loved it! What a great start to our meal. We then ordered their VEG POT RICE for the mains. Now this comes on a platter with sufficient rice for 2 hungry people with babycorns, broccoli and mushrooms in a soya gravy. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? But take the first bite -  and you get the crunchiness of the veggies, the aroma of rice and soya along with soya flavour. We really enjoyed it and except for the mushrooms on my friend's plate, not a single grain of rice was left on either of our plates, or on the platter :P We ordered a simple WATERMELON JUICE to go with it. Good consistency - neither too thick nor was it too watery and it helped us get back all the glucose that we had lost in the sun. 

    3) Service: Friendly and quick. 

    4) VFM (4/5): 1 juice, 1 main and a dessert for 2 people and the total bill was Rs.737/- about Rs.380/- per head for the old world charm and great food. I was happy and so was my friend.

  • 4
    Parag Mandpe

    Food: We ordered Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (8/10). It was pretty amazing and delicious. Had such a soup after a long time. It was filled with lots of chicken pieces unlike other places where you have to search for them. The quantity was terrific too. Then we had Chicken Hakka Noodles (8/10) which was another winner with fantastic quantity. The noodles were priced on a higher side INR 375 but the quantity more than made up for it. Terasumi Cake (9/10) was highlight of all. It is richly filled with coffee with cake on bottom of the cup.

    Service : Service was quite fast. The only fight is you dont get water on the table unless you ask for it.

    A great experience overall !

  • 4
    Anu Thakur

    Visited this place long back in 2007. I remember the ambience was good and the food was good too. Loved their aglio olio pasta and garlic bread.

  • 4
    Suhas Renati

    When we landed in Leopold’. So the first time I came to Mumbai in a long time, I went to Leopold with my friends. Located in Colaba Causeway, Leopold café was nothing less than an amazing hangout. Pretty much everything on the menu was expensive, but I was prepared for that, as I wanted to have my heart’s content. I ordered a Leopold special pasta (forgot the exact name) which was very delicious. There were posters everywhere from that of Elvis to Marilyn Monroe to Harley davidson to what not, adding to the retro feel of the café. I would say the café had a mix of elegance and warmth in its atmosphere. I found Leopold to be a very nice place for a meet up with friends, where one could have some nice conversations and some good food.

  • 4
    Saurav Modi

    Rated   Well, nothing is enough said about Leopold. If you are in the city and want to step into a cafe that would summarize the glitz and glamour, dark and white, and hustle and bustle of the Maximum City - Leopold Cafe should be your pick.

    Though my relation with Leopold Cafe hasn't really been of a passerby and that I have been here multitudes of time, I must say, I have never seen this place with any less of crowd, all thru the day!

    Located in the noisy neighborhood of Colaba (causeway, to be specific), Leopold Cafe is much known and loved for it's ambiance, crowd, and beer! People pouring in Leopold are truly cosmopolitan doing justice to the well known Maximum City's culture (yes yes, you would definitely see a fair share of Foreigners - if you are wondering if our beloved Shantaram was right talking all about Leopold) and the one thing common across all tables would be BEER (crime not to have that in there!!).

    Divided into two tier seating, the lower floor is open, non-AC and is the righteous Leopold. The one on the first floor is more of a lounge with loud music and dark ambiance. While people might say that Leopold is characterized by congested seating, well people, you can't really help it, can you?

    Do not keep high expectations from the mains in the foods section - finger food, appetizers, burgers, pasta, etc. should be the right choice to go well along with your choice of Poison.

    Let's just say, a MUST VISIT :)

  • 4
    Sapna Phagre

    Leopold is become synonymous with Mumbai !! One of the oldest cafés in colaba this place gained more popularity after the 26/11 attacks ! Leopold is always crowded and is d best place to go out with your group of friends for drinking ...

  • 4

    Being a through Mumbai-ite by heart, this place has been on my list forever. The beer is good, the crowd is awesome and all that jazz. But the thing i lived the most was the spirit of the place. The never stop attitude of Mumbai is all around this place. A true Mumbai heritage and what an ambience.

  • 4
    Sanmay Dash

    Coming from Pune, went to this place to check this off my list with friends.
    I was expecting a close cafe/bar though, to my surprise it wasn't.
    Found the place a little cramped.
    But that was the only bad part. V ordered beef burger, Leopold special pasta, chicken roll, iced tea and few rounds of beer. The beef burger and the pasta were just amazing living upto the reputation of Leopold. The ice tea and chicken roll were very disappointing.
    Their service is fast, the stewards are well mannered and know their menu well.
    You might find the prices a little to the higher side but I guess that's normal for a place like Mumbai.

  • 4
    Nyla Syed

    You can't miss on this place if your around colaba ..
    A very well known cafe has cocktails ,food , finger food , and what not ..
    Had tried the chxiekn tandoori sandwich ( was too hungry ) it was dry but yummy ..
    They have alot of chakna options what you can go through ..

  • 4
    Akanksha Gupta

    Rated   Sadly I was on a fast when we went to this lovely place. Located at one of the best locations, Colaba causeway, this stands tall for more than a hundred years. There are two seatings, the one on the first floor in ac and one without the ac. I liked the feel downstairs so we had a seat there even though it was a hit afternoon. I ordered a mango lassi and it was promptly brought out of the kitchen by the server. It was yummy too. And the glass was huge. My friend ordered the beef burger. I was so jealous! Well, first came the fried for him. The server shiv said they served fries without salt. They were okay. After a long wait came the burger - grand, huge, cut into half dripping with sauce. My heart sank. Why Did it have to look so good! Well my friend said it was one of the best burgers he had had. The Patty was well done, just like he liked it. It was soft, moist and oozing with flavor. He could just have half of it and he was already full. He got the other half packed and we hung out there for some time.
    I could see that people ordered beer towers and that came with a bowl of peanuts. I would want something like this in Delhi. Also I saw people around me eating pasta (yes, I was peeping into others' food!!) And the quantity was great. Well, I guess that's the reason for their prices.
    Overall the place has that old world charm and stood up to the expectations. Also their desserts looked really inciting, specially the cheesecake. Sad I couldn't get anything packed as I had to take a flight.

  • 4
    Ankita Chemburkar

    Needless to say, Leopold has been one of the most popular places to drink and meet a friendly tourist or two. But there is a second part of Leopold which not a lot of people know, and those are -their mouth-watering desserts.
    I unfortunately couldn't post a picture of everything we tried (it was half-gone by the time we realized we should've clicked the perfect looking treats) but here are my favourites. I hope they'll be yours too, after you try them.
    The Kalhua Mousse.
    The Bailey's Mouse
    (Yes you liqueur lovers, you read that right!)
    The Leopold Cheesecake (finally, a picture!) Shatruntap Rawat

  • 4
    Ashish Nayak

    Very reasonable place, I must say... Drinks are cheap comparatively and food also.... Ambience is also good... Overall okk type of place....

  • 4
    Aashiq Babu

    If you are looking to spend quality time in a loud, culture rich, vintage-like cafe/bar, stay, wait and get a table in the ground floor. Be wise while ordering food as most items are made to serve two I suppose. Nothing wrong in asking the details of the food item before ordering. Trust me ;)
    If you are looking to spending a not so quiet and calm evening, climb upstairs to enter a different looking, proper bar kind of setup, with hilarious wall hangings decorating the otherwise dull walls.
    Quite the creativity that place gives.
    Oh and don't miss the glass on the ground floor which still has the bullet hole from the 26/11 attacks.

  • 4
    Neel Indap

    Leopold is synonym with Mumbai!
    Much has already be spoken about the place's history, so no point in repeating.
    The lower seating despite non-ac is crowded more than the upper ac seating.

    Started off with the mandatory beer, served with peanuts. Perfect combo to enjoy a game of football!
    Food was beef chili, which was real high on the chili factor. Went in well with the beer though. Quantity was huge!

    Staff is polite, service is prompt. 
    Music thankfully isn't ear-bursting(Still,foot-tapping!) You can have a good enough conversation while sipping a few.
    The quirky signage on the walls will surely leave a smile on your face!

    And you'll see a lot of tourists here!

  • 4
    Devpurna Talapatra

    A visit to the city of dreams is incomplete without a visit to to this cafe. Went there with a couple of friends who had thankfully saved me a seat upstairs. For people who aren't so lucky to have punctual friends, be prepared to wait for quite some time if its a weekend night. Food was awesome and so was the ambiance and the crowd. 
    My second visit to this place was on a rainy afternoon when i was alone, and decided to have just desserts for lunch. the walnut chocolate pie was pretty good, but the lemon tart was just killer stuff!

  • 4
    Nilanjan Majumdar

    An old Bombay favorite joint... Great food...be it the continental or the Chinese... Personal preference is their Chinese dishes...the fish chilly is worth trying every time u land up here...great beverage menu as well...and the pastries of course give a nice finishing touch to either a casual hangout session or a full fledged dinner scenario. They haven't really jacked up the prices over the years like other eateries around the place have.. Nostalgia and good times!

  • 4
    Prannoy Sonkusare

    One of the oldest cafe in Mumbai established back in 1871. The best thing about this place is it's ambience. This place is great to have beer with friends. Service is good and cafe is well maintained.

  • 4
    Udit Malhotra

    Two options, either you wait to sit or you grab a swanky desert to eat whole you wait. Meanwhile shop some glitter for your girl right opposite to the dessert counter. Try the chocolate based deserts. All of them are orgasmic.

    From the mains, I love the Chicken Stuaghnauff. Really good on taste and texture. Served with fried rice.

    Drinks are normal. Nothing great.

  • 4
    Prithvish Ashar

    This Place has got its own Nostalgic value , always packed . Tourists locals regular..
    Enjoy the beer and dont miss the Chilly Cheese Toast ( Its just fantastic)
    The burgers are good and so is the Chiily Paneer ( Veg/Non Veg)
    Its on a expensive side this place but worth every penny ...

  • 4
    Amit Banga

    Leopold has become a big name thanks to its history. This non- AC place is Just 50m from the famous Taj mahal hotel and gateway of India. Full to the core... this place will take you back to your college days !!! It is full of life...

  • 4
    Pankhuri Mittal

    Didn't want to miss this despite having full bellies... So just ordered one dish...chicken straugnoff.... It was great... There was something about the place which was tempting to stay longer...overall experience awesome... Hope to come next time empty stomachs ;)

  • 4
    Neel Thakar

    Rated   OK, so already the whole of Mumbai has reviewed this iconic eatery, my review is just adding a drop to the ocean of reviews.

    Visited the cafe for lunch on a lazy rainy Saturday , and it turned out to be a perfect outing. The ground floor is buzzing with people of multiple origins sitting, chit chatting, eating in a typical Iranian type cafe, although you will feel that you're sitting in some European cafe. We went upstairs since it was crowded and full downstairs. The decor was pretty classy with walls having frames with funny quotes (ex. "The consumption of alcohol may actually coz pregnancy".. Haha), found it really catchy.
    I found the place a bit cramped upstairs and the chairs small.

    The menu had a good spread of soups, starters, drinks, desserts, etc. We ordered a couple of starters - crispy ginger potatoes and cheese chilly toast. The potatoes were yummmmm....totally dripping in ginger soy sauce paste and to my surprise it was still so crispy & crunchy. The portion size is good for even 4 people. The cheese chilly toast was definitely cheesy but I found it bit oily and soggy to eat, was a bit of a let down. For main course we ordered Veg Stroganoff, and it was one of the best dishes that I have tasted in a while. It was a mix of rice and mixveg gravy. There was an explosion of flavours from the very first mouthful. I was "Wowed" by the simple yet delicious taste of it, left my taste buds happy. :-). I would definitely recommend you to try it to feel it.
    All in all a great place for a fun food day.
    Ambience - 3.5/5
    Food - 4/5
    Portion - 5/5 (5 is large portion)
    Spread - 4/5
    Services - 4/5
    Price - 4.5/5 (5 is expensive)

    My Recommendation -
    Try the crispy ginger potatoes and the Veg Stroganoff, and you'll not be disappointed.

    Happy Eating!!!

  • 4
    Jacob 'Skrybe' Cherian

    I give this a 4-star only because of the memories of the Japanese styled beef they used to serve. Teriyaki beef. Brilliant stuff. I doubt I'd go back there now. What's the point!

  • 4
    Vidhi Shah

    Went in with a few friends for a dessert. The blue berry chessecake was very good and melted in the mouth. Along with the prawns curry and rice was extremely tasty and lip smacking.
    Follow our blog @thefoodiezhub on instagram, facebook and twitter for more food reviews.

  • 4
    Nitali Tadkalkar

    Rated   While doing our foodie trip to Mumbai, we decided to have lunch at the ever so popular Leopold Café and Bar. Back in time when I was living in Mumbai, this used to be a favorite haunt with my colleagues to spend some chilled out time, over beer, conversations and a variety of delicious food.

    Leopold, having a perfect location in Colaba, is always crowded; but fortunately for us, there were a couple of empty table when we went and we didn’t have to wait at all. They have two sections, the larger non-AC section downstairs which is slightly more congested; and the AC section upstairs which has a lively, almost pub-like vibe. I absolutely love the graffiti at Leopold, and the seating still retains the old-world charm of Mumbai.

    The menu is vast, comprising of Indian, Chinese and Continental food; and there is something to please everyone. The dessert menu is quite extensive as well. This is what we tried:

    Kung Pao potatoes were a great start to the meal, crispy French fries tossed in a delicious hot and sweet sauce, which had us salivating for more.

    Penne in a cream+pesto sauce: the flavor of the pesto was spot on, the penne was cooked perfectly al dente and the veggies were nice and crunchy.

    Chicken pot rice: comprises of simply steamed short grain rice and mild gravy of fried chicken bites and vegetables in soy sauce, had very simple but amazing flavors.

    Apple pie: was a bit lackluster because of the soggy shortcrust pastry, but the filling was delicious with the slight tartness of the green apple and perfect amount of cinnamon.

    Bailey’s Mousse: This was my favorite dish here and a perfect finale to a delicious meal. A delightfully light and delicious dark chocolate mousse, surrounded with a tempered dark chocolate net, a lovely caramel on the top and just a little dollop of whipped cream. Every biteful was a medley of sweet and creamy mousse, the crunchy bits of chocolate, the slightly sticky caramel and ultimately the gentle tingle of Bailey’s Irish Cream at the back of your throat. Would highly recommend this dessert.

    Service was very quick and efficient and knew the food they served very well.

    I was amazed at how the prices were really reasonable, in spite of all the buzz the surround’s Leopold; the portions were H-U-G-E, easily sufficient for atleast three people with an average apetite and the food quality, needless to say was awesome.

    Well, people may think this place is hyped, but I don’t think that is without a reason; definitely worth a visit.


  • 4
    Happy Garg

    Decent place, go here for the cult status it has acquired from Novel 'Shantaram' and also through nefarious 26/11 attacks. Prices are on the higher side. We had Chicken tikka and pepper honey fries. Both were quite good. Should visit purely for the historical value associated with this place.

  • 4
    Shripad Marathe

    Awesome place.. One of the oldest cafe in mumbai.. Amazing fish.. Loved the ambience... But the staff is not so courteous.. We are looking forward to come again

  • 4

    Rated   Leopold is one of the many iconic places in Colaba. Nestled between the busy Colaba street shopping causeway lane, this place is the favourite of International travellers. And btw this is where the shootout happened during the Mumbai terrorist attack. They have retained the bullet marks. 

    The place is a ground + Mezzanine structure. The decor is basic with tables put up close to each other. The upstairs is quite dark and has a pub vibe to it. But this place runs full with towers of beer being served at crazy pace. 

    Downstairs is more like a watering hole where u sit, drink and talk. Upstairs has a little more focus on the food and music. The chicken chilly and Chinese fried rice is good. I don't like the french fries too much. They are a little soggy for my preference. 

    Overall a great place to hang out. Foreign travellers love it. But personally I always prefer Mondegar a wee bit more  :) 

    If you are visiting Mumbai, Leopold should be on the list of iconic places to eat or rather drink at!

  • 4
    Aarti Singh

    Ordered a bottle of ice-cold Kingfisher beer to wash down the hearty, typical bar food chicken tikka, french fries, burgers that kind of thing. Surprisingly, the Chinese food is actually the better with chili peppers cant be beat, and the chicken-fried rice and the chili chicken are highly recommended.. The ownership has preserved bullet holes from the attack on its upstairs windows for people to see and snap pictures..

  • 4
    One Line Reviews (OLR)

    An institution, perfect laid back night out if it weren't too commercial nowadays.... That beef chilli tho'!!


  • 4
    Saloni Shah

    Overpriced for sure and for the reasons best known to the all of us but hey all its worth every penny you pay there any food be it the mouth watering burgers or simple French fries they are just amazing for the specific "Leopold" touch that is put on every food item which is why it makes those items look more tempting and aah you must try their all cheesy pasta in white sauce coz boss you're ain't gonna get any better pasta than here..... So guys what you thinking about and waiting for just form a group wear your shoes and go to Leopold coz u really have no idea of what are u missing out on.....

  • 4
    Adi Ti

    I went on a week long trip to Mumbai with friends and Leopold was on THE list of places to go. Undoubtedly, the place did not disappoint. The portions are huge and one dish can be easily shared by three people so order with caution. Their pastas and Italian fare is not extraordinary but is definitely the right blend of sauces and herbs. For health freaks, their unique refreshing fresh fruit juices are a must try. Beverages are huge too. Being a vegetarian I can say with certainty that their vegetarian food is excellent - sandwiches, burgers, pastas, chilly cheese toast, everything - order without hesitation. Their desserts are gorgeous - soft, light blueberry cheesecake topped with dollops of fresh blueberry compote and chocolate mousse with chocolate taste lingering in your mouth for long. Service is quick. The place is quirky and yet retains an old, historic charm.

  • 4
    Ankur Soni

    It is a very nice place to hang out, good crowd, okayish ambience, reasonably priced. Food quality is good but service is not up to mark. It is a typically a place where all firangi crowd hangs out.

  • 4
    Kamala Iyer

    Leopold has history for me. Not to mention the remnants of a bad memory of 26/11 in the form of bullet marks. The draught beer tower is my all time favorite. The menu has everything to offer in terms of cuisine. The Irani restaurant like feel with high ceilings & slowly moving fans & the crowded interiors still remind you of a bygone era.

  • 4
    Vidhi Vora

    Lovee this place for their ambience...their drinks and the mouth wateringly delicious pasta and desserts...can sit their all day and yet have a good time. Located in a very prominent crowded place they hve both A/c and Non A/c seating. And yes its still widely frequented even after the terrorist attacks on 26/11 and am glad of the security checking done there.

  • 4
    Ashlene Cheryl Cardoza

    What can I say about Leopold that hasn't already been said?

    I love the vibe. It's very touristy as it perpetually packed with foreign visitors. Expect to always wait for a table. Go there to grab a beer and catch up with friends. Leo's does all dishes in its menu exceptionally well, but the beef chilli fry is a must try!

  • 4
    Abhinav Sah

    This place lives upto your expectations everytime that you visit it.
    The booze is relatively cheap and the food very good. The ambience of this place is unmatched.

  • 4
    Pooja :)

    Its oldest n best cafe in colaba rite in lane of colaba causeway with ambience simple yet good.food is awesum.n in dessert not to forget having red velvet n tiramisu over here.a good place to chill after tedious shopping;)

  • 4
    Ramesh Rao Thotapalli

    Good food great beers. Even though food is a bit pricey they compensate with the extra quantity. It's legendary in its own way. Their cakes / pastries are a must try after few drinks and a sumptuous meal. No complaints about the service.

  • 4
    Hitesh K Patel

    Leopold Cafe .. a must go place in Colaba... sat in the non ac section on ground floor on saturday afternoon ... buzzing atmosphere with travellers from all parts of the world ... bullet marks in the wall ... humdity... always crowded feel is part of the thrill about coming to this place.. food is good .. chicken starters are especially good.

  • 4
    Rohit Acharya

    Cheesecakes are my thing and this place makes it the best. A very popular and historical cafe it attracts crowd from all over the city. Try the omelettes and cafe specials, worth every penny spent.

  • 4

    Always crowded in the inside & the outside with people waiting to enter in. Anything you have here is just the best be it north Indian or Italian. The cheesecakes out here are the bestest thing ever. If you are in south mumbai and never been here then its a miss!

  • 4
    Saptarshi Ghosh

    Great place. Great food at great prices. Amazing quantities served. Steaks and chops are specialities. Pity that beef is now banned, bcz their beef dishes were fantastic . Great atmosphere too. Great hangout place for college friends.

  • 4
    Yash Prasad

    Its a NON-VEG delight ! This is like the hangout spot for the crowd in Colaba. If your not standing to get in a line probably your at the wrong joint. When in Colaba this place is a must visit. The prices here are crazily affordable. Place to hang out with a gang or solo, be here and be a part of the hustle bustle. Oh and donot leave without trying the deserts.

  • 4
    Amit Agarwal

    Its an irony how people can spare time to talk, when u hav some delicious spread on ur table. Well, das Leopold. Good crowd, noisy but lively and boy wat food!
    I would say its reasonable in terms of price. Maybe 800 per head with alcohol. The service is good and music too keeps you going. They have a dj on the 1st floor and yeah, good crowd again.
    P. S. A treat for non veg lovers.

  • 4
    Ratheen Patel

    The best place to visit with some friends have some beer and chill out. The club sandwich over here is just awesome and the deserts are also good but not the best
    Almost all the tables are filled with beer pitchers or towers. Only service is a bit too slow coz of the crowd.

  • 4
    Rohit Ovhal

    A nice place to chill with your friends. Decent crowd and okay service. Food is very good. Very crowded especially on weekends. If in case you wish to have a quick glass of beer this is your place. Recommended!

  • 4
    Gaurav Bapat

    An amazing place in Colaba. This is a very famous cafe in Mumbai, especially after the terror attacks on this place.
    This place is always crowded and having a prior reservation will surely help.
    The ambiance is that of a classic cafes and makes it a perfect place to hang out with friends.
    The food is really Nice and yum.
    The service is friendly and prompt given the waiting ...
    They have also kept the glass shields having bullet marks..
    All in all a good place with high energy level all around..

  • 4
    Amrita Michael

    It's weird how you can have different parameters different eateries. Leopold's is a very simple looking place. Very crowded and the tables are put so close together, your knees brush off with diners on the tables next to yours. The menu also follows the jack of all trades simplistic pattern. The plates at times look dirty.
    But here I am saying it is legendary!
    The 26/11 bullet marks have still been preserved. It does carry with it an ominous history. However leopold's fame was there before the Mumbai attacks. The service is impeccable. Full capacity or not, your food will arrive in time. They might have a very general menu, but every item is made with the consistency of a specialised diner.
    It's perfect for unwinding after work or a hungry lunch.Vijoy Raman

  • 4
    Srishti Gupta

    You can visit leopold because of it being one of mumbai's oldest food joints. Leopold now also has its association with 26*11. I personally do not find the food worth the price. Good ambience and great location. I would recommend the other 100+ year old food joints like Brittania and co. And Martins cafe, both in south Bombay. But if you happen to be a tourist spending time in colaba causeway do give leopold a shot.

  • 4
    Ameya Jakatdar

    Leopold cafe is one of the highlights of Mumbai, must visit place if your in town. Quality food with nice service. There is too much waiting during peak hours and reservation usually not done

  • 4
    Aditya Prabhakar

    Is there even a point reviewing Leopold's? I mean Shantaram has done for this place more than any bloody review would do.
    Even if they start serving McDonald's food it won't see any fall in its footfall. Maybe, if they start serving only fosters.

  • 4
    Utkarsh Dev

    1. Awesome gentry - more foreigners
    2. Mid range food - all starts Rs.350+
    3. Mid range drinks - beer glass 200, pitcher 750, tank 1500
    4. Ambience - normal, no special lights or music - covered wall with paintings
    5. History - gun shots of 26/11 mumbai attack can be seen on walls
    6. A bit congested in seating and
    smallest washroom
    Good for couples families and singles.
    Have some upper roof area for seating too.
    On weekends you would have to wait to find a spot for you.
    Best with friends.

  • 4
    Sanket Banerjee

    Rated   Saturday brunch at Leopoldo cafe was simply superb.
    As recommended by Zomato, I went for steak bun burger & chicken straugnoff with a draught beer was simply amazing. The steak burger could have been better though but chicken straugnoff is highly recommended. Perfectly spiced n cooked with mushrooms n bell pepper. The gravy smelled yummy n the rice with it was just the perfect combo for a main course dish.

    The n last but not the least THE BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE was simply LEGEN wait for it DARY !!!
    It's the best cheesecake I have ever had till now I have tried in Marriott as well as sweet chariot in Pune but Leopold's Cheesecake was heavenly with crispy bottom layer and layers of blueberry dressing inside as well as outside with the yummy cheesy cream. OMG !!! Just loved it.

    Few disappointment were there was very less sweetness in my fresh lime soda sweet. The order took pretty long time to be served on table n perhaps this cafe could have been air conditioned for the price you will be paying, it seems pretty pinching.

    But worth a few visits coz this is one place which would make you fall in love with Mumbai.

  • 4
    Karuna Gangurde

    I was very much impressed with this place although i had only chocolate smoothie.
    Feel is good, much variety of food. Chocolate smoothie was really good. sitting arrangement, food, look n feel, hustle,laughter, murmur, smell and lovely deserts  of this outlet is good.
    I am looking forward to visit this place to try out there main course.
    its very old place and their is something special about this place which i cannot explain. :)

  • 4
    DrVarun Kunte

    Leopold is a very nice place..but around 1 hour waiting if you go t weekends..food is decent..red paper blasted chicken is v good...KF draught beer is good..you can see pitchers and beer towers almost at every table..Leopold is part of Mumbai's history.. One can still see marks of terrorist attacks.. 1st floor is AC..and is only for couples..otherwise it's non ac place..that is bit irritating...especially because of humid weather of Mumbai.. Otherwise a fine place..must visit one..

  • 4
    Anil Yadav

    Had been to this landmark joint on Sunday evening.Was with family so quite skeptical that I would get a seat. We reached around 10 and the place on ground floor was full. But was surprised that we had to wait only for 5-10 minutes before we got a seat. Well We were hungry so quickly ordered Yummy Tom Yum Soup and Chicken starters. Special mention again for the Chilly Chicken which just suited us in terms of spicyness.Crowd was lively, service quite good. Little space constrained but you can give it a miss for Some nice food with family and friends alike anytime with lots of banter & gossip thrown in.

  • 4
    Samannay Ambaly

    Been there only once. Good ambience. All type of drinks are available. However cost is too high, as a consequence of the shoot out. Price not justified. Visit if you want to get sloshed and don't care about money.

  • 4
    Urban Foodaholics

    Rated   Chocolate Lava cake
    So we still ain't getting over the 'Dessert Hangover' from Leopolds! This delicious looking dark chocolate lava cake was served warm. The goey chocolate oozed out as soon as our spoon sunk through the cake. Definite try.

    Chocolate Kahlua Mousse Cake
    This gorgeous looking mousse cake caught our attention while walking past well known Leopold Cafe & Bar in Colaba Causeway, Mumbai.

    The cake got us high on each bite that we scooped off the plate! It was absolutely intoxicating with a very thin layer of dark chocolate sponge cake at the bottom, topped with heavenly mousse made of chocolate & coffee flavored liqueur (kahlua) and beautifully decorated with dark chocolate icing. It rendered us speechless!

    Chocolate Ecsatacy Cake at Leopold Cafe
    We are still high on this orgasmic dark chocolate heaven. Full with rich dark chocolate with a crispy crumble of caramel & walnuts at the base, this cake gave us a foodgasm in every bite.

    Service: Very friendly & quick (even when fully occupied).

    Ambience: Leopold Cafe has an Iranian touch & is known for its buzzing vibe. The cafe is currently very merrily decked up with Christmas décor. Great place to chill with a bunch of friends.

    Price: Reasonably priced. Rs. 175 for each cake.

  • 4
    Kavita Dhanuka

    Visited this place on Christmas night, the place was open till 5am and the crowd was never ending. Still they served quality and quantitative food. We ordered for risotto, mutton rogan josh and some sandwiches. Mutton rogan josh was bad, personally the place is good for beer and Italian food. Also, one should try their bakery items specially the tarts. Also, the place is hyped for its Mumbai 26/11 attacks, you will see many tourists by your side and the bullets around the walls. Decent place to chill once you are done with your shopping at Colaba Causeway. :)

  • 4
    Prajakta Kamble

    Been here for a very short time during the Christmas season and trust me this place has it's best to offer. We ordered Desserts only but those desserts were just heaven to our tongue after day of shopping. Amazing ambience, Service is very courteous. We ordered the Leopold cheesecake and Chocolate Ecstasy. Trust me, this was one of the best Cheesecake till date I have ever had. It just made me mesmerized every time I took the bite. And mind you the chocolate was no less. It just melted in my mouth and made me go crazy over it. Overall I would love to come here again all the time not only for desserts but also for it's food! :D

  • 4
    Fatima Khan

    Kung Pao chicken was delicious.. Cuming here 4 a pint of beer sounds like a gud plan any given day.. Pastas r a must try.. D ambience is engaging..

  • 4
    Ankur Dedhia

    A must visit place !!!
    This place never fails to amaze me no matter how many times i visit.
    Always filled with people whenever you visit as it is one of the best part of colaba area.
    Havent tried the food here but always have visited the place with friends for drinks and enjoyed the time.

  • 4
    Satish Sutar

    Rated   Had heard a lot about this place.., so was quite excited to visit this place once I landed in Mumbai. The first thing to do for me when I was in Mumbai was to visit this place , n the moment I reached this place I found it to be full n had to wait to get inside n indulge into some mumbaiyya goodness..., the wait was worth it.., I orders for a chilled beer m Rashmi Kebab.., there is no other way to rest other than having a chill beer b if you are in Leopold cafe it gets only better...., Kebabs were tender, juicy, crisp on the outside, tasty n delicious.....
    When I entered this place I found people busy with their partners, friends, colleagues, enjoying their time at Leopold cafe etc etcetera....
    Everyone was so engrossed in their conversations that they don't even realise what is going on the next table.... N the icing on the cake was the prompt service.... We were served by Anand.... He Is too good... If you ever go to Leopold ask for Anand n he will make your day at Leopold more joyful..., ask him anything n he is there to deliver whatever you want ASAP....,
    GREEN CHUTNEY....... Aaaaahaaaaaaaa...!!!!
    I Love their green chutney made out of mint, coriander, curd n peanuts......
    You should try their green chutney....
    I have become fan of their green chutney........
    Must visit......

  • 4

    Awesome place for a drink and catching up with friends..... It should be visited at least once .... Experience can't be missed

  • 4
    Varun Raju

    Bit overrated for my taste. They def have good desserts & food. Booze is cheap. The lighting is what gets to me for the most part. A bit on the dark side. Famous for the international crowd. I personally prefer Cafe Mondegar over this.

  • 4

    Rated   For me this place has been place which will serve me breakfast till 6 in the evening and lunch /dinner throughout the day. For me its a Bohemian restaurant and i love this place for it.
    Its a legendary and iconic place of Mumbai which is a also one of the must visit places in a tourist itinerary.
    Its spacious by area, but cramped up with the sheer number of tables that have been put to accommodate customers to maximum capacity, so much so that you can hear conversation on the other table and your chair will be touching the chair of another table. However, it continues to charm people inspite of the space crunch and no one complains!
    They have a non AC seating area and AC seating area.
    Having seated in both the areas, somehow i felt that the quality of food definitely differs, after all there is a price difference too. Prices are bit on a higher side but the portion served makes it a value for money affair and not to forget the food is yummylicious. They know what they are serving, what goes into a dish and there's no compromise in that matter. And yes its a place of BEER TOWERS :) and meat lovers Paradise. Its a crime to be a vegetarian here.
    Though they claim that they do home delivery, however, lemme tell you -it is close to non existing. So don't ever call for home delivery. We have been turned down even though our place is not more than 500 meters away from it. So avoid calling up for home delivery.
    My all time favourite has been Butter Garlic Prawns. They are heavenly and the portion served is huge.
    Its my legendary Place for food that is not bound by specific time of the day to serve you what you want! I love it !

  • 4
    Anand Shekhar

    An amazing trip in Mumbai with friends started from Leopold cafe.It was pretty easy to locate in a dense crowd.I had heard about leopold very much and this had always been in my MUST VISIT place in Mumbai.

    The restaurant was very clean as far as i noticed that day.The waiters were very polite and the best thing is you dont have to ask for a menu, its already glued on the table. 

    We were not too hungry as it was around 1130 am, but we ordered Paneer Red pepper as starters and a veg biryani.Pitcher was for 750 bucks. The prices of all the items are on the higher side.
    The paneer was really really really soft and perfectly cooked.The taste was amazing and so was the quantity.Biryani was ok nothing too special about it but it definitely lacked something.It was as good as a local shop serving a 100 bucks veg biryani.Dont leave without having their desserts !! Will come back again

  • 4
    Suraj Kawthekar

    After years of hearing about this place i finally chanced to visit it during my recent mumbai trip!!!and it was worth it!!!!
    The ambiance is pretty good!!!They have maintained the remains of d 26/11 attack with a few bullet holes and broken glasses!!
    The food was really good!!!we ordered red pepper paneer and veg biryani.....the paneer was really soft and well cooked.....one of the best paneer starters i have ever tasted.....the biryani was average nothing worth mentioning about it....
    The food is a bit pricy with the beer costing around 750for a pitcher......and yes do try the desserts....they look very tempting.....would definately visit this place once again to try something new...

  • 4
    Sandz Matthew

    More of cultural landmark for Mumbai, almost always packed to full capacity . Have had to share our table with people from different countries . But these nights have turned out quite the nights ! Wonderful choice of food from around the world and decent selection of alcohols, this is a must visit. Don't forget to ask the waiters to show you the bullet shot glass and more history of this epic pub.

  • 4
    Mayank Nagori

    Had to come here even though my stay in Mumbai was pretty short. Had come here alone and perfectly fine. Grabbed something to drink and had a club sandwich which was more than filling. Now I  know, why even the terrorists were attracted to here. Great crowd and great rustic ambience. Will go everytime possible. Cheers!

  • 4
    Xavier Pullolickel

    A crowded ambience as expected. Service was quick and with a smile. Portions were huge. Me and my partner in crime being foodies managed to order only 2 starters and that too had to pack some for home. It was the first time we couldn't finish the first course. The beef teriyaki was tender as ever. And the chicken was well made too. We decided to pack the beef and chicken to try the desert. Which was decent. I would love to go there again.

  • 4
    Charles Adhav

    Reviewing it after a long time...One of the trademark destinations in mumbai for a person who likes to eat out and party. This place is not for someone who is keen on ambience and silence, but the food they offer is something which you would definitely HI-FIVE  them for

  • 4
    Amit Durve

    Rated   This place scores for the pure history that it comes with, i first came here after reading "Shaantaram" and all the mention of Leopolds in that made me want to visit this  place... The ambiance here is quite chilled out but its noisy, the seatings are so close to one another that you can almost be a part of the conversation in the next table... 

    I have some memorable times over here with my mates, we used to drive all the way from Vile Parle on a weekly basis to go here... But since the whip has been cracked on drinking and driving we dont even take the risk with one of us becoming the designated driver with just 1 beer... Maybe we just need a friend who is teetotaler so that would take care of the driving... 

    Food here varies between strictly ok to good, the have a vast menu  with multiple  types of cuisines to choose from as well... It is always crowded no matter which time of the day you go there at... It is just a very feel good, no nonsense place which has been around for a long long time... Their restrooms are seriously claustrophobic and could do with a much better level of hygiene to be honest... 

    Your average crowd would be foreigners, college crowd, office goers coming for a drink after work and even families coming to enjoy a meal with a few drinks... It isnt as cheap as you would think it would be, so not the most cost effective place to be...

  • 4
    Rupa Iyer

    Don't go ga ga about the food, booze or the service etc. Just feel the raw energy in this place, you will feel Mumbai in its true element here more than anywhere else, the people, zing in the air, the atmosphere, that what this is all about, simply order a plate of nachos with cheese dip or a burger if your really hungry, sip on a pint of beer, have a liitle chat with your friends and you will not regret this place, its more of a heritage spot than a swanky hang out, this place has seen everything, the attacks, the bad days the good days and is still standing proud....this is not just another hang out this place is a classic.

  • 4
    Sunil Kashikar

    Most of the folks would have heard about this place either as a part of 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai or while reading Shantaram and off course the other folks who just happen to know it :)

    As most of the folks have already said in their reviews, this place is not just about the food or the drinks. Its more about the atmosphere the liveliness in the air. For me this is one of the nice places where I can sit down and relax with a couple of beers after I have roamed in the surroundings for a few hours  (Kala Ghoda, By-lanes of Taj etc. etc.).

    I love the mix of people here and the kind of feeling of being alone in the crowd! Also, respect the spirit in which this place sprouted back after it was completely devastated in the 2008 attacks. 

    Just hop in and have fun!

  • 4
    Sagar Abichandani

    Walking around colaba during for the rains give a sense of comfort - walking across Leopold cafe tempted you enough to go inside and find out why so many tourist flock the place. After eating is when you realize why this place is so popular. It has the touch of heritage with modernization in its food preparation giving the smallest details equal weightage - highly recommended.

  • 4
    Ramana Murthy

    The ambience gets 3 stars.The food is delicious.Had veg saughnat which wasn't that great.But,the grilled fish with coriander chilly sauce and potato wedgies were hard to refrain from. The fish is grilled adequately and when dipped in the sauce it enthralled my taste buds. A must visit if you're in mumbai. Don't forget to order beer along with the food.

  • 4
    Devi Poojari

    Rated   As legendary as this cafe is, it's one of those few places in the city that serves outstanding bar food. One of the most frequented watering holes for me, this place brings back only good memories. When you walk into a place like this, the first thing you notice is how small the place looks because of the number of tables and chairs put up to accommodate the ever increasing crowd. On a hot summer afternoon, it's packed with foreigners and Indians alike, chugging down beer from towers and digging into chicken tikka. For me, I head straight to the bar on the first floor and seat myself on one of those comfy bar stools and order myself a virgin mojito and a plate of chicken sausages. Now, it's these sausages that make you want to thank God for bringing you here. They're almost half the size of your pinkie, plump, coated in a pakora batter and fried. Yummy-yum-yum!!
    On one instance, I went for breakfast with a friend and we ordered a masala omlette, prawn chilly and a chicken dish I barely remember the name of. The omlette was soggy but the prawn came out tops for both of us. Even the desserts are made wonderfully. The tiramisu and the red velvet cheesecake did the trick and we were floored.
    Quick service, good food and drinks - the perfect ingredients for having a good time! I'd always side the alcohol if I had to choose between food and drinks, but this time, it's the food that had me going bonkers.
    What's more! You may even have an out-of-town stranger making small talk with you.

  • 4
    Mayukh Sarkar

    Good quantity & quality of food. Great place with great ambience to enjoy the evening. This place is the mix of Indian & western culture. 26/11 bullet marks still there.

  • 4
    The Hungry Skeleton

    Amidst the busy Colaba market lies this outstanding cafe-cum-restaurant-cum-bar which is overloaded with people anytime you go. This is truly the place where indians and firangs dine together.
    Antique interiors, jolly crowd and good music with exemplary food.
    The pesto pasta and the kahlua mousse are two things I never miss everytime I'm there. The tiramisu, the cheesecakes, all the desserts in general are absolutely amazing. The service is prompt once you manage to get a table in the ever-crowded place.


  • 4
    Deepak Maloo

    Rated   Shantaram, the book, hails Leopold as an amazing place because it is one place that "makes you feel like dust". And which is a very apt description - the waiters will brush past you as if you are non-existent; they might even be rude at times. And yet you would see the crowd flocking to this place every weekend night. Such is the popularity of Leopold.

    Although I have been here multiple times, including for breakfast, the last visit was quite different - the waiter was quite courteous. Leaving that topic aside, this place is good for a pint of beer; almost everything else is overpriced. However, the music is awesome, and the food decent (recommend the egg items in the breakfast menu). What wins it for this place? The crowd. You would people of different nationalities hurdling, and at times a celebrity or two from the olden days (this used to be a popular mafia spot too!). And of course, this is one place that offers peanuts and snacks, making ground for proper adda sessions over beer!

    I did try the whisky sour too here - decent, I must say. Ask them to serve it in a non-margarita glass though! ;)

  • 4
    Sunny Ali

    Located close to the Gateway of India and in the middle of the Shopping Zone (Causeway), the Cafe is like manna for tired husbands. While the wives can be busy with their shopping, you can just walk into the cafe with your friends, have chilled beer and snacks and have a great time. The atmosphere is abuzz and the decor has a old world charm. Part of the decor are the bullet holes (Mumbai Attack 26/11). Nevertheless its a cool place to hang out anytime of the day!

  • 4

    I don't think this iconic place needs a review, but here's my two cents. Best way to get a table on a Saturday night is go a few times, get friendly with the floor manager Eric and then say hello to him when you show up next. Chinese is awesome, though they sometimes forget to wash their coriander. Great for catching up with friends. They also have Shantaram copies for sale. Don't be surprised to see a high proportion of foreigners here.

  • 4
    Nikhil Ambattuparambil Gopi

    Leopold's crowd and environment is an epitome of India and its hopes and aspirations. When you're in the mood to be surrounded by mindless chatter and laughter, and you're with some friends, this place is heaven. You can expect drinks and good food to be little on the pricey side but worth the ambience. I'd recommend using the AC room on the top during most of the year. In short, a great place to enjoy with a group.

  • 4

    Quality of food is decent and quantity is good vry good....
    One can try blueberry cheese cafe and hot dog roll over here...
    Bt most of the times its difficult to get place to sit over here....and service is vry poor...
    Bt overall nice place to visit...

  • 4

    All good here for a nostalgic noisy beer party only. The food though was ordinary but the drinks and mock tails were good. For people who love their towering beer this is a good place and the food can wait for this very crowded cramped place that has got into the tourists map of Mumbai for reasons other than food. Don't expect great things from this place and you will not be disappointed. They do offer some good variety of drinks and food but the taste was ordinary. The beef chilly fry was not at all to my liking but that can be attributed to the best once in scores of restaurants in Kerala. Go witha group to get better service otherwise the waiters will just ignore you for the foreigner sitting next to you.

  • 4
    Alok Patra

    Rated   This place known for its old, legendary and heritage look and archetypal appeal serves you some amazing delectable food and truly lives up to the hype and name. I had been here after a tiring biking ride from Pune to Mumbai – and now I really needed to gulp down some beer – and here I came!!!! It has this particular charm in the ambience and food that allures me here always.

    Apart from the alcohol, Leo is one place which specializes in a variety of diverse cuisines including pasta’s Chinese, and amazing plated meals and burgers. At first we ordered for a tower of beer, followed by these : being my most favorite pasta joint – the Chicken Alfredo and Arabiatta – I can drool over even the thought of the pasta served here for infinitely long – the sauces, the species, the creamy texture are the perfect blend for pasta. Leopold special Pasta noodles (Yes!!! They serve amazing Chinese food) great taste – I was surprised at first to taste the exquisite flavors of even the Chinese dishes here!!! A must try is the Lemon grass rice - the subtle flavors and the taste of herbs and pinch of creaminess have a lavish trace. I cannot forget my 1st plated meal I ever had was here 3 years back - The chicken pepper steak - Great taste!!! The burgers served with fries are also well done.

    Service is quick and polite. You can ask them suggest you some good dishes.

    This place may be a little heavy on your pocket but that’s compensated by the ambience and taste of the food.


  • 4
    Pranay Agarwal

    Good fun place , loved the contrast between the ground and the first floor.
    Music is ok felt too repetitive .
    Overall nice place to hang out and the crowd is really good.
    Staff and service is satisfactory .
    Food presentation and quality is value for money and tastes amazing .
    Pooja Pandya

  • 4
    Reshmi Ghosh

    Well if you are shopping in colaba, you might want to stop here and gather some more energy to go further.Historically this place has witnessed some major events and i have witnessed major hogging and drinking :P
    Once you enter, you will see,nearly all tables are loaded with towers filled with beer and why not its probably amongst the cheap places to drink and dine.
    Few things you can't miss out are :
    Chicken tikka masala
    Singapore hakka noodles
    Alfredo pasta
    Club sandwich
    Chocolate diplomat
    Chocolate lava
    Devil's mousse
    Having said all this, let me assure you, the portions are huge and reasonable price is their fortè.
    I hope you will visit this place atleast once ;)

  • 4
    Jason Esteves

    Rated   Great Vibe. Foreigners. Beer Towers. Desserts. Energy. These are some of the words that come to mind whenever I visit Leopolds. The place is always buzzing with raw energy and is always packed. A favourite for foreigners, Leopolds is sandwiched between the hustle & bustle of Colaba Causeway. A great place to chill wih friends over beer. The Beef Chilly Dry is a must try, and so is the Prawn Chilly Oyster. As you enter, you will notice a beer tower or a pitcher on almost every table. Leos also has amazing desserts - try the Chocolate Mousse with Baileys and the Chocolate Lava Cake. The food is slightly priced on the higher side for the kinda place Leos is but it wont disappoint. One thing to note is that the place is not air conditioned and can get quite stuffy due to the volume of tables and customers; especially during the months of May and October. They do have a small AC section upstairs but that section is reserved only for couples. In terms of ambience, the place is quite rustic with high ceilings and old fans, not to forget the picture frames on the walls. Service is decent. To end it, Leos is a must visit cafe in Mumbai.

  • 4
    Anugrah Mishra

    Barbeque chicken with fried rice. Lamb chops...babycorn paneer masala are my picks.....u will find this almost full all during peak hours..service is little slow but food is yummy. Unforrunately i had visited this place only one and that too on a dry day

  • 4
    Shubhjeet Shandilya

    Finally got a chance to visit this place after spending more than a year in the city..
    Went there on a Saturday evening and it was fully packed..!!
    One of the most famous joint in Colaba..You can still see the bullet marks here ( Yes, this place saw the 26/11 attacks)

    Talking about the food: Tried the Leopold special pasta, Leopold special chicken and the veg spring roll 3.5/5 (for being hard on portions)

    Ambiance: 4/5 (  Nice, beautiful and decent people and also the FIRANGS who visit.

    Service: 4/5 ( Despite of being fully packed, the service was appreciable and fast..!!)

  • 4
    Vinay Chitale

    One of the iconic pubs in mumbai . Beer towers n pichers are commonly ordered. Great food . But prices are quite high even in non a/c . It became more famous because of the terriorist attacks on the cafe

  • 4
    ARti PAwar

    It is good place to sit and talk with friends .
    I love food specially wonton soup ... must try
    It was yumm ..
    Service was also good .
    Final verdict :-

    Ambience:- 4
    Food:- 4.5 please dont try chicken biryani i was horrible .try only chinese dishes ..
    Service :- 4
    After a long shopping good place to sit and sip :)

  • 4

    The place is happening with a good crowd anytime of the day. The food is good and the service is attentive. Like the ambience and the music that is played out in its upstairs section. Have been here multiple times. Advisable to go for the non-Indian food as this is what they are great at. We tried their hakka mushrooms and the lime sodas. Both were really good. Especially the mushrooms. Have tried their chicken biryani on one occasion, pretty normal tasting.

  • 4
    Fahad Sayyed

    Iconic joint in mumbai. Food is good though a little costy. On weekends joint is full with regulars. Food is decent , ambiance good, sevice decent. A must visit place

  • 4

    An old cafe which is gold when you taste amazing food and have drink there. A must try to all people visiting Mumbai. Food served is yummy, service is good.

  • 4
    Sangram Manjrekar

    Visited Leopold on a Saturday around 2.30-3pm. Had to wait about 15mins to get a table as the place was crowded. We ordered Chicken fried rice, Chicken in black bean sauce and two ice teas. The menu costing us above 1000 bucks. The portions were quite filling and taste is delicious. Tables mostly shared equally by Indians and foreigners. Wanted to see the cafe as it's a historic place particularly for foodies. Service was fine.

  • 4
    Soumitra Bhagwat

    One of my all time favourite places to hang out with friends or family.I just love the food and atmosphere.The Chinese is good and so is the pasta. I tried the Fusilli with mushrooms and fresh garlic.Also,the egg with chips and fried tomato was delicious.The egg was cooked to perfection.I also loved the Leo's cheesecake.Although I find it a little expensive,Cafe Leopold truly rocks!!!!

  • 4
    Devarshi Som

    An evening at Colaba does makes sense when you are here. Cheap and cheerful, buzzing and bustling, this high ceilinged cafe serves beer towers, glasses of draught beer and ofcourse complimentary peanuts to go with it all. Cocktails include Hakoona Matata ( inspired from Lion King). Between the sheets, Dart in the Dark, Cupid's arrow. They nibble on reasonably prices and generous portions of sandwiches, Beef Chilly Fry etc. That's the pull of Leopold.

  • 4
    Souvik Guha

    This is one of the landmark places in south Mumbai. The ambience there is very upmarket and the place is almost filled up the whole time. Many foreigners visit this place because of the relaxed atmosphere and no restrictions in the decibel level.
    The food is also very nice and the best part is the beer there. The serve towers, pitchers, mugs and bottles and also other alcohols.
    I would certainly reccomend this place to the fellow Zomatians.

  • 4
    Arun Daniel Yellamaty

    A great place to eat lovely food, very tasty and one of the best restaurants in the city.

    Every dish has its own flavor, my favorite beef steak, relished every bite. After that the popular Leo cheese cake for desert and end your meal with nice coffee, my day was made, hope yours will do too.

    About the ambience, this place was popular, but gained more like light after the Mumbai terror attack. A lot of people visit here to check the place out, as it became a tourist point with the bullet marks still seen on the glasses and counters.

    A unique set up with a lot of foreigners visiting here.

    A must visit place.

  • 4
    Sourav Kejriwal

    you wont find AC on the ground floor section, there is no music the food is average but the beer is good, and there is this charm about leo's which cant be described.
    try there cheese chilly toast which is pretty good.

  • 4

    Rated   What can you say except this place is legendary! Located on the corner of historic colaba causeway, you cant miss it as there is always a crowd outside and the olace is a buzz. From old loyal locals to the tourists looking to be part of this icon, this place is a unique scene!

    Towers of Kingfisher, finger food and full on entrees, you will not go wrong. What is amazing is that considering all the cuisines, this place will deliver a great experience. Chinese, I recommend the hakka noodles or fried rice selections accompanied with the crispy ginger chicken, YUMMM!!! Acuri with pao and keema pao are always consistent and finger licking good. The Indian fare also delivers from the naans to the butter chicken, it is just good!

    Service is always moving and helpful, they are friendly and add to your Leos experience. Upstairs is the ac, music jamming area if you want to chill on a weekend night. Price is higher then what you would usually pay however this place caters to alot of tourists and experiences so it is worth the money.

  • 4
    Prakhar Gupta

    Must visit place in Mumbai, just loved this place. Even on the crowded street of Colaba, you can't miss this place. Crowd surrounded around this place will stop you for sure and attract you.

    Sip of coffee with slow music with such a retro look will make you and your friends feel special. Ambience is so cool and classy never seen before in any cafe. Food is tasty and delicious, service is fast.

    Last but not the least you can still witness the damage done by bullet in 26/11 attack, they have not repaired.

    On my next visit I would definitely like to visit this place again and wanna try other dishes.

  • 4
    Abhishek Verma

    Beer ...beer...beer...everywhere !! This is perhaps the most chilled out place where beer is a must have. Great ambience with the long pillars, the high ceiling, comfortable chairs and the pretty firangs, this place is just amazing. 

    Some of the must haves are – Tandoori chicken, fusilli Pesto Pasta, Hakka Mushroom, 

    Also they have some good desserts,cheesecakes and pastries worth trying. Basically don’t go here for food rather just for chilling with friends and drinking!

  • 4
    Rohan Diwan

    Have been to Leopold a couple of times, both being spontaneous plans. Luckily on both the occasions managed to get hold of a table. Leopold is one of the few places in the city that has a vintage and unconventional look, not like the usual Pubs in the city. It has the right kind of everything- good buzz, the traditional pub feel and really well made drinks and food. My personal favourites have to be the Penne Vodka Prawns and The Celery and Tangerine vodka based drink. One of my personal favourites in Colaba.
    P.S- Leopold reminds me of the Pub shown in the "Imitation Game" ( for all Benedict Cumberbatch fans)

  • 4
    Monkey Goes Eating

    Legendary place. That has been here for like ever. The first time I heard about this place was when I read about it in Shantaram  :)
    Well for sure its become much more of a tourist attraction then when he dined at the joint but the food and desserts are freaking awesome. Its one of those places in Bombay you have to dine at just for the heck of it. Its like going to agra and not looking at the Taj Mahal. If its your first time in Bombay the first things you do is;
    Gateway of India, Turn around look at Taj Hotel. Click a few selfies. Now walk to Leopold and get Dinner. 
    Cools, now you are done with the most cliche touristy things. Now go and explore the city. 

    PS: When you visit do try and notice the bullet holes in the walls. These are a reminder from the terrorist attacks that took place in Bombay.

  • 4
    Shruti Rane Gupta

    I go to this place all the time...like all the time...I love it...No matter how noisy this place gets, I will always go there for its bustling ambience, chilly chicken and watermelon juice. I have been there atleast 10times and never have I had a bad experience. 
    Some things one must try:
    Chicken Pot Rice
    Buttered sausages
    Chilly Chicken
    Chicken Stroganoff
    Mutton Biryani
    Watermelon juice
    Orange Juice
    And the list goes on...

  • 4
    Shweta Pai

    We have been here several times.. one of the oldest and most popular. I like the ambiance and the music..
    I luv the cakes.. taste is good.
    It is crowded most of the time.. but still one place u can never miss.

  • 4
    Vaishnavi Venkat

    My first visit to Mumbai would have been incomplete without visiting Leopold.This place has been on my 'must visit' list since the day I finished reading shantaram.Lively atmosphere, friendly staff and good food/drinks is what one can expect here.I was with a friend for lunch and we ordered their Mixed sauce pasta and beer.The pasta was pretty decent and the portion size was good.
    The beer was chilled and perfect for the weather that day.Will try and spend more time here during my next visit.

  • 4
    Meenal Neogi

    This place is always buzzing with people. Legendary leopold where beer drinking is a competition and u too get inspired by others. Confectionery is a thing to have here.

  • 4
    Vaibhav Mehndiratta

    this place has the gangsta feel attached to it.... it has two types of seating the one that open to the road on the ground floor and one upstairs.... the lounge on the first floor is for couple only and though a bit conjusted but its lively... my personal favourite is the seating on ground floor a it lives up best to the leopold experience.... love the draught beer tower with some crispy chill potato and i dont know if many people have tried it but their talumein soup is a treat...

  • 4

    Great place... always overcrowded and slightly overhyped..
    ul lose time if you go with friends for just a few beers...
    the chicken crispy here is too good... must try...

  • 4
    Rohit Khopkar (Follow Me On Twitter @rockster999)

    Had been visiting this restaurant on and off since I was 13; firstly I am glad they got rid of those bullet holes from the 26/7 attacks; it was always a deterrent for me to go back there again because of those spine chilling sites.

    The service has not changed much, you really have to try hard to get the wait staffs attention. We ordered a chicken burger, veg Hakka noodles and some fries along with some beer. I was glad that the quality of food has not gone down! The food and drinks arrive promptly. Leopold has been and always will be the favourite of many, though we did not eat any; their biryani' are also to die for.

    We picked up two desserts on our way out from their display pastry counter (a walnut tart and another dessert-I cannot recall the name) they too were excellent.

    Overall a great place; an institution that has withstood the tests of time.


  • 4
    Rishikesh Thakur

    It is one of the most known places in Mumbai, food and alcohol are quite expensive, yet its place the ambience that will make visit again!!!

  • 4
    Bhushan Mulay

    Amazing place. Nice chilled nice ambience and beat friends and what else can you ask for. Amazing starters. I love the cheese balls they offer. Superb quality. Nice crowd. All in all live with this place.

  • 4
    Zareez Dastur

    AMBIENCE- Good Ol Leopold will always be perfect although its upstairs started lookin a lil tacky of late with the blue LED lights and I HATE the fact that they still have the bullet holes since the attack. But its all about the food.
    SERVICE- OK service, Grumpy staff, they kinda treat you like they don't need your business. But its all about the food.
    FOOD- Excellent food, heavy hand on the servings which is always a crowd pleaser.
    PRICE- Very expensive, rates are that high only because its a touristy place.
    WHAT I EAT- THE ULTIMATE DISHES of Leopold are Crispy chicken, ginger crispy chicken, CHILLI BEEF, and beef and mushroom soup.

  • 4
    Krishanu Majumdar

    Food is excellent, service is even better, and in the best of locations it should be a must visit on the list, when i visit Bombay again, great place, very good food

  • 4
    Rahul Garg

    Well my first trip to mumbai would have been incomplete if inwould not have visited this legendary cafe. Lively atmosphere and a good cold beer is all u need for a perfect evening. Tried their butter chicken which was delicious. Have to wait for an hr to get a table. The only problem was it was humid which makes it a 4 point rating.

  • 4
    Apurv Bhongade

    If u r in Mumbai u should visit this lovely place. This place is full of energy. We can meet people from all around the world. Great place to have imported beer.

  • 4
    Jyothsna Rao

    Causeway colaba hmmmm cause to visit this place is the yummiest desert display , ofcoure waited long in Q as it is the busiest cafe around .one who visits this place can try burgers and deserts for sure. and chines too.a must place to visit

  • 4
    Saloni Bhansali

    This place needs no introduction. A history in itself. Always full with pple, giving it  young energetic feel to itself. A place you'd like to visit on any occasion with your friends, The casual sitting downstairs gives you the old Bombay feel. The pub like sitting upstairs has more energy to it. Specially all the quotes they 've hanged. Tried the cold coffee, panner tikka and Crispy chilly potatoes. Loved it all. Will always be on the top, if I have to hang out with good old friends.

  • 4
    Subhra Bardhan

    Loved the ambience even though it's a bit crowded. The pitcher here is good along with some continental stuff such as sandwiches, Pasta etc. Good time pass to hang around with friends.

  • 4
    Hanoz Shaher

    I've been coming here since my college days for breakfasts, lunches, booze etc.

    All time favourite....Beef Chilly. If you do eat beef, look no further. If you eat beef but can't take spice.....look away!! This is as super spicy as it is delicious.

    For the less spicy beef eaters, try their steak and onion.

    limited meat eaters, crispy chicken, chicken tikka and fish n chips is also really good!!

    Cheese lovers, cheese chilli toast.

    I've rarely had their main courses (I prefer such stuff to accompany my beer tower)....but the once or twice that I did, it's never disappointed. The Indian food here is also good coz they cater to a lot of foreign tourists.

    Prices have definitely gone up since college days.....I don't think too many college kids will be able to afford these prices now.

    Service is quick

    Ambiance is good. A/C seating on the top.

    Food quality is still good as always.

    Give it a try.

  • 4
    Jitu Kalita

    Always wanted to visit this place..great place with awesome crowd..food was awesome ..impressed with the service of the staff..full satisfaction!!

  • 4
    Aaditya Chiplunkar

    The place is just awesome.. The cocktails are very well named and made.

    *make sure to,carry a lot of money because your wallet might just dry up before you realize...

  • 4
    Advait Sawant

    Good food specially chicken sandwich Bombay grill sandwich nice place to enjoy with friends and booze ..... Specially the crowd out there is good

  • 4
    Husein Dhinojwala

    Been to this place many times but my firat review here.... So here it goes.... Never go to this place on a Sunday or on a Saturday night.... Tried a steak bun burger which was good but a little cold maybe because of the crowd and the huge orders.... Didn't drink anything other than coke as I had to drive my bike however it had nearly all of our regular cocktails and drinks.... Forgot to try their fried chicken though.....

  • 4
    Anuj Singh

    You enjoy crowd , love some noise over a drink and having something to eat please visit this place.
    This is all I have to say if you happen to like this place you would like to visit again.
    Try anything would like it!
    This place don't need more reviews its already quite known and visible you are bound to notice.

  • 4
    Jalpa Amrutlal

    Great place, great crowd, great drinks and food but a little bit expensive! But you re paying the price of its location and reputation so cant complain ☺ would love to go again

  • 4
    Joshua Newman

    My all time favorite for my favorite drink the Long Island Iced tea and fried prawns wonton. Do try the Chinese there as well they are good.

  • 4
    Ashutosh Dey

    This Classy place is a must visit in the evenings.
    Grab a beer, order some chicken dish from the main-course only(tried some chicken with lemon rice and lemon grass), I bet you'll relish it !!! N to end it try every pie, pastry or pudding available. Those puddings n pastries are lip-smacking.

  • 4
    Mikhil Kapoor

    Decent ambience, good crowd and tasty food. We guys visited the cafe on the 1st floor and the experience was good. The pasta was tasty, beer was the same.

  • 4
    Sana Valji

    I will always remember leopold's as the place where i had my first beer.. This place is all about the mumbai feel.. The spirit of mumbai.. Love it when they place classics.. Quite economical.. Love the burgers they make!

  • 4
    Kanupriya Singh

    This is a must visit place since it's one of the oldest places to hang out. The air conditioned first floor converts itself to quite a rocking pub and the ground floor remains more of an eating joint. They serve beer pints and the bakery is exceptional. The food is priced reasonably good quantities and delicious.

  • 4
    Sayani Mukherjee

    My second visit to Mumbai and my friends had been insisting me to definitely go to this place. I have to say the place doesn't disappoint at all. The beef burger was so juicy and delicious and the chocolate cake shake was to die for. The staff was very friendly and we had an awesome time.

  • 4
    Johaan Daruwalla

    Decent place situated in the heart of colaba catering to largely a foreign crowd...

    Good food with expected standard and quantity..

    Service could have been better..

    Good place to hang out and spend an evening..

  • 4
    Aarthee Suriyakumar

    Saturday evening- absolutely crowded time, its like standing in queue outside a crowded liquor shop with hands up in the air waiting for ur time to get in!!

    Once you enter, its totally cramped, you will have a table, probably chair too, but you will feel ppl in next table are almost on you!! But for the food, its totally worth it, ordered 2 Coronos & Leopold Chicken pasta, fantastic !! 
    Best was the Red Velvet Cake- Leopold definitely makes the best deserts!! 

    Forget the trouble, congestion, noisy ambience, Leopold is in every sense Real Mumbai, to be experienced & enjoyed the way it is!!

  • 4
    Palak Saluja

    this was by far the best part of my trip. we were staying at nariman point for the first three days of out trip and twice I visited this place the same day. the first time we ordered a veg burger along with garlic prawns and grilled beaf. the quantity was way too much and the food is so delicious that even if you are satiated, you just want to have more of it. I remember coming back at 12 a.m again the same evening and literally begging them to make me some Speggetti for the kitchen had closed and the refused. the next day I came back to the same place before@ checking in to our hotel a bandra. such is the craving for food of this cafe. a must must visit. also their red velvet cake is a must must try...

  • 4
    Vishal Tomar

    I already liked this place a lot, but after its mention in shantaram the book, and the attacks, this place has gained a high order in history of Bombay. Try sandwiches and beer tower on a lazy Sunday.!

  • 4
    Abir Satsangi

    One of the best places to grab a beer and unwind .
    The ambience and service levels make you want to come here every weekend.
    Surely one of the best cafes I have been to .

  • 4
    Paritosh Chaube

    Old school yet classy, made all the more popular post terror attacks, serves good starters (Chinese and Indian) but not so great main courses. Nice place to progressively drink up n chill. Decent Music will come your way as the night gets into its elements.

  • 4
    Konark Sharma

    Older than the Gateway of India and the Taj... is a must on your mumbai itenarary... Food is delicious though priced on the higher side... chill with friends over beer after or before strolling through undoubtedly the most beautiful part of Bombay!!!

  • 4
    Nimish Gangrade

    Lots of beer, fish and chips

    Great ambiance, some amazing posters up on the wall, good service, full stocked up bar. Great food.

    Most of the people love this place because of Gregory David Roberts or Shantaram.

    This place has its own charm and a exhaustive running history related to it. Go and explore, chat along with friends or your date. Must visit,

    They have some amazing deserts.

  • 4
    Raunak Marwah

    Rated   Saturday evening, 14th of February, standing outside the place in a queue waiting for more than half an hour to get a table. Finally the time arrives!
    This was my second visit to the cafe and this place never fails to deliver.
    The place is quite crowded, almost everyday and the tables are too placed very close to each other. Can be shared on days such as these. The ambience is always amazing and the place has a very lively feel to it, with people present from almost everywhere in and around the city.
    We entered in a group of five people and called for their famous pastas. The service is prompt an well aware about what the cafe is serving,key details of each and every dish and also guides you through the selection of the dishes too. The Leopold special chicken pasta is as good as a pasta can get.It is prepared in a mixture of red and white sauce, something which gives it the unique colour. The texture too is very smooth and the tender pieces of chicken are put in quite generously. This dish alone is quite filling. The special veg pasta was also good, but the best veg pasta is the one with cheese and paprika cream sauce. This for me is the best veg pasta present on their menu. Apart from the pasta we also tried their much talked about omelettes. The double egg and cheese omelette is worth each and every penny and does live up to the expectations! Hot and gooey cheese coming out of the omelette as soon as the fork touches the delicate layer of egg.
    Leopold might just be the best cafe in Mumbai and is definitely a place which has to be on the itinerary of each person coming to town or to Mumbai for that reason.

  • 4
    Ishanee Sharma

    If you're in Bombay, you've to be here once at least, just to experience it!! The place is lively and full of spirit!!! The food is excellent, the service is quick. And this cafe is always crowded. The only drawback is that the tables have to be shared with others once in a while!! A great place to go out for a drink with a group of people!!! Not too expensive either.

  • 4
    Aishwarya Ranjan

    If you are looking for the pub type place but not exactly a pub then this is the place for u.. A very energetic place where you can have drinks as well as food n mind-blowing coffee.. The music which they play is quite loud n dj types which gives you a feeling of pub..

  • 4

    Loved their cheesecakes. More than perfect. The place is very crowded. Any time, any day. Haven't tried anything else yet and I will visit soon. I am afraid being a vegetarian, I will be left with few options. My rating is based on the delicious cheesecake and the popularity of this place.

  • 4
    Sylvia Dominica Perimal

    Love the appetisers....ordered the red pepper chicken and the sesame chicken this time and loved that too....I especially love the teriyaki beef! Oh the Mexican veg sandwich was a thumps up too...!

  • 4
    Prateek Dash

    Leopold gives u a special feeling with all the history attached to it. When you look around at the paintings, the bullet holes on the walls, they speak out to you. Friends, leopold's special chicken and a draught make up an awesome combination.

  • 5

    I forgot an envelope containing around Rs 5000/- in Leopold Cafe, Bombay. It was after a few hours that I realised it. I was crestfallen, sure that the money is gone. Still, we thought what is the harm in making a phone call to the Cafe. My daughter called up the manager. He said he will get back to us in 10 minutes. Imagine, he actually phoned and gave us the happy news that the envelop with the money was found by the person who served us and promptly kept aside for the owners of the envelope. Hats off to this unknown person! Thank you! Thank you Leopold Cafe! Rosy Singh, Delhi

  • 5

    More famous after the terror attacks and the prime location of 'Shantaram', Leopold has now become a cult with youth and grown-ups alike. Though still essentially British essence, the Leopold once that would keep its desi clients waiting for orders has opened arms to all. Good food, spectrum of Kolaba tourists and desi's and of-course beer dispensers, it is a must visit.

  • 5

    It's been many years since I hv visited Cafe Leopold but I still remember the best Chinese that I ever had was out there!! The chilli chicken is to die for! It has a very good spread of continental cuisine! Always flooded with people! It's a must visit if u r in Colaba!!

  • 5
    Ash P

    Great location, great food, and drink, and a must for any visitor to Mumbai. On our last visit to Mumbai, we found this place by sheer chance. This time round we took our two adult sons (26 and 23), and they love it.

  • 5

    This place has always been great and historical, but after the attacks on mumbai and this place, its got a touch of martyrdom as well. Fresh Juices, cold beer and savories are to die for. Just sir and chill out. The wait can be frustrating.

  • 5

    Leopold is one of the best eating out joint in SoBo. the food was very nice especially the chinese food we ordered was yummy with enough quantity for two people. the mocktails are best.

  • 5

    Chinese is highly recommended here. So are other indian dishes too. friends had more of starters but the fried rice was good too

  • 5

    Leopold is one of the best and oldest cafes of Mumbai, I stop here every time I m closeby! Love the ambience and food

  • 5

    We really liked it. Atmosphere was great, buzzing all the time, but we did have to wait for a table on a couple of occasions. The food was fine and a tower of cold draught beer after a days sightseeing goes down much too quickly! It's been around for over 100 years and it seems to be on the list of places to visit for all nationalities. Worth a visit

  • 5

    Visited Leopold on a Friday night and Sunday morning. It is a special place and you can see the scars of its history on some of the walls. Friday night was for drinks and the place was buzzing inside, It was crowded with lots of people socialising and had a great vibe. Drinks and food are reasonable and good quality. Ate here on the Sunday and had the best Butter Chicken I have ever had. It was amazing and the portion was enough for 2. Would visit this place every time I am in Mumbai. I loved it!

  • 5
    Anita K

    This is a cool cafe located in a prime place in Fort. ..You can see youngsters, foreigners and local Mumbaikar enjoying beer pitchers for hours together. Be prepared for a 20 - 25 mins wait time before you grab your seat. Try the fish and chips. Yummy !!!

  • 5
    Satrajit S

    This place has to be on every tourist's itinerary visiting Bombay for the first time and for the locals to have a great time occasionaly. Soak in a bit of this legendary eatery. The ambience, lighting, the crowd will take you to the 60/70s era. Recently, I took my wife on her birthday, for breakfast. We had Cheese Chicken Sandwich, Fish & Chips and Cheese Omelette. The food was great and we had a finger licking experience. There are a lot of options for dessert and the red velvet cake and cheesecakes are the best sellers out here. One must definitely try this out. Also, do not miss out the bullet marks on the walls which pretty much signifies the resilience,bravery ,sacrifice and intolerance towards terrorism.

  • 5

    had heard a lot about this place and made a point of eating there on the first evening .Very busy but lots of life and a great buzz .Large choice of foods .My wife had Chinese and I Indian .Very good and served by a great waiter who helped us choose .I wish we had gone there the next night but we chose the Taj Palace instead just next door .In the Taj we got cleaner table cloths and well laid out cutlery but I know which food I prefered

  • 5

    It's the place where u have to have to go if u come to Bombay for the 1st time. Best non vegetarian food. Not good for vegetarian guys. Peppy music to keep u on floors and superb Booz to keep u tipsy.

  • 5

    Having read Shantaram, I was expecting something much more up market, but in fact this is cosy and a great place to eat with loads of atmosphere surrounded by stalls selling all sorts of things.

  • 5

    What do friends need on a busy day in the heart of Mumbai? A soothing beer in a cozy place and lively ambience. This place has it all with a garnish of friendliness. Love the experience everytime.

  • 5

    A local friend of mine suggested lunch in Leopold on the last day of a 1 week trip to India. It's a fun and informal hangout with a good range of food options, both Indian and international. We had tikka, biryani, and curry between 3 and a few rounds of beers, and it was superb. Service was quick and friendly and the atmosphere was great, with a hubbub of chat both at and between tables (a mix of plenty of overseas tourists and Indians all getting to know one another).

  • 5
    Peter B

    Finding a place to eat can be a challage for the tourist in India. You dont want to get sick but you want to try the locale quisine as well. Leopold offers a good intermeddiate, a good bridge between local and Indian. Try the Butter Chicken! Really good!

  • 5
    Norbert G

    The food and services here is excellent. Due to being famous restaurant it is crowded. Although a must been place in Mumbai. Even bought a polo shirt as a reminder for home.

  • 5

    Lovely place where each and every person has got some option to eat and drink. My son enjoyed this place. Best place to unwind with some beers. Also their dessert section is yummy.

  • 5

    Having recently read the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts my interest in visiting India was re-awakened but particularly to include Mumbai and the LEOPOLD CAFE where a large part of the story is set. The Leopold is in Colaba Causeway, a particularly good shopping district so when the other half is spent out, you can retire to the Leopold for a well deserved cold drink. The menu is vast and includes Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Western, so there is something for all tastes. The café serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at extremely attractive prices. We prefer Indian and what we ate was some of the tastiest food we have eaten. There is a vibrant constantly busy air about the place and is certainly on of our favourite places in Mumbai.

  • 5

    Located in the hustle bustle of Colaba, this place is the melting pot of several cultures. Frequented by many people from different nationalities, this is the place people go in groups to have a great time.

  • 5
    My Info K

    Good food, good service! American chop suey.... different and delicious! Near many sites and things to do!

  • 5

    A must visit place in Mumbai, Leopold has a perfect setting for a nice evening. The service is quick and the staff is very courteous. The entire experience will make you come back to the place again.

  • 5

    I tasted Chicken Hyderabadi which was excellent with King Fisher. Will come back again when traveling to India next time. Very nice alternative to the hotel food I typically have.

  • 5

    Visited this place four times in two days so obviously I loved it so much. Amazing that this place is crowded all the time but the waiters will somehow squeeze you in if you have the patience to wait. Amazing food, amazing music and amazing crowd.

  • 5

    I have been to this place several times and the experience was amazing. Food was good. Its a perfect place to hangout with friends but if you are looking for big restaurant with classy ambience this is not the place.

  • 5
    Sarayu K

    This is a lovely joint. .can be pretty crowded and a bit noisy...tasty food..loved the cottage cheese and corn sandwiches

  • 5

    this place is best to be with friends and chill out...... had fun with frns group and enjoyed the TOWER...

  • 5
    carol h

    Very nice place to visit well wroth checking out. Nice atmosphere here and good food. Very popular with torist so might be a good place to go if your looking to meet up with other travellers in the area

  • 5
    Anshul A

    It is one of the finest places in South Mumbai to spend time with your loved ones. You can experience a good bunch of people there. Charges are also very reasonable.

  • 4

    Have been coming here for a long time and have some very good memories - great continental food at reasonable prices. Not fancy but a lot of the visiting back-packers, casual foreign visitors tend to frequent this place.

  • 4

    We only stopped here for a beer after reading the shantaram book we wanted to check out the place. The place was crammed with table and chairs and busy with people ordering food and pitchers of beer. We didn't eat as we had a taxi waiting for us but the atmosphere and pictures around the place were great.

  • 4
    Deepa P

    absolute casual dining. chairs almost touching each others especially if your going on a weekend evening. The buzz is so energetic. loads if chatter and people with bags if shopping from colaba causeway. beer fish and chips are are all time favourite of my kids.

  • 4

    This place is quite famous and I always wanted to visit this place since I read Shantaram. This place totally stands to the expectations. Its a chilled out environment over there. Situated in a prime area, this place gives you a separate cultural feel. Food was awesome.

  • 4

    This is one of the most popular cafe's in Colaba and almost like a heritage restaurant if you can call it that.always busy throughout the day.lovely food and drinks.Easily spend 2 hours on a lazy afternoon with beer and food.very popular with tourists as the menu is European and reasonable.A must visit if in Mumbai

  • 4
    Andi M

    Leopold bar is near the Taj Hotels and Gateway to India in South Mumbai. It is famous as being one of the buildings that was shot at during the terrorist attacks - as a result there are still a couple of bullet holes in the walls. The bar is full of posters of Films which provides entertainment remembering them - We had a table of 8 and we were constantly served food and drink - Chilli chicken and Ginger Chicken were a definite favorite - drink was Kingfisher which washed it all down. The bar is frequented by locals and travelers so it makes it an ideal stop off location

  • 4

    Very smartly designed cafe, optimizing space and wall hangings. Good old music. Try the non vegetarian starters.

  • 4

    This cafe in Colaba needs no introduction or review. One of the most legendary eateries which is famous for its excellent food and beers. The place is always packed and no wonder you may have to wait for getting started. The food is always great no matter what your order and beers on tower is exceptional. Great place to hand around with friends.

  • 4

    This place is famous with the backpacker crowd i believe. Now after the terrorists targetted it a few years back it has been an icon of defiance against terrorists. For me it is a nice place to sit down and rest my feet as well as to get something nice to eat. Decor is nice and relaxed. It does not have air conditioning but the fans are still quite effective. Food wise I had non Indian food in the form of Vodka Prawn Penne Pasta and it was absolutely delicious. They also have a great selection of cakes that are really really yummy too. This cafe ia located on one of the shopping streets called Colaba. About 10 minutes walk from the famous TAJ hotel and the Gates of India.

  • 4

    Thus place is worth visiting simply because of its historical value. Almost 150 years old, this place gives you the retro feel. It is very popular with foreigners, so you may get to chat with few of them and learn about different cultures.

  • 4

    th famous leopold cafe is a good place for relaxing any time from morning to night, quality of food is very good

  • 4

    Leopold well known much before the 26/11 attacks, is a great pub & cafe. Its got an open ambiance with graffiti also around. A must visit if in Mumbai

  • 4

    Leopold cafe in Colaba is a great place to spend time at a cool hangout in Mumbai. The atmosphere and ambience is great and the place is buzzing with positive energy and great conversations. Slightly expensive on the pocket though. But well worth a visit.

  • 4

    Food was good, quantity was nice, You can increase the beer options, very limited beer option , in pitcher also

  • 4

    Leopold earned its excellent reputation during the Hippy Days - the 60s and 70s. Legend goes that they used to accept and keep letters for Hippies who used to travel the world with no fixed address - Leopold came to the rescue, safely keeping their letters till it was picked it up. Its a noisy friendly place. Reminds you of any other roadside open cafe in any other international location , maybe that why the 26/11 terrorists tried to blast it to kingdom come. They didn't manage. Leopold will florish for many more generations.

  • 4

    We hadnt heard about this place before just happened to walk past! The atmosphere inside looked great so we decided to eat there and very glad we did. It was a bit more expensive for India but probably not for mumbai and the chinese food we had was great! The portions are huge so order a dish or two less then you normally would! We wanted to go back again but didnt get a chance. Only downside is that it was a little cramped with tables being quite close together. Defintly worth a visit if your in the area!

  • 4

    It is located near Colaba Causeway and famous for various types of beers. Its famous for food and was even famous because of the terror attacks. The restaurant still have the bullet marks preserved to showcase the resilience of Bomba. Its a hot spot for all tourists. they serve Chinese, Continental and North Indian cuisines. Its famous for Prawns chilies and pastas Its a good place with wonderful atmosphere and staff provides good hospitality. Good place for friends to have beers and spend lovely evening.

  • 4
    Karthik M

    Good music, awesome crowd, great drinks.. Do try the beer in the burette shaped serving.. All food items are good. Always crowded but the doorman does not even write your name - remembers everyone by face! Must visit in Mumbai

  • 4

    We went to the Gateway of India and since we were curious about Leopold's, we quickly found it. It was quite busy but the waiter found a table for us and we ordered a pitcher of draft beer. I ordered Leopold's chicken chop sueye and was amazed that the noodles were crispy. My partner ordered beef teriyaki (which they waiter informed us beforehand was buffalo) We shared both dishes (both noodles and meat were ample) The meat was tender and the sauces delicious. The bill was 1675 rupees which we thought was quite reasonable. The service was friendly and attentive - the waiter served us with flair. The restaurant is vibey and we had an enjoyable time. The menu is extensive (both Indian and Asian dishes, as well as Italian pastas), offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The drinks menu is (like the food menu) extensive, offering alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Finding a special place like Leopold's made the visit to Mumbai quite unforgettable.

  • 4

    We were taken to this cafe and bar for lunch by our tour guide on our tour around Mumbai. it was a very busy and interesting place to sit and watch the world go by. The walls were covered with interesting old movie posters and various memorabilia. The food and service good and prices very reasonable prices very reasonable

  • 4
    Bonita B

    Located in the heart of Mumbai's local shopping street, has a very good variety of dishes, plentiful, good service, reasonable price.

  • 4

    Love this place for the chilled fresh beer you get. Towers are good for large groups. Also, lotsa of misc food on the menu with names that have very little to do with what you might get. However, the bustle and the history of this place keep this attractive.

  • 4
    Arun K

    Used to frequent this place in the 70's and 80's visited again now. They have maintained the food and ambiance. Food is still very good and reasonably priced.

  • 4
    Jennefer N

    What an entertaining cafe.Great mix of all nationalities and age groups.Security on both doors.Extensive menu,food delicious and well priced.Table service efficient and cafe clean

  • 4
    Lovish B

    It's been almost a year... It was a brief visit... So I had to picky with restaurant... Leopold was nearby.... The music & crowd is amazing... Till date the taste of that garlic bread & pasta is on my tongue.... Can't wait to be back... A must visit...

  • 4

    In the middle of downtown in an excellent localization nearby everything. Perfect for a fast lunch after or before shopping or just to drink a "Kingfisher" cool beer.

  • 4

    Had the tandoori chicken and butter chicken with garlic naan. All was amazing and service was very attentive. Downstairs is open air so can be warm, but nothing that can't be dealt with through a number of ventilators and a couple of Kingfisher's.

  • 4

    Good ambience,slightly overcrowded,Beer jugs very sexy,staff very helpful,service good,eatables esp.bakery products good.

  • 4

    Quaint & interesting. Features in the book "Shantaram" & was location of attack in several years ago. The staff are more than happy to chat to you about the history of the cafe & show you the still visible bullet holes in the glass & walls. Food is also very good, plenty of Indian & continental good to choose from. Quirky decor with funny sayings on the wall for you to read whilst you eat as well.

  • 4

    The place is always full, very lively, very good food. Their chilly chicken and other chinese food is very tasty. They have pastas, indian cuisne, mocktails, cocktails etc. It is situated at Colaba Causeway south mumbai ,which is a busy shopping street. There alot of tourists visiting this restaurant. If the place is packed, we then parcel the food. The portions are good. Worth a visit.

  • 4

    Visited Leo's at Colaba Causeway with friends on a late afternoon. Started years ago by Irani family,this place has seen many avatars and is today a nice place for continental and Chinese dishes to be had along with some beer or other alcoholic drinks. The place is well patronised and pretty noisy as its not too far from the road side. Leopold was also one of the places to witness the fury of the Mumbai terror attacks but was quick to pick up the thread and reopen soon thereafter, The Diwan-e-Aam at the city palace is the place where the royals used to hold their public durbars and meet the common citizens. It's an impressive structure and very much part and parcel of the Royal palace. The architecture is rich with many floral designs in red and golden yellow. Makes for a very impressive sight One of the major restaurant landmarks in South Mumbai

  • 4

    Leopold is a good place to chill with friends over beers. The food is slightly overpriced but the beer is nice and cold. You have a good variety there but the desserts can be expensive.

  • 4

    Stopped in just for a glass of wine with my wife. Had the Indian wine which is just fine as you are going to the Leopold for it's buzz. Restaurant was lively and full with excellent service. I am sure there are many equally as good bars in the city but if you are staying at The Taj this is a good option as it is less than a 5 minute walk through safe feeeling streetts.

  • 4

    When it comes to colaba the first destination for chilling comes to my mind is leopole cafe. It has superb ambiance and very good music inside. The place is very lively and coming to the food its very food and tasty but little over priced. Many forigners crowd is found in leopold cafe. The place also has marks of bullets and window pans due to the attack on 26/11worst terror attack on mumbai.

  • 4

    One of the classic places to visit. It is an evergreen place and generations after generations of young people (including the young at heart) have fond remembrances here.

  • 4

    Plenty of life in this café, with the open air feel downstairs or airconditioned room upstairs, the place is buzzing and has plenty of choice for food, indian, Chinese, western and main meals to cakes and coffee. Very good waiters, fun and easy going. Gets quite packed at certain times but a table usually comes available quickly.

  • 4

    A must go for everyone visiting our living Mumbai. Only issue is ground floor becomes a place of sweating in summers

  • 4
    Maxime D

    Very nice bar to stay with mainly 'western' Indians and tourists. Good service and ambiance. Prices are rather high.